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[Chapter One: Wild Child]

The young thief stretched and yawned, hood obstructing her line of sight. She straightened, looking to her traveling companion with a grin, eyes twinkling in mischief. "Sooo, fleshy, what're we doing today? Clearing out a cave of bandits? Oh, or maybe we're going to fight the nightmare court again, that was fun, wasn't it? Though I think one of my thorns broke off last time." Her voice seemed much older then she appeared, a hint of sorrow tinting it- but just a hint, very faint.

Jake sighed in exasperation, turning to glare at the sylvari travelling with him. "None of the above, Sikagi. We're going to the Sheamoore Garrison, and we're going to rest. In a real bed for once. And then, tomorrow, we'll continue on towards the Shiverpeaks, alright?" The laugh that followed had little mirth to it, though the girl was clearly amused. "Yeah right, Jakey. The day you manage to avoid helping anyone is the day I put down my daggers and become a monk." She twirled one of the mentioned daggers in her hand, before tucking it into the sheath at her hip. Jake rolled his eyes and shook his head, just continuing to walk beside the pink sylvari.

Several hours later, they made it to the garrison. "Jake! Sikagi! Welcome, welcome!" The captain greeted them eagerly, a welcoming smile on his lips. "Hullo, captain. All is well, I hope?" Jake kept his voice polite and even, while Sikagi rolled her eyes, muttering, "Suck-up…" Jake glared at the sylvari, but anything he would have said was cut off. "Well… There is one thing-" The captain paled when Sikagi lifted her head to glare at him, and he quickly backtracked, "-but it's nothing that couldn't wait until morning, I'm certain." He smiles quickly, and Jake relaxed. "Great. I don't suppose you could lead us to a bed, then?" "Ah, yes, of course. Right this way." The captain led them to the bunk house, and Sikagi yawned. "Right. Shoo shoo now, we need sleep." The man nodded, leaving quickly.

"Was that necessary, Sikagi?" Jake looked at his companion as she pulled her pack off, laying her sleeping bag across the bed. "Of course. Unless you wanted to go off on a quest for him right away?" The sylvari didn't even look up as she spoke, removing her boots. "Well, no… But… Oh, I give up." Jake sighed, following her procedure and removing his helmet. "Night, Jake." "Yeah, yeah… Good night, Sikagi."

As Sikagi had expected, in the morning, the captain approached them after breakfast, telling them of a cave of bandits nearby, that needed clearing out. She shared an amused look with Jake, before they set out, sticking to the edge of the cliff. "So, what do you think we'll find in there?" Sikagi looked at Jake, pulling her hood up to cover her head. "Probably not much, apparently these guys have been making trouble for a while now. They probably won't be too much of a problem for us." Jake adjusted his helm, silently noting to himself how much shorter than him Sikagi was. "You'll do your sneaky thing, with those poison darts of yours, and I'll cut them down when they're weakened, alright?" "Right." Sikagi grinned, pausing to get her pack of needles out.

The door guard wasn't large- but, Sikagi thought, looking at the entrance, it didn't need to be, She smirked in amusement, motioning for Jake to wait. She positioned herself carefully, then sent off three darts, one for each guard. Once the poison was in, and starting to hit, she sprung from hiding, neatly cutting them down, then returning to Jake, nodding at him. "Let's go, careful." She pushed the wooden door open, peeking inside- and that's where the plan went wrong.

If you asked Sikagi later what happened, she wouldn't have been able to tell you. It was a whirlwind of blades and arrows and death- and, some part of her noticed. They fought their way through the cave, up to another wooden door. "Bet there's some more up here?" Jake commented quietly. She nodded, and flung the door open.

Whatever they were expecting, it wasn't this. The cave was pretty much empty, at first glance- but a soft sound, almost a growl, drew their attention. Huddled in a small niche, on top of a pile of furs, was a young woman. Violet eyes watched them, wary and frightened. The girl was frighteningly thin, holding a knife in one hand. She growled again, evidently deciding they weren't moving fast enough. Sikagi glanced at Jake- and sighed, knowing from his expression what he was about to do.

The man moved forward, kneeling a safe-ish distance away from the girl. He looked her over. "Shh, we're not going to hurt you, dear… Calm down…" She growled louder, threateningly jabbing at him with a knife. "Come on, you're injured…" "Well, at least now we know why they sent us. How much do you want to bet that they knew about her?" Sikagi looked at the feral woman, while Jake glared at her. "Well, we can't leave her here." He looked back at the feral girl. "Will you come willingly?" Her only answer was to jab at him, the knife clinking against his armor. He sighed. "Thought not…" As he spoke, he swiftly reached forward, gripping her wrists in one hand. He fought to get the knife away from her, then passed it to Sikagi. The moment the knife was no longer a risk, he scooped her up, holding her like a child. The hand supporting her upper back still gripped her wrists, as the girl thrashed and struggled, trying to get away. He ignored this, carrying her to the exit of the cave. Sikagi looked on with amusement.

What should have been a five minute walk, instead took half an hour as he carried her back to the garrison. When they neared, the girl made a soft sound- a sound almost identical to a wolf pup's whimper. Jake looked at Sikagi, who shrugged helplessly.

The captain was waiting to greet them when they arrived. "Oh! I see you've found a stray." Jake glared over at him, while the girl ceased struggling, and just whimpered, looking up at Jake through big, frightened violet eyes. "You knew about her, didn't you?" Jake could barely constrain his rage, still holding the girl's wrists. "Well… Somewhat. We knew she was in the area, but not where she lived. She's been causing trouble for a while now."

Sikagi rolled her eyes. "Riiight. And now you're going to apologize for tricking us, right?" A few soldiers came over, standing behind the captain. "Oh! Right! Yes, I am sorry for the deceit, truly. Thank you for helping us to apprehend her, truly, we are all grateful. She's caused quite a bit of trouble here." Jake handed the girl over reluctantly, as the soldiers reached for her. She started struggling again, growling and whimpering. "What sort of trouble?" Jake looked back to the captain.

"She's been frightening townsfolk, and she steals, quite a bit. A few people say she's injured them when they tried to speak to her, as well." Jake looked back at the small woman, as the soldiers carried her away. She was still putting up a fight, but she seemed awfully small… Jake shook his head, trying to dislodge the mental images that were forming.

Sikagi spoke up, not desiring to give Jake a chance to be all 'noble' and stuff. "Well, just pay us and we'll be on our way." She twirled her dagger in a silent warning, and the captain nodded quickly, handing over a pouch of money. Again, Sikagi didn't give Jake a chance to speak, just grabbing his arm and dragging him off, away from the garrison.

It would be six months before they returned, six months for history to take it's course. Six long months of travelling, of battles and jobs to do, of people to save. Six long months, in which both Jake and Sikagi forgot all about the young, wolven woman they had left behind in the Sheamoor Garrison. A fact they would both come to regret, it would later be revealed, when they saw her again. For now, though, they would just forget about her, and let history and fate, take their course.