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[Chapter Five]

If you asked her, Kyt wouldn't have been able to say how long she ran. Not just because she couldn't talk well- but because she didn't know. She lost track of time as she ran, sprinting away- away, not knowing where she ran, just knowing she had to keep moving. And it felt good. No, it felt wonderful. To be free again, to run with the wind. For the first time in as long as she could remember, Kyt was smiling as she ran- at least, for a moment.

She would often hide as she ran, though, certain she heard pursuit. Whether she did or not, she was never caught. She knew how to live off the land, how to hide and when to run. Sleep became a thing of the past. For that matter, so did eating. There was no time to stop and take a break, to hunt or rest. Guilt plagued Kyt as she remembered leaving Jake to die, but she forced it away. Ignored it, forced herself not to feel it, not to feel anything. Emotions were for people, and as everyone reminded her, often, she wasn't a person.

Perhaps, if Kyt were anyone else, this would have saddened her. But by now, now that she was older, she understood. And she was happy. People were cruel, were mean. They wanted to hurt her, to break her. They had no care for other people- people were monsters, cold and unfeeling, with no kindness in their hearts. Beasts, however- Kyt understood beasts. They made sense. They did what they had to survive, killed only what they must. Beasts showed her kindness when people cast her aside, left her to bleed and cry. Kyt liked beasts. And so, Kyt ran. For days, and through the night, she ran, never stopping unless she had to. She lost count of the days, lost track of everything.

When Kyt finally had to stop, from hunger and exhaustion, there were tear tracks on her cheeks. She hadn't realized she'd been crying, though some part of her knew. She wiped furiously at her eyes, slowing to a walk. For a while, she travelled aimlessly, until she found a cave. It was barely large enough to hold her, half hidden by plant growth. Kyt forced herself through the small opening, curling up inside. She gave up on trying to hold back the tears she had tried to deny, arms wrapping around herself as the dam broke, and she sobbed quietly. Eventually, the girl drifted off to an uneasy sleep.

Wyn wasn't a large child. At age six, she was about the size of a three year old. She huddled in the back of her cage, bruises covering her arms and face, ribs showing. She couldn't remember how long she'd been here, not really. She didn't want to, either. Loud men laughed and joked with each other nearby. She didn't like them, their voices were cruel- but she wouldn't make the mistake of telling them that, not again, not after last time. She peeked out from behind her hands when something made the bars of her cage rattle, eyes going towards the sound. When she saw it, the six year old wished she hadn't, bile rising in her throat. A bone. A human bone. And it was lying right outside her cage. Wyn turned her head away, doubling over as she dry heaved, bile and stomach acid coming up. The cruel men laughed loudly, their voices grating on her ears. Wyn sobbed softly, curling up into a ball, arms going to protect her head.

Footsteps neared her cage, and someone shook the bars. Wyn didn't look up the first time, but when the cage was shaken again, she hesitantly peeked up. One of the men stood in front of her, grinning at her. "You hungry, kid?" Wyn nodded hesitantly, and he smirked. "Good. Come on, get up." The child looked up at him, eyes wide, and he kicked the cage. "Get. Up." Wyn grabbed the bars, using them to help herself stand, small legs wobbling. The cage was opened, and the man dragged her out by her hair, drawing a yelp from her- a yelp that earned her a slap across the face. "Come on, you're being 'entertainment' tonight, girl."

Kyt woke with a whimper, tears in her eyes. She turned, puking up bile, coughing as she remembered that day, her first kill- though certainly not her last. She knelt there for what felt like hours, vomiting up everything she had eaten, trying to forget her nightmare. She was shaking all over when she finally finished vomiting, pulling herself out of the little hole in the ground. Kyt wiped her mouth, shaking, feeling her stomach turn.

After that incident, Kyt returned to sleeping only when she had to. She'd hunt when she could, and sleep where there was shelter, but mostly, she just wandered aimlessly. After a week, she cut her hair again, with a knife she had scavenged. If she could have seen herself, she'd have known that she looked younger than ever, but she couldn't. She avoided mirrors as she wandered, staying away from the road. Her sleep was filled with nightmares, every time she risked sleeping. After one such nightmare, Kyt spent half a day curled up in her hiding spot, sobbing and shaking, until finally she managed to calm herself.

Kyt lost track of time. Days blended into weeks, which blended into months. The seasons changed, growing colder and colder. During the first few weeks of winter, something caught Kyt's attention. A small, tiny, cold thing had landed on her nose. Kyt blinked, looking around. Small white things were falling from the sky, many landing on her face. Kyt shivered from the cold, trying to brush the flakes away, to no avail. She growled and whined softly, turning and running.

It took her an hour to find a cave, by which point she was soaked, and freezing. She fled inside, hurrying to the back of the cave, curling up and shivering. Kyt sneezed, and whimpered softly, curling tighter. She stared at the entrance to her hiding spot, watching as the cold, white stuff started to pile up outside of the cave, and in front of the entrance. Kyt found herself yawning, eyelids drooping. She stretched a little, then curled up, using her arms as a pillow as she shut her eyes, letting herself slowly drift off to sleep.

When morning came, Kyt was still asleep. For once, she hadn't had a nightmare, or even woken up crying, In fact, a small smile was playing across Kyt's lips- barely there, but it was there. She yawned, stretching, then sleepily blinked her eyes open, not quite awake, but no longer asleep. She felt warm and safe, curled up in the cave, and for a moment, she didn't care why. She glanced around, blinking when she saw that snow had covered the entrance to her cave. A small hole had been dug through the snow, and she blinked again. She looked around for the source of warmth, and couldn't help smiling when she saw the creature.

A small stalker cub had evidently snuck into her cave, seeking warmth, and the tiny creature was now curled up next to Kyt, mewling. Kyt stroked the cubs fur softly, with a tenderness she would never dare show a human, then very gently picked the creature up, holding it close. The cub mewled again, then cuddled against Kyt, resting it's head against her as it returned to sleeping. Kyt giggled softly, continuing to stroke it's silky black fur, settling back down. After all, she figured, it couldn't hurt to delay leaving for a little bit, and they were snowed in, after all. She might as well get a little more sleep.