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"Help me!"

The scream pierced the night. Although it would be for nothing. Rose Tyler would be killed on the street alone.

"Leave me alone, you creep!"

"But isn't this what you wanted? To die with your one and only?" Said the pursuer, who was gaining on Rose with every step.

"No! Mickey, stop! I never said that! Besides we broke up weeks ago, Remember?"

Rose ran into a dead end street, and turned around trying to find an exit.

The boy, Mickey, followed her with the knife in his hand.

"Please Mickey, don't do this!"

"Think of it this way, at least we're dying together."

Mickey raised the knife, about to strike a fatal blow, when he suddenly dropped the knife. And clutched his chest in agony, before falling to the ground dead.

In the Shinigami realm, a Shinigami named Geleus had just written the name of Mickey Smith into his Death Note. And had turned to dust for saving the life of Rose Tyler and ultimately extending her lifespan. His Death Note fell to the ground beside Rose Tyler.

My name is Misa Amane. Misa-Misa is nineteen years old. Misa-Misa's parents were killed by a burglar, a few years ago, right in front of Misa's eyes. Even though that was a few years ago, Misa-Misa still have nightmares about it. Misa-Misa has since become a model, although Misa's not very famous yet. Misa would love to travel the world someday though.

And Misa-Misa got her chance a week ago. Misa was walking home from the agency, when Misa heard a whirring sound. Misa looked and there was a big, blue police box just sitting there in the middle of the road.

"Ello!" said a man coming out of the box. "What day is it?"