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Chapter 1. Second Kira

Rose POV

Mickey…How could he attempt to do something like that? And what is this strange notebook?

I look at the notebook's page and find it has a list of rules entitled 'Death Note: How to use it'.

"I see you've taken a liking to it."

I jumped and saw a white and blue skeletal, ghost like thing hovering in front of me.

"Who are you?" I asked it.

"Rem, the Shinigami attached to this particular Death Note. I also used to be the owner, before you claimed it."

"Rem. What is this?"

"A Death Note. It has the power to kill anyone who's name is written in it."

"Is that how Kira kills the murderers?"


This explains a lot. Not only that, but still there's one thing that's bugging me…

"How do you find out a person's name, Rem?"

"I have the Shinigami eyes, and they enable me to see a person's name and lifespan. I can offer you a deal for them, though."

"What do I give?"

"Half of your remaining lifespan."

It is reasonable, especially if I want to find Kira. It will be helpful to have these eyes on my side, if Kira turns down my help and decides to kill me.

"You have a deal, Rem."

Light POV (Two Weeks Later)

How do I get L to reveal his name without trading for the eyes? The easiest thing to do would be to trade for the eyes. But I don't want to do that, not when I am so close to achieving my goal. But, maybe I can have someone trade for me. Or my second option is as risky as the first…I have to join forces with the Second Kira.

My phone rings. It's my father.


"Light, Ryuzaki wants your help. Would you be able to help?

"I will."

"Then come to-…"

"Ok. I will be there."

"Perfect. They call, just when I am trying to figure out a way in."

I hear the Shinigami, Ryuk, laugh. "What luck?"

I ignore Ryuk and focus on the task at hand. L invited me to the headquarters of the operation, that part of the plan is complete. Now onto the next step. How to get them to trust me, without alerting them to the fact I'm Kira. Second, how to meet this Second Kira without L knowing. And finally, how to kill them off, one by one without raising suspicions.


"So even if Light Yagami is Kira, I still want him on the investigation team. He could be valuable to finding the second Kira. When he gets here I want none of you to act as if you already know there might be a second Kira. He will reason this on his own. After I hear his reasoning, I will offer a spot on the investigation team to him."

"But what if his reasoning doesn't match yours?"

"I will reveal my reasoning and still invite him on the team. Matsuda! Light-kun will probably be here by now, so will you meet him in the lobby and escort him up here?"

"Certainly, Ryuzaki."

The boy-ish looking man left the room.

Light POV

What is this guy's name again? Matsuda?

"Hey, Light! Everyone's been waiting for you."

"Great, can't wait."

Matsuda leads me to the elevator and pushes a button that I can't see. Nice to see that L isn't making any mistakes. After the long ride to the floor, Matsuda leads me to a room door and opens it.


Light Yagami, chance of being Kira: five percent. Or maybe he really is. All the pieces fit if we accept that to be true. But we don't solve cases by assumptions. I must find a piece of evidence to find Light Yagami guilty of being Kira.

"Hello, Light. Thank you for coming."

"Not at all Ryuga, I want to catch Kira as much as you do."

"Please call me Ryuzaki here."

The boyish Matsuda said, "I'm Matsui."

The serious Aizawa, "I'm Aihara."

"And I'm Asahi." Said Light's father.

Light took a look of surprise for approximately five seconds then when back to a look of calm, "I see…So should I be Light Asahi?"

"That will be fine. I will call you Light-kun here, though."

"So, is there only four members attached to the investigation?" Light is obviously trying to get information from us. And I will oblige.

"No, we have trusted members on the outside and one of them can only be contacted by me."

Light POV

Ryuzaki is making things very difficult. Now if I want to finish off the investigation force, I will have to find out who the other members are.

"Please bear in mind, Light, what I am about to show you cannot leave this room. And taking notes is prohibited."

Also expected from Ryuzaki, if he is truly L. L/Ryuzaki turns on the TV set in the room. The tape began to play and the word Kira showed up.

"After the airing of the first tape, I'm confident that you believe that I am Kira." This person must be stupid. His or Her fingerprints must be on the tape.

"However I'm ashamed that I had to take a innocent life in order for you to believe it." Ok, maybe they're not stupid. Maybe they truly want my goal to succeed.

"I hope you won't force me to do that again. I hate to waste precious life that has done nothing wrong. I prefer to enhance life and make it more worthwhile." I have to get to this person before L does. He may be able to turn the Second Kira against me. I HAVE to find him or her.

"My ultimate goal is this, making the streets safer for everyone, so they will not have to live in fear. You see, I am not one to be feared, unless you're a criminal." The person's garbled voice laughs and makes me question the person's sanity.

"Until next time, L." The tape signals that it is done.

"What do you think, Light?" says Ryuzaki obviously wanting to see what I'll do.

"I think this is not the same Kira that you've been chasing. Or, rather, a entirely new Kira."

"A second Kira?! What do you mean. Light?" shouts my father.

"This isn't the same person. The original Kira did not feel the need to declare himself or utilize the media. And how is it that the cops that showed up at the station were killed? So it is impossible that this is the same one."

Matsui looks shocked, "That's the exact same reasoning as Ryuzaki's!"

Ryuzaki…You truly mean to go that far?

"Ryuzaki…were you testing me?"

"No, I merely wanted to hear your reasoning. If you came up with the same theory as me, then it wouldn't be questionable. But if I was the only one that came up with the idea then we would be stuck. You've really been a big help Light-kun."

"…" I say nothing. I fell right into his reasoning trap.

"Then it's decided. We will go after the second Kira, since he on Kira's side, and is the only Kira that we have a lead on. And he seems like the person to respond to a message from Kira. But however, this may be a dead end." Ryuzaki looked sullen as he sat down, in his weird way, in a chair.

"Impressive. I was thinking the same thing."

"And for this plan, Light-kun…"

What's he going to do? Assign me to a fruitless job by his side to keep an eye on me? But his next words catch me off guard.

"I want you to play the part of the real Kira!"


"Yes, it should be easy with your abilities." Then he looked into my eyes, "We don't have much time. Will you write up a message from Kira that we can use during tonight's news?"

I nod my head and Ryuzaki begins giving orders to the team. Did this guy bring me here just to play this role? Well I can't complain, since this brings me closer to finding the second Kira.