Sully's Secret

By Clarebear

Disclaimer I do not own the characters in this story. I wish the people who did would use them and create new series. I have just borrowed the characters.

A/N This short story is from a picture challenge. The first picture was the adult children holding a small Katie, in the homestead with Daniel, Cloud Dancing and Dorothy. The second is Michaela and Sully with a silly grin looking at her as they rode along.

Daniel had come to the homestead to tell the children, Dorothy and Cloud Dancing he had no idea where Sully and Dr Mike had gone. The note they'd left only said "we'll be back", nothing else, no clue.

Cloud Dancing had been with the children a long time and he tried assuring them that their parents would be okay. He offered to remain with them until they came back. The older children confirmed they could cope as a family. They had been raised well by their parents and felt confident they would be able to care for Katie as well.


Meanwhile Sully was out in the forest that felt like a second home to him. He had lured his loving wife to join him because he wanted to say thank you to her in his own way. They were always on edge at home and in town that they would be disturbed. Here, he was positive, that was not likely to happen. He had been able to explore his prison extensively while he was there and he'd discovered a secret place. Now as they rode Sully smiled at his *Heartsong*. She had a smile on her face as she knew Sully did things spontaneously, that she trusted him without thinking.

"We're nearly there," he reassured her.

"Where are you taking me, Sully?"

"It's a secret, if I tell ya' I'll have to kill ya'," he said with a silly look on his face. "Then I'd not be able to live either," he ended seriously.

Finally he stopped and dismounted. Raising his hands up he gently lowered Michaela down from her horse, kissing her firmly on the lips. Taking her hand he lead her into the dense forest. Silently Michaela followed, her heart speeding up with anticipation.

She could hear water running and wondered what she would see.

Pulling back she said in a soft voice, "Sully."

Turning, he gently tugged her forward seeing excitement and uncertainty reflected in the eyes he loved so much.

"Trust me," he whispered.

So she followed on, the sound growing louder until he stopped and encircling her waist he moved them into a clearing with the most glorious view in front of them, like a sculptured piece of art.

There was a small pool and crystal water cascading down the rock face into it. The sun was reflecting dancing rainbows on the surface and on the path to the pool.

Michaela just stood mesmerised at the picturesque scene. Sully knew her private moments where few and far between so he'd accurately understood he needed to complete something special to let her know how he felt about all she meant to him.

"Michaela you have no idea how much I love ya' and adore ya'. When I discovered this place all I could imagine was how you'd react in seeing it and being here with me." He sighed into her ear.

"Oh Sully," she murmured.

Leading her near the edge they sat, enjoying the moment that slowly grew more intense as the morning wore on. Finally they entered the soothing water and enjoyed their brief occasion together as they always managed to do in their private moments in time.

Eventually the time came for them to head back to their family, and reluctantly they made their way to where their horses were tethered and wend their way home.

The end