Lost Property

By Clarebear

Disclaimer I do not own the characters in this story. I wish the people who did would use them and create new series. I have just borrowed the characters.

A/N This was a second short story is from a picture challenge. The first picture was the adult children holding a small Katie, in the homestead with Daniel, Cloud Dancing and Dorothy. The second is Michaela and Sully with a silly grin looking at her as they rode along

Worriedly Daniel met the youngsters of the family and Dorothy and Cloud Dancing just inside the homestead saying he had no idea where Sully had gone. He knew Sully was worried but didn't know what about, that Michaela was out, looking for him.


Sully retraced his steps of his last short surveying trip, constantly on the lookout for the missing item. He knew he couldn't tell Michaela he had lost one; she'd be so utterly devastated. She had spent many painful hours completing them for him a real labour of love.

He loved this woman and he just could not admit he was eager to get home to her, and that the offending item must have been over looked.

So here he was now, trying to locate it and head home before he was discovered missing again and causing more worry to his family.

Suddenly a bright red item could be seen over near a bush; this was the site of his last night out here. Relieved he jumped off his horse and retrieved the lost object. Stuffing it deep in the pocket of his jacket he mounted and turned his horse's heading for home as a very relieved man.

Travelling a short distance he witnessed his beloved wife looking on the ground following his horse trail as he had taught her.

Silently he descended in order to being close when she sensed his presence.

"Sully what are you doing out here?" she asked.

"Nothin'," he replied, " just checkin' my traps."

"Oh!" was her surprised reply as she hadn't seen any signs on the way out.

"Let's go home," he said.

"Right", she responded turning Flashes head around.

Sully looked at her with a silly grin on his face. She smiled widely at him, still wondering what this was really all about.

"Trust me Michaela," he softly said, sliding his hand in his pocket checking that the red hand knitted woollen sock was still in place. He was glad that he'd found it to be put with its mate in the wash before she was aware it had gone missing. He was a very relieved man indeed.

The end.

This is an idea that I have been laughing at with Kruemi for a couple of months. Thanks Kruemi.