Author Note: I, of course, do not own Harry Potter or characters. Enjoy!

Harry and Draco were walking through Diagon Alley, shopping for Christmas presents. They were loaded down with bags as they went into a small cafe and ordered a Butterbeer to share.
"Who else is there?" Draco asked taking a sip of the drink.
Harry took out the shopping list out of his pocket.
"Just," he started as he unfolded the paper to read. "no one."
"Okay, good my toes are about to fall off." Draco exaggerated.
"I highly doubt that." Harry said, shaking his head.

They finished the butterbeer and they started back down Diagon Alley to go home, when Harry saw a sign.
'Hippogriff for sale'
Harry stopped in front of it. Draco noticed Harry wasn't beside him and turned around. He walked up to where Harry was standing. He read the sign.
"Shit," he muttered.
Harry turned to Draco slowly, his eyes wide, smile bright, and face hopeful.
"No." Draco said flatly.
"Please." Harry begged.
"Absolutely not. We are not getting a hippogriff."
"Aww. Are you still mad about Buckbeak scratching you in third year?"
"No, and that's not that point. It takes a lot to take care for them and we wouldn't ever really need to ride him. He'd get bored."
Harry stared up at Draco with his puppy dog eyes.

The boys walked in the yard of their home.
"Come on, Buckbeak Junior. I'll show you your new home!" Harry said skipping beside Buckbeak Junior.
"I can't believe we got a damn hippogriff." Draco said blankly, starring at Harry and the new addition to the family.