(Creepie's POV) Okay so Dom just told me i had to go to the darkness castle, my nemesis Nega Creepie was apparently there so i had to go because i wanted to kill her she's been ruining my life for a while now everyone hates me because they think im evil which is not true, as i approached the darkness castle i sensed that something was wrong that i would meet my mortal enemies again, unfortunately i was right not only Nega Creepie was there but Evil Finn and Tymo Zoroark were also there, i had to beat them both before i could fight Nega Creepie and have a chance to kill her, i was able to beat Tymo and Finn as i approached Nega Creepie i sensed that i was going to lose this one battle and that something bad would happen to me and unfortunately i was right, because she threw me around even my dark side Dark Creepie couldn't help me she simply too powerful for me after a while she decided to stop fighting me, and i heard her say something that i didn't wanted to hear "Im going to put you into stasis and you will sleep forever" i had to get out but i was too weak and i had to face the reality, i was going to sleep forever until someone decides to get me out of stasis, she must've hit me on the head because i fainted and then i woke up in a stasis tube the only thing i could hear was the liquid rushing in the tube, i tried not breathing in the liquid, when the liquid was at my neck i took a deep breath so that i couldn't breath in the liquid, i was able to hold it for a good 5 minutes but unfortunately the urge to breath came in and as i started breathing in the stasis liquid i felt a powerful sleeping drug was in it and that as long as i was breathing in the liquid i would be in a deep slumber, as were not used to breath in liquids in our lungs i started coughing up violently and held my throat to stop the liquid from getting in, i even started to bang in on the stasis tube glasses but it was too late i noticed i was slowing down and that's when i realized that i was falling asleep in a deep slumber that if not for Dom i would still be floating in that tube, i would still be sleeping while breathing in the liquid and Nega Creepie would still be controlling the darkness city im so glad he saved me even if it took 5 years im glad he got me out of the liquid, im glad that i was able to wake up and im glad that i now live with Dom as king and queen of the underworld.