Chapter 1 The killings start Live or Die
The wrestling massacre

It was a normal night in TNA until they heard a loud scream backstage. "What was that?" asked Tazz. Before anyone could answer him they saw a lot of people in a circle backstage. "What happened back here?" asked Christi. "I don't know Gail found a body in the knockout locker room." said Kurt. "Who was the body?" she asked. " Madison Ryan." He told her as they watched the police and paramedics handle the body, no one knew that someone was watching them. The next day Dixie Carter called for a meeting. "Alright listen up everyone I know what happen to Madison have you all scared, but the police will find out what happened and until then I want everyone to travel in groups to and from the hotels and the shows. I don't want anyone else to get hurt, understood." She told them. Everyone nodded as they left the conference room. "Hey guys do you think who ever killed Madison will come after us?" asked Gail who was still in shock. "Don't worry Gail as long as we stick together this punk won't get to us." James told her smiling. Gail nodded as they all headed downstairs to their limos.

Later that day the guys were at the gym. "So who do you guys think killed Madison?" asked Jeff. They all looked at each other, "Don't know maybe it was a crazy fan or just some creep." AJ told him. Everyone nodded in agreement, as they finished their workout. Meanwhile at the hotel the girls were getting ready to leave to go shopping.

"Hey girls has anyone seen Velvet?" asked Gail. They all shook their heads no. "That's strange she knew we were going shopping downtown and Dixie doesn't want any of us left alone without a buddy." Gail finished. "Let's find her before it get's to late!" Mickie told her. Meanwhile Velvet was leaving her room when she heard a noise down the hall. "Hello is anybody there?" she asked. After hearing no answer Velvet locked her door and walked towards the elevator until she heard the noise again. This time she didn't stop to see where the noise came from instead she started running towards the elevator while pulling out her cell. She dialed the first number she could think of, she called Angelina Love.

The girls were still looking for Velvet when Angelina's cell rung. "Hey girls it's Velvet!" she yelled answering the phone. "Hello Velvet? Where are you?" she asked. "I'm on the elevator heading towards the lobby." she told her scared. "Why do you sound so scared?" Love asked.

"I think there was someone following me and I think he's still might be in the hotel."Sky told her. "Don't worry we're in the lobby now we'll wait on you!" she told her. "Thanks because I am really..." she was cut off by a loud noise. Love heard the noise in the background, "What was that?" Love asked. "I don't know the elevator just stopped." Velvet told her now in panic. "Don't panic Velvet I will call for help okay just hold on." she told her. "Okay but I think you better hurry because..." Velvet phone went off.

"Oh know this can not be happening, Hello Velvet?" Love asked. She got nothing but static , then heard that her call was disconnected. "Oh no! We need to get someone to that elevator now!" Love told the girls as she tried calling for the hotel maintenance. Meanwhile on the elevator Velvet heard footsteps on the roof. "Help somebody please help me!" She yelled. There was no answer until she heard someone cutting through the top of the elevator and she was relieved until she saw him. He fell through the hole of the elevator with a knife in hand.

"Please don't hurt me I just want to go home." she begged. The big man just held his head to the side and smiled. "Don't worry my lady it won't hurt." he told her as he jumped on top of her holding her arms down he stabbed her multiple times. "Now we're not beautiful anymore are we?" he asked laughing. Wiping off the knife he climbed out and up the elevator shaft. A few minutes later he left a closet in changed clothes and walked down to the lobby where he saw a crowd. Like a innocent person he asked someone what happened?

"They found a body on the elevator!" the stranger told him. He nodded as he watched Velvet's co-workers and friends cry for her. They had no idea that the guy that killed Velvet was in the same room as them. "They will know soon!" he told himself so only he could hear. As he watched the coroners take Velvet's body away he knew that this was only the beginning of his killing rampage and it was far from over.