-Bella POV-

It's been 375 years since he left and took his family with him. They didn't even say goodbye to me when I was supposed to be their sister or daughter but apparently not, Jacob became my personal sun for almost a year, I know what he was. He was a wolf, not a chid of the moon dangerous wolf but a wolf none the less. He went out with me for a while until he imprinted where it went horribly wrong…


Jake pinned my arms above my head trapping me on the sofa, "I might have imprinted on Carrie but I will be your first, the leeches won't want you back after this". I beg and beg him to stop, tears streaming down my face as he rips my shirt and bra off.

I screamed as I tried to kick him off me but this seemed to spur him on, "Feisty Bella is out today is she then?"

End Flashback.

2 hours later it was done, I did all I could. Run. I used my last few painful memories of the Cullen's and remembered a conversation with him about the kings of the vampires who lived in Volterra. The Volturi. The whole trip there I hid my tears from the other passengers. My trip to Volterra was for one thing and one thing only. To die. I never once expected what happened that day, or to find my new family.


I strode up to the front desk easily and spoke with an eerie self-confidence, "I'm here to speak to Aro. Now." The secutary who was an obvious human nodded weakly and put an all through to some other room. I knew my heart was beating rapidly and I could feel the blood racing through my veins. "He will see you now" I turned to see an angelic girl with bleach blonde hair, she had it pulled back in a tight bun, I had no doubt she was an angel from hell, her crimson eyes warned me to her, I could see the pain hidden behind these eyes, "My name is Jane, I must ask do you mind if I carry you, It would be marginally faster for me" She was telling me a demand and we were both fully aware of that. My confidence plummeted as I nodded dumbly.

Jane picked me up bridal style and ran through a series of corridors before placing me on the floor in the middle of a grand room that was no doubt meant for vampires only. Three men sat on the thrones watching me intently, I knew them from Carlisle's painting these were the Volturi brothers. Aro, Marcus and Caisus Volturi, deadly and I was stupid enough to come here, my voice left me as I struggled to contain my shaking and Jane began to speak, "Master my power does not work on this human and she knows of our existence." She bowed deep in respect and for the first time I noticed the glare aimed at me. Aro's milky red eyes lit up and he rose from his throne, his papery white skin seemingly showing not entering the sun for some time, his hand out stretched to me as I realised he was now in front of me. I supressed my scream as he spoke "May I mia cara?" Silently I placed my hand in his and waited for what seemed like an eternity and Aro suddenly burst in to hysterical laughter as her turned to face someone who I believe is Marcus, "Brother what do out bonds become?" Marcus sighed apparently bored with the conversation "she will see you as a father Aro and myself and Caisus as Uncle's. The Guard seemingly as siblings."

Aro smiled at this and wrapped an arm around my shoulders in a casual yet protective demeanour. "Well then my child, I will change you and you will become our princess mia cara. Do you have and objections?" I spoke my reply barely audible to a human "Never."

End Flashback.

"Mom!" I grinned as my beautiful half vampire half shifter daughter ran to me "Hey Rennesme you okay sweetheart?" She grinned and nodded at me her ringlets bouncing around her shoulders. I smiled she was the perfect imitation of me apart from her black hair. "Grandpa Aro wants you in the throne room to meet a coven" I nodded in understanding and ran to the throne room, Rennesme may hate the way she was conceived but I don't care, shes my beautiful baby. I regret ever naming her after the people who abandoned me… but I couldn't bring myself to hate them.

Felix smirked at me as he opened the grand doors, I fake grinned as I walked in to the throne room, "My dear friends, please meet my daughter Isabella Marie Swan Volturi." Aro smiled at me and I turned to face 7 pairs of golden eyes I hoped never to see again.