Hot Blooded

Sam and Danny walked into a really dark cave to only see a beautiful waterfall, "Sam, are you sure we should be in here now?" Danny said looking for light. "Were going to be fine Danny, I promise!" Sam said with a smile. "Let's go further then we will leave." Sam said walking past Danny. Danny grabbed Sam's hand and they entwined their fingers. They walked up to the waterfall to only see a human fly past them. Sam and Danny were holding on to each other like there was no tomorrow. "What was that?" Sam screamed. "I don't know Sam!" Danny said to Sam holding her tighter. "Ready to get bitten?" A deep dark voice said. A dark shadowy figure popped out in front of the two making them stumble a little. "Who are you?" Danny said stepping out in front of Sam protecting her from what was about to happen. "I am Derek, the head of the Vampires." Derek said with a grin. Derek grabbed Sam's arm and pulled her to him. Danny was angry now! He grabbed Sam's wrist and went intangible. "So now you want to play games child, well let's play!" He said with an evil smile.

Danny and Sam were running as fast as they could until Sam hit a root. "OW!" Sam said grabbing her ankle. "Sam are you ok!" Danny said concerned. "No, I tripped on something and sprain my ankle!" Sam said letting tears roll down her face. Then they heard an evil laugh that made chills run down there backs. "I'll carry you." Danny said carrying her bridal style. He tried to find a rock to hide behind but as he ran he felt the creature creeping up behind. Then Danny put Sam down and did he famous ghostly wail that only echoed thru the cave. "Show yourself!" Danny yelled. "I'm right behind you child." The creature said. Danny turned around to see the creature holding Sam by her neck. He suddenly vanished. "SAM!" Danny screamed.

Yay first chapter I do not own hot blooded I went to Kings Island and saw the musical so I kind of changed it a little! And I don't own Danny Phantom! Next chapter coming soon!