"Who the hell are you?" Danny said waking up.

"Be quiet, I'm busting you out!" A kid said to Danny.

"But what about Sam?" Danny asked.

"She is in Derek's power for now. We need to bust you out of here kid." He said lending Danny a helping hand.

"What's your name, who are you?" Danny said accepting the hand that was given to him.

"I am Drake that is my father that has your girlfriend." Drake said to Danny.

"Well can you help me find my 'Girlfriend'?" Danny said blushing when he quoted 'Girlfriend'.

"Sure but YOU have to brake the curse." Drake said grabbing Danny's shoulder and dragging him into a lab. It was all silver with boxes surrounding the whole place. He did want to break the curse but it evolved 'kissing'. He LOVED Sam but does not want to brake their friendship together.

"What is this place?" Danny asked going in the lab.

"Your home for now!" Drake said locking the doors to the lab. Danny turned around and started pounding his fist into the glass.

"Let me out now, Bitch." Danny said loading a ray up.

"Father I captured him!" Drake yelled.

"Why did you do this to me? Let me out now!" Danny said pounding the glass harder. Danny tried powering up an ectoplasm ball but terribly failed. Derek came out from the shadows next to his son.

"Great job my boy, soon when we kill this jerk you can marry the girl." Derek said patting his sons shoulder.

"But I don't want to marry that human! I want to marry a kind like us!" Drake said to his father pouting, crossing his arms.

"Fine but we trap the girl in with the human boy, only one will win." Derek said to his son with an evil grin.

So Drake went out to get Sam, Danny was worried what they would do to her. He heard about the 'only one will live' part. Danny slid down the wall almost giving up. Sam suddenly walked in the lab. Being shoved in.

"Sam, where have you been!" Danny said walking up to Sam giving her a hug.

Danny loved being in Sam's arms, it reminded him of how much he loved her.

"Silence human! It is I, Sam who must fight you to the death!" Sam said showing her fangs to Danny making his step back a little.

"The curse, oh god THE CURSE!" Danny yelled. Derek and Drake were laughing and joking around making bets on who was going to win this deadly round.

Sam walked up to Danny and punched him dead in the stomach making him fall. Danny got up and held Sam's wrists and held hard.

He crashed his lips to hers.

Not my best! But almost done! Sorry I did not update.