Okay, so I have a few opinions on "the break up" and I just have to say I was so pissed when they went to bed together after the cheating came to light. you don't get into bed with a guy that cheated on you, have some god damn dignity!

So here's just a little drabble for those of you angry at Kurt not standing up for himself.

"Kurt, please call me back. I think we need to talk about this." Blaine left dozens, maybe a hundred messages just like that one to Kurt in the past week following their breakup (?) Are they broken up?

Blaine sighed and sat in his seat, and waited for Mr. Schue to start the lesson. He looked around and the only other person in the room that knew about his mistake was Finn, who hadn't said anything to him other than "how could you do that to him?". Blaine pressed the heals of his hands to his eyes and heaved a heavy sigh. He didnt know where to go from here. He didn't know if he had a boyfriend, he didn't know why he did it, and he didn't know why Eli kept texting him and calling him 'baby'. He wanted Kurt, Eli didn't mean anything to him. He was lonely and Eli was easy. Plain as that.

"...and thats why I've brought back three of our favorite members this week!" Blaines head snapped up as Mr. Schue pointed out there were more people in the room.

There, in the fron tof the room, looking hotter than hell itself was Kurt.

"Kurt I-"

"Save it Blaine." Everyone looked shocked, as Blaine looked like someone had slapped him in the face, which he honestly was lucky Kurt didn't do, concidering seeing him made Kurt want to throw up.

"Kurt just let me explain..."

"Why? When I simply texted another guy you went off and humiliated me in front of my friends and family, saying I'd cheated. Fuck Blaine, you sang a song about it. You're a fucking drama queen and a such a martyr." Everyone watched in awe, Kurt never swore. The only one who wasn't shocked was Rachel. She was used to hearing it now. It was like Blaine was the damn that Kept Kurt in check. And now that he wasn't there Kurt had changed.

"You show up at my apartment, flowers in hand and a smile on your face. You kissed me hello, like nothing was wrong. When were you planning on telling me? Were you even going to? I called you out on your sad attitude and you felt you had to tell me. How long were you going to fake it?"

"What's he talking about dude?" Sam said, looking at Blaine through the corner of his eye.

"Texting isn't cheating, Blaine. What you did, that's cheating."

"Kurt I just-"

"You FUCKED another GUY Blaine!" Collective gasps went around the room as everyone looked to the former warbler in shock,

"Kurt please, not here..."

"I'm giving you the same courtesy you showed me." Kurt took a deep breath and walked to right in front of his boyfriend,

"You wouldn't tell me then, but I have a right to know. What was his name?"

"It doesn't matter, Kurt."

"What was his god damn name!"

"Why do you care?!"

"Because I at least deserve to know who my boyfriend chose over me." Blaine laughed bitterly,

"So you can go and terrorize him for ruining our relationship?"

"No, because I don't blame him for that."


"I blame YOU. YOU ruined us, he was just a pawn for that. YOU destroyed what we had." Blaine felt like the wind had been knocked out of his lungs and a pin could be heard dropping the floor at that moment.

"Kurt, what are you trying to say?"

"I don't want a little boy who's going to go running to someone else if I cant pick up the phone because I'm in a meeting. I'm an adult, Blaine. I have a job, responsibilities, and bills to pay. I'm doing what I need to to make a life for myself. I thought I was making a life for us. I was kissing so much ass, and working to my breaking point so I could get us an apartment for ourselves when you moved up there, so we wouldn't have to share with Rachel. So we could have our own life. Some place to make ours. You ruined all of that." Tears were free falling down Blaines face, but Kurt remained solid, even thought Blaine felt him getting further away,

"You're not the guy I fell in love with. You're not what I need anymore, Blaine."

"Do you mean..."



"But, maybe not forever. You just need to figure somethings out first. But prove something to me Blaine. Prove to me right now, that he doesn't mean anything to you." Blaine dug his phone out of his pocket and pressed Eli's message thread and handed it to Kurt.

"I havn't replied to anything he's sent me. I don't want him, Kurt! I want you. I need you. You're my life, my soul mate. I love you."

"No, you don't. If you loved me you wouldn't have cheated on me. I don't doubt that you feel like you love me, but you don't. If you did, Eli would have never happened."


"You need some time to figure out who you are. Without me. Maybe when you graduate, we can try this again." and Kurt turned around and walked out of the room, and went back to New York, sending an apology text to Mr. Schue saying he'd have to work on the costumes in New York, because Lima was too painful.