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Warning: This shall contain extreme fluff throughout. No action scenes…I think. So far at least.

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Screwed. Completely and utterly screwed…But this is how fanfiction always works! Oh that's even worse! No, Darcy!

"Darcy? Are you all right?" Suddenly, Darcy Lewis remembered that she was out Christmas shopping with Jane and Pepper. "Darcy?" Pepper called her name again, she could practically see the motherly concern radiating from Pepper.

"Oh, yeah, totally. Just told my twin that I have a boyfriend, when in fact, I do not. Ugh! I am so royally SCREWED."

Jane simply shrugged, seemingly unaffected by Darcy's obvious distress. Well, Jane was never socially perceptive. "Then call her back and explain." Darcy turned to face Jane with comically wide eyes. "What?"

"This is Georgiana we're talking about. The same person whose shadow I have been in for, like, ever! She stole my 9th birthday cake, and we have the same freaking birthday." Pepper patted her hand comfortingly.

"Then take home a fake boyfriend." Jane said. The scientist stood up, there was a lot of shopping to do, when she suddenly found herself in the arms of a certain former political-science student.

"You are brilliant, Jane! Completely brilliant!" Darcy squealed and impulsively kissed Jane on the forehead. "Ice cream Sunday pop tarts for a month!" She dropped her bags and was 50 feet away before Jane could even open her eyes.

"Where are you going?" Pepper called.

"Need to find a fake boyfriend!" And she disappeared from sight.

Jane looked at Pepper who was creasing her forehead worriedly. "I was just joking."

Okay, so, this is pretty random, to be honest. But you know how basically every ship EVER has one of these stories.

Girl/guy needs to have a fake boyfriend/girlfriend and recruits the other half of the ship to be said fake…whatever. They fall in love along the way and hilarity ensues.

I decided Darcy and Clint needed one of these because Dramione and Zutara and Tiva (oh my GOD, Tiva) have like 300,000,000,000 of them.

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