Author's Note: I love this one, still holds a special place in my heart because it was my first ever Avengers fic and it's just so much fluff! So much fluff and smut in this chapter.

Thank you so much to my wonderful beta for getting this done for me, ravingbeauty you are fantastic and wonderful and making my stories that much better. Thank you!

You're No Hero

Epilogue– Fondue indeed

"JARVIS, lock down the lab, would you?" Tony said, never taking his eyes off Steve; the taller man looked a little nervous but resolute.

They came together then, pent up passion spilling over. Steve buried his hands in thick dark hair, moaning a little as rough hands untucked his shirt and slid across warm, tanned skin.

"You know what you do to me?" Tony murmured, kissing Steve deeply and pulling him close. The genius's hands wandering eagerly, feeling muscles quiver beneath his fingers. Steve wrapped strong arms around the lithe body pulling the shorter man close as dexterous fingers gripped his hips.

Tony pushed him back against his workbench, almost losing his composure when Steve arched his hips into his. Kissing the soldier harshly, he pushed back as his jeans suddenly too tight and confining.

As big hands tugged at Tony's t-shirt, they separated just long enough to pull it up over his head tossing it aside; Steve's polo after. Bared to the waist, they pressed hungrily together. Steve giddy and excited was torn between worry about what was to come and the pure pleasure of being touched by the other man.

"Hey," Tony said softly.

Humming Steve leaned into the shorter man, surprised when he was suddenly lifted into the air. Steve sputtered, about to demand to be let down, when he was dropped unceremoniously onto a bed. Surprised, he glanced around; they were at the far end of the lab behind a screen. The bed was nice and soft, but a complete surprise.

"I put this here after my room was ruined during the battle. Thought there might be some call for it again."

Laughing Steve leaned up on his elbows, grinning widely, his well-defined torso flexing. Tony leaned onto the bed with a knee, moving towards him, as Steve watched with hungry eyes.

"You sure, Steve?" Tony asked softly, stopping bare inches away from his face.

Steve reached out and pulled him close, "Yes…"

That was all the permission Tony needed.

Clothing was an obstacle; he quickly pulled off his own jeans, kicking the denim away. Steve's eyes widened at the tight black boxer briefs. They hugged muscled thighs tightly, outlining yet concealing. Blue eyes trailed up the dark trail of hair, across defined abs, up to the glowing blue disc in his chest surrounded by silvery white scar tissue.

Carefully he reached out to touch the lines, circling the outline of the metal. Tony shivered; even that slight touch an incredibly erotic feeling.

"See anything you like?" Tony teased the other man on the bed as Steve's normally slicked back blond hair fell loose across his clear blue eyes.

Steve hummed in agreement as Tony turned his attention to Steve's jeans. Gently undoing the material, Tony pulled them down as Steve raising his hips to help. Tugging the pants free he tossed them away, jaw dropping in shock at the sight before him.

Steve fought his blush as he turned Tony's own words back on him, "See anything you like?" He watched the billionaire's mouth move silently, dark eyes glued to Steve's crimson underwear – well, Steve wouldn't call them underwear. Natasha had called them bikini briefs.

Tony's arc glowed brighter as his heart rate sped up. "Oh, my God…" he whispered as Steve fought the urge to hide himself. Tony couldn't help but stare, Steve was a walking wet dream…

Leaning forward, he was kissing swollen lips hungrily, trying desperately to reign in his lust. Steve was new to this; Tony would go slowly even if it killed him. Through long, sensuous kisses and touches, they lay side by side in bed. Tony allowed his hands to explore leisurely, but was careful to stop at Steve's hips.

Steve, unsure how to proceed, was startled when a cool hand touched him though the briefs. He gasped into Tony's mouth, unintentionally arching as he was rubbed through the taught material. He moaned softly and Tony grinned; Steve was a moaner… maybe he'd be a screamer, too.

Callused hands moved under the fabric then, touching him. Blue eyes widened as Steve gave a strangled cry, no one save himself had ever touched there. The calluses on Tony's hands provided delicious friction, the sensations new and overwhelming. All of a sudden Steve gave a cry as his orgasm overtook him. He gripped Tony's shoulders tightly as he spilled in the other's hand, soaking his briefs. It had been quick and intense, yet unfulfilling, leaving him aching for more.

Embarrassed, he buried his face in Tony's collarbone. "Sorry…" he said very softly as he felt a chuckle rumble through Tony's chest. A soft kiss brushed across his temple.

"Did you want to stop?" Tony asked.

Steve pulled back a little, glancing down at the very visible bulge in Tony's briefs. He shook his head, meeting dark eyes as he boldly reached into Tony's briefs and gripped his rather thick member a little roughly. He kissed Tony hard then, taking the shorter man by surprise, working his weeping member.

Groaning, Tony arched into the fist, the friction a little rough but incredibly good. Tony was hoping for more, though. Reaching out, he stopped Steve. "Not yet," Tony grinned as he moved to tug off the other man's underwear, followed by his own.

Tony was fast losing control. Kissing Steve, he moved to settle between muscular thighs, gently thrusting their erections together. Moaning and grinding, Tony reached for the bottle of lube sitting innocently on the bedside table. Breaking their intense kisses he watched those blue eyes, now dark with need and lust.

Steve was rock hard once more, his erection heavy against his stomach. Holding that gaze, Tony pressed a single slick finger against his entrance, trying to control himself as he watched the emotions flicker across the expressive face of his lover.

Steve squirmed a little at the intrusion; he knew what was coming, had worried about it… but as he watched Tony above him, touching him gently, showing a restraint he wouldn't have imagined possible, Steve decided there and then he was going to break that calm control.

A second finger joined first and he gasped at the newness of it. Strange, but not unpleasant. He found himself lifting his hips to meet the intrusion, pushing the long digits further inside his tight, wet heat. The brunet gritted his teeth and added a third finger, gently stretching the tightness. His other hand gripped the Steve's flagging erection, pumping it in time with his teasing fingers.

Steve writhed and twisted in pleasure. It was good, great… but something told him it could be better. Suddenly the fingers were gone, and Steve opened hooded eyes enough to see Tony rubbing something on himself before moving between his legs again.

Leaning down, the genius engineer claimed his mouth, thrusting his tongue inside as something much larger and blunt was pressed against his entrance. There was a moment of pained resistance before the muscle gave way and Tony began to slide inch by agonizing inch inside. It hurt like hell.

Tony held still for long moments, braced above his lover; kissing Steve slowly, leisurely, trying to ignore the delicious heat surrounding him. He rolled his hips once eliciting a small gasp from the man under him. The pain was fading to a dull throb; now Steve just felt full. Feeling all of Tony so intimately joined with him.

He moaned as Tony moved again.

The genius was losing it. All his good intentions were slipping away. His head was swimming, his vision blurred, Steve far more intoxicating then anything he'd ever had. He was inside Steven Rogers; he was inside Captain America. It was surreal. How long had he fantasized, dreamed, longed… and now here he was.

He began to move, thrusting slowly before gaining strength and speed, watching as the flushed, muscular body beneath him began to writher and gasp, shifting and squirming. With a strength that belied his size Tony tugged the big man up and into his lap, changing the angle.

"Ohhhh!" Blue eyes widened suddenly; Steve gasped and moaned all at once as Tony brushed something deep inside. Gripping the blonds' waist with long fingers, Tony moved again, this time hitting it straight on.

Steve cried out, wrapping his arms around Tony, and they began to move together, finding a natural rhythm as Steve rode Tony. Sweat slick bodies pressed together tightly, accompanied by sloppy kisses and the slick sound of thrusting.

Steve watched the calm collected demeanor of his lover crack and shatter; eyes almost black with lust held him.

Steve was approaching his breaking point again. He could feel it coming, teetering on the edge of something fantastic. His aching erection rubbed between their joined bodies and it was too much. He cried out his lover's name in pleasure, digging his short nails into Tony's back as he spilled between them coating their bellies, shuddering from the intensity of it.

Tony had lost his mind long ago. When Steve climaxed again, he felt rippling muscles clamp down on him intimately. With a final thrust he, too, found his release, fingers digging into those narrow hips almost painfully.

Collapsing back onto the bed, they said nothing, simply relaxing in the afterglow. It was long moments of bliss before either was able to speak.

"Wow…" Steve said, a silly smile crossing his face.

Chuckling Tony pulled him close, pressing a kiss a damp temple. "You're telling me," Tony said, knowing his own face would probably sport a stupid smile for a long while.

They were at loathe to move, languid in the after math. But finally the cooling sticky mess made them separate and Steve watched Tony walk naked to the sink.

"So," the smaller man called out. "What is this fondue business?" he asked, raising a brow at the fair-haired man.

Steve smiled, "Well, it has to do with your father actually."

Tony listened, amused despite himself. It was nice to know that his father had been very human after all.

Steve finished his explanation, feeling incredibly dumb now – fondue indeed. Tony, though, enjoyed it thoroughly; it was a nice story, a naively innocent one, and a glimpse into that time. Snuggled in bed, Steve lay against Tony's chest, listening to the hum of his reactor and the beat of his heart. "Tony," he asked softly, suddenly hesitant.

"Hmmm…?" the dark haired man was drifting, drowsy and content.

"How… I mean… how do you feel about me?" he asked very quietly, feeling the fool for being worried about something like this. He needed to know, though.

Tony was silent a long moment. It occurred to him that he could play it cool, not show his hand, not risk the hurt. Steve wasn't like that, though. He was from a different time… and Tony had been nothing but honest with him. The man simply compelled honesty, and Anthony Stark was going to give full measure.

"Would you believe me if I'd told you I've loved you since I was a kid?" he said finally in the stillness of the lab. Shielded from the world by a screen, cozily tucked away in the warm place, the quiet confession carried an intangible weight. To Tony it seemed incredibly corny, something from one of those romantic movies he was so fond of.

"What do you mean?" Steve asked, not understanding. Moving from the bed, the lithe, toned figure padded across the room as the other man admired the flex of his backside.

Tony rooted around his desk briefly before returning to hand him a picture. Curious Steve moved to hold it under the light, smiling slowly when he saw the young boy in the photo. Grinning cheekily at the camera, the child was clad in a child's sized costume of Captain America, holding a homemade cardboard shield.

Tony settled beside him on the bed, looking at the photo contemplatively, "My dad talked about you all the time. He said you were a true hero – one that fought the bad guys, faced certain death, and came out the other side."

He lay back on the bed, smiling when Steve joined him, snuggling close still holding the picture of young Anthony. "I grew up with your stories; they got me through some tough times." He laughed softly, "I wanted to be a hero just like you…"

Steve smiled and Tony kissed his soft blond hair, "I wanted to be you for the longest time. Over time though that changed – that feeling of awe and wonder became something more, something that I thought was beyond my reach."

His tone changed and Steve looked up at him, worried; Tony looked sad as his reactor dimmed a little. "Tony?" he said softly, waiting until he could see dark eyes. "I love you," he said with no guile or hesitance.

Brown eyes blinked in surprise – Tony felt like he'd waited a lifetime to hear that. His chest brightened a little; Steve noticed the light as well, smiling at the reaction. Tony leaned up on his elbow, kissing him slowly and sweetly. Grinning as strong arms slid around him again, he asked, "Ready for round two, Spangles?"


6 Months Later

Steve shifted eagerly from foot to foot, barely able to wait while the elevator whisked him to the upper levels of the tower.

"Don't you tell him I'm here, JARVIS, I'm surprising him."

The voice came dryly across the intercom, "Wouldn't dare, sir."

Shaking his blond head, Steve hurried off the elevator, dropping his bag and making for the lab. He'd been gone for two whole weeks, two weeks without seeing his boyfriend. They had been able to talk a couple of times on the phone, but as he was on a training exercise in the middle of nowhere with the recruits, reception was spotty at best. Steve would have never thought he'd be so disappointed to not be able to use the infernal cell phone.

He bounded down the stairs, slowing as he approached the glass wall. There was a figure slumped over the workbench in the lab – no doubt he'd been overworking again. Shaking his head, Steve tapped in the code before entering silently; he was going to surprise his dark haired lover.

He'd returned an entire day early and had already made reservations at the restaurant where they'd had their very first date, having every intention of celebrating six months with his boyfriend. Creeping up behind Tony, Steve was about to reach out and pull him into his arms when he spotted something that gave him pause. Two somethings.

The first was his shield, his old shield… the one he used when he was doing his USO shows. Complete with bullet holes. Where the hell had Tony gotten that?

The other was a leather frame, worn with age. The picture inside was of him, snapped just after the rescue of the POWs, his face turned, looking away. He remembered briefly thinking the picture had looked pretty good when he'd seen it. Then his eyes found the smaller photo tucked in the corner of the frame, making him wince. It was Steven Rogers pre-serum, skinny and malnourished in boot camp.

"Admiring yourself?" the sleepy voice asked.

The blond jumped in surprise, making the other laugh throatily.

"Impaled on your own sword?" Tony teased. Standing, he stretched his sore back and pulled the taller man close for a kiss, "Welcome home."

Steve returned the kiss, wrapping his arms tightly around Tony, inhaling his scent – metal, cologne, and something uniquely him. "I was going to surprise you… but I think you beat me to it. Where did you find these?" Steve asked as he gestured to the shield and pictures.

Tony grinned, "Dad gave the shield when I was young, the picture in the frame I found in a file after he died, and the other one I recently found in your footlocker along with a few other interesting files."

Steve looked at him surprised, "My footlocker?"

Nodding, Tony moved to the far end of the desk, pulling out the steel box, "Where do you think I found your drawings?"

Smiling Steve wandered over. He knelt and dug through the box, finding a spare uniform, spare fatigues… Then he groaned at the sight of the old costume.

Tony winked, "I'm rather fond of that one."

Steve just shook his head. Standing, he gave his boyfriend an amused look – his eccentric, sarcastic, patient, and indescribably kind boyfriend. "I love you," Steve said, forgetting the footlocker.

Tony smiled, "I love you, too, big guy."

Steve pulled him close and was inches from his mouth when surprisingly strong arms wrapped around his waist, lifting him clear off the floor. As he was carried in the direction of the small screen, the laughing blond looked down into the grinning face of his lover. Dinner reservations could wait.