"Best friends are great therapists."-unknown

An alarm plagued the bedroom of John Egbert, a student nearing college. He was in 11th grade, and frankly his life revolved around a rather depressing value. John felt air seep deep into his nose. He breathed deeply trying to catch down air as he lifted his head up with a jolt, stiff and sweating. His ears rang, and he stared down at his alarm clock, his eyes weary at the fact that he would face a new day.

John punched down on the button, and felt his stomach churn. But, he ignored it and focused on the slight sting of pain in his wrist from his weakness. He was very venerable, and he was well aware of this fact. He ignored that most of the time, though.

He hopped out of his bed as his toes curled from the cold concrete clawing at his feet. Washington was freezing, and having a good conductor for the cold in his home everywhere, wasn't so bright.

He ignored the cold sensation, and carried his exhausted body towards the

kitchen that once would contain two figures at the same time in this room, but now there was an absence. No one was ever here, not ever. It was only John, and the reason why was terrifying.

John pushed away the tears as he felt the absence of the two loveable figures, and poured himself some cereal and some juice, completely ignoring his faint sobs and his heart dropping like it does every single morning, and stuffed down his food. As usual, he wasn't hungry. But he always chugged down food anyways, just so he won't starve before lunch.

He normally would have cramps and would be desperate for food if he didn't, considering he is growing and all. But even so, he remained small and skinny, but that never bothered him nor came across his mind often.

When he finished stuffing food down his throat, tears still began swelling up, but he forced them back and wiped off the salt-like water on his sleeve. He ignored them like he did every day, and darted off towards the medicine cabinet. There was only one bottle of orange pills in there-and for only one purpose. They contained him, they were his ever-lasting cage. He knew one day though...just one day...he would break free of it's grasp, and not even on purpose.

John forced them down his throat along with a quick sip of water. He then turned to his car keys, and his backpack, and swung them over his shoulder and dashed himself out, and soon was in his car, driving towards school.

The drive was short, but still kinda of exhausting enough to make you not want to walk. About at least a mile. As he drove, kids around him began glaring at him with denying eyes. People didn't really bully him, but he wasn't really greeted for the most part.

But he never minded that, since he still had some friends. Most of which were online, but still he had some real life friends, but he never really talked to them. They were more or less people who he just sat next to, just to lower down the awkwardness in school.

He parked his car, and rushed inside. The smell of sweat and work filled the air, and the sound of lockers being slammed echoed in the halls, and soon his ears rang with annoyance. But he ignored it, and swiftly made his way towards his locker, which was on the bottom row a little bit away from the clutter of people.

People shoved him slightly, and small chuckles were heard as people passed by. He wasn't quite sure if they were directed at him, but he chose to not think so. He pushed his school supplies he didn't need for his first class into the locker, and abandoned it until it would be needed again. Sweet tore from his pores, even it was actually freezing in the hall. It might have been the nightmare, or the possible recent and past trauma of events that were making his eyes swell with tears much more often. He wasn't sure, but he was sweating when he brought himself up, and sprinted down into the mob of people waling their ways towards their classes. He collided with the mess of students, and rushed into his classroom.

He wasn't late, but he must have been close since the bell rung as soon as he sat down. "Great," he muttered under his faint breath, "I was almost late again." He felt his face sag down to a frown as his emotions within him leaned toward guilt and regret. His emotions always seemed to stagger between these and depression, but most of the time they landed on depression. But luckily, since this was a normal look for him, no one really stared at him. They all suspected he was a really glum kid, who had a tough life, and because of that no one wanted to get involved in his horror-filled life.

In fact, he thought they were happy he was miserable as of now. Really, they didn't care nor noticed, since they had no possible idea how to confront him or anything. From his looks, he was nothing but a sadist dork.

He looked at the clock, and examined around the room to see his teacher was not at her desk. She was gone, off somewhere in the hall not really caring about teaching the students as usual. She always seemed to be off in the hall, chatting it up with other fellow careless teachers. Because of this, the abandoned classrooms were usually chattered up with speech of the latest memes and gossip going around, and they usually were loud enough to hear from a few halls down.

But, today, it was more of whispers. A lot of whispers contained giggles in them, and a few stares towards certain people. A few times, he could of swore some stares were darted toward him. But he remained quiet, and continued drowning in his own thoughts. The last thing he wanted to do was get involved and throw a fit for a total mistake.

To ignore the faint whispers a bit more easily, he pushed some ear-buds into his ears, and began doodling in his spiral. The whispers faded into the abyss as his music took over his ear-drum, and soon the thrilling tunes struck him with inspiration. He doodled for a few minutes, but was interrupted by his teacher knocking on his desk, waiting for a reply.

He lifted his eyes up with a annoyed look, and saw a somewhat angry look on his teacher's face. She glared at him, her eyes telling him to take his headphones, and quit doodling. He swore he felt his face tweak a bit red, and pulled out his headphones when he saw his teacher's mouth move, but no words. "Are you deaf, young man?" A few giggles and smirks were transferred around the room.

"I've been telling you to put away your notebooks for god knows how long, and you keep ignoring me," she stated with a angered tone. Her eyebrows lowered, and her annoyed eyes were focused on John's embarrassed face. He stood still, paralyzed and unable to explain what really happened. He tried to open his mouth, but it felt like he had a crick in his jaw.

Her voice rose a bit louder. "John Egbert, explain yourself this instant! You are making us start class late!" John continued to be still, his lips trembling, almost as if they were sown shut. She spoke again, this time she was shouting. "JOHN EGBERT, IF YOU DO NOT EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, YOU'LL GET DETENTION!"
John forced his jaw open, his lips still shaking, and slipped some words out. They were barely audible, but somehow his teacher understood every bit of what he said. It might have been because he always talks in a quiet voice. But this voice he blew out, it was more like a small exhale. Somehow, though, his teacher heard him loud and clear. "I just..was listening to music...and...I guess it was too loud..heh" were the exact words that huffed quickly and quietly from John's mouth. The teacher raised her eyebrow, and grunted low before she replied. "Bad idea to listen to music that loud, huh? Hand over your phone, and I'll see you after class!"

It almost seemed as if she was trying to shout loud enough for the whole school to hear, thus embarrassing him to a extreme point. He felt like pulling his hair out, stomping out the door, but instead, he sighed, and clenched his fists to his side and listened to the instructions his teacher announced.

The rest of the class had been him doing work, writing down homework for the night, and flipping through textbooks. As soon as the bell rung, he picked up his stuff, and flooded into the crowd of the exiting classroom, trying to dodge the teacher's conference. He bumped into the students, being squished and pushed, nearly making it, until a ear-shocking shout growled in his ears. "JOHN EGBERT! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOURGOING?" John flinched, and paused with a odd looking expression on his face, showing worry and stress. He stopped dead in his tracks, allowing people to push and shove him.

He didn't even notice any of the shoves, that is, until one guy pushed him so hard he fell flat on his face. Right in the back, a hard push by one of the bigger kids in class. He wasn't sure if it was accidental, but he didn't care. The impact wasn't hard, and his wrist saved most of the damage that could have been his face. Just a small bruise, really.

John groaned, lifted up his head, and glared down at the teacher with a not-amused look. His hair was ruffled, and his eyes represented anger and pure hatred towards her. He clinched his fist, and slumped them on his sides. He tried to let the anger in this voice tone down, and make it sound soft and welcoming. "Sorry, I just..forgot, is all," but no matter the excuse, she gave him a unapproved stare, and handed him a slip.

Go to: Principal's Office
When: After school
Why: Playing on phone in class; not paying attention
Student name/Grade:John Egbert, 11th grade
Teacher's signature: Ms Braxton

He stared down at the slip, sighing, and continued back towards his next class. "Thanks."

The day went on boring, and full of some kids poking at him here and there. But, it was now lunch; 5th period. Next period was 6th, which met some relation. His history teacher was usually asleep, so he had all the time he needed to goof off. For now, he knew it was a good time to go down the street and fetch some junk food.

If I do go, I need to bring Dave. John thought, staring back at the blonde haired kid, his shades hiding his true identity; his true self. John and Dave weren't really friends, hell, they never talked. But John mainly used him for protection; a shield against the the bullies. It used to be non-stop beatings for him, that is, until Dave took him in. Dave was popular, so John started to get a good treatment for just knowing the guy. He may have been fairly close with Dave, but it was apparently good enough to not get a sick beating. Now a punch to the face was rare, and if it did happen, Dave would have a talk with them.

Really, Dave was ok for John. John had no idea what Dave was into though, he just hanged around him. John would hover for protection, per say. But in reality, no matter how much lies John spat to make it seem like he and Dave were best friends that only hanged after school, he was really just a no-body to John. Dave was just another stranger.

Right now, John's real friends were Jade and Rose. They were online, sadly. For some reason, online comfort seemed better than real life friends to him. He wasn't sure why, but they were.

John glared down at Dave, and saw Dave walking down the hall towards the exit, relaxed and leaned back like the careless hooligan he was. Always off in his own little world.John thought, glaring at him slightly. John jogged up tho his "friend" and let a smile gleam off his cheeks. "Hey there, Dave! Wanna go get some lunch with me?"

Dave glared at him, at least, John thought he did. He couldn't tell with those god awful shades. Either way, though, Dave shrugged, then nodded with a smile. "Sure, why not, Egderp?" That always slapped John right across the face. Egderp. Dave didn't even pronounce it RIGHT. That's how "close" they were. John at fist thought Dave was poking fun, but no, he seriously thought that was his last name.

As much as John wanted to lay out the heat on him for making such an idiotic mistake, he shrugged it off, and walked out the school doors with his "buddy", searching for some lunch. They walked around on the sidewalk, discussing some possible eating places, but then decided it would be best to just pick up some cheap tacos from Taco Bell. They paid, ate, and came right back about 5 minutes before next period.

"Thanks, John. I forgot how nerdy and funny you were," Dave said, ruffling the blue-eyed blue that was about levers inches shorter than him. John smiled back, and walked off to his separate class. By the end of the day, he was wiped up tired with a huge sack of books forced on his back.

He'd almost completely forgotten about his stupid visit to the principal's office until a loud announcement rang in the speakers of the hall. "Will mister Egbert please come down into the principal's office, thank you."

John shrugged out of his seat, an angry face plastered to his face, and walked into the office. He glared around the office, containing cheap seats, short and cliché desk, and posters meaning to lift your spirits up. He shrugged, completely pushing off the weight of being in a cheap-scented room, and headed toward the end of the hall the office had. There, only there, was the principal sitting there, glaring with denying eyes, while other students sat around her. Under her old and wrinkled claws, John swore he saw his phone. He had more than half a mind to go up there and scoop it up, then rush outside and forget that he was supposed to go to detention. Instead, he resisted the urge to grab it.

He walked inside her small room, and sat down in a seat next to one of the normal trouble makers. Her unwelcoming glare loosened up a bit, making John feel more a bit more welcomed, and not like he was in a prison. He stared under her palm, and saw his blue phone case, slightly lifted by the phone it covered. It was his phone, sitting there under her sweaty and disgusting hands. He swallowed, and continued staring down at her wrinkled cheeks, and old hazy eyes. All his anger toward her, and fears, went down with the huge swallow he took. He now stared emotionless at her; frozen in time, unable to let out words that may get him back home.

"John...John! John are you there?" John glared at her moving lips, and just now realized words were coming out of them. He must of spaced out to a weird point. He nodded in reply, then placed his hand on his forehead for cradling his sore head. "Sorry. I guess I spaced out."

"Ok...Well, why are you here?" John paused, took a deep breath, and searched through his pocket for a few minutes, and soon pulled out a crumbled up green slip. He sighed, and handed it to the judging figure in front of him. She glared at it for a few seconds, taking in all the information and thinking of a possible punishment.

John was waiting to get a good, loud, speech about how playing on electronics is one of the worst things you could possibly do in class, but instead she handed back the crumbled slip. Her hands touched John's shoulder, and then suddenly were pressed against his face, and pulled his head up. His eyes were now glued to her, and they contained a warm and welcoming feeling. In fact, no anger at all was detected.

"John, I really don't see why you should get detention for this. I mean, eh, it's not that bad. So here, take your phone, and get outta here so I can handle these other kids."

a smile perked on her wrinkled cheeks, and her yellow soaked teeth sparkled with warmth. And with that, John picked himself up to his feet, and zoomed out the door. He tried to process what just happened as he slunk around in the hallway, heading toward his car.

But he pushed the thought aside, and drove home to be greeted by the same teary-eyed feeling he got every time he entered his empty home.

Dave was already home, slapping down his supplies on the floor and scooping up a bag of junk food. He sat on his black couch, that was rather squared-shaped, and sighed as he stared down at his flat-screen TV. Dirk wasn't home yet, as usual. Dirk was never home. In fact, the only time he really was, was maybe around 5 AM.

Dave thought about John, the one he always tried to hang out with often, and stared down at the horrible and shitty looking TV show on the wired screen. I don't know why John can't see I protect him for a reason. Popular kids don't go to the unpopular ones and protect them for no reason...Dave thought, staring down at the carpet. He knew about John for as long as he can remember. Hell, he even talked to him on Pesterchum sometimes, and moved to Washington just to help him and be with him. But too bad John couldn't tell it was him. In fact, even online they never talked. John always made up excuses to leave, so Dave ended up having to make new accounts to talk to him.

He always had to pretend to be someone else. That's why he moved to Washington. He prays everyday that he can just get close to John. They used to be pretty close when they were 13, they chatted online everyday, and always tried to comfort each other and joke around. But then, things just stopped being fun. John just left. He was never the same, and Dave just wants to find out why.