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Minato Arisato groaned as he sat up, or rather, tried to. As his muscles tensed, he felt every part of his body whine and groan in agony as he slowly elevated himself. Looking out, he saw the furious rain of the typhoon pound on and on against his windows. He winced as he turned his body slowly to face the edge of his bed, his muscles aching, and stood up. He was moving to his dresser from his bed when he began to feel lightheaded. He staggered, and for a minute, he wondered if something was wrong with him.

Then he fell down.

Soft. So soft. He managed to think through the haze in his head, before turning his head slightly so he could breathe more easily. His neck protested, but it died down as he nestled his head against its new rest. He realized that his carpet was extraordinarily soft. He'd have to sleep on the floor more often.

He heard a noise, and realized that somebody was knocking on his door. He grunted an affirmation, but the person must not have heard.

"Yo, Minato-san!" Oh. Junpei.

"Hey, you up yet? It's like, noon. You gonna stay in bed all day? Not like you're missing anything, but…" He trailed off waiting for a reply.


That was the most of a reply the dozing teen could manage.

"…Minato-san?" The voice was laced with concern now. Maybe he didn't hear him.


"Minato!" He heard the doorknob jiggling frantically, and he was pounding at the door. "Say something!"

"Uuuuuuuuugh…" Minato let out a deep moan of pain as he tried to push himself off the floor. His entire body felt like it was made out of pure lead. The hammering stopped, and Junpei spoke again.

"Uuh… You okay, dude? C'mon, man. Open the door."

"Don't wanna." His voice was weak, and his throat felt like he was trying to swallow a cactus.

"Wha…? Why?"

"The floor is too comfy."

There was a silence on the other end of the door, and then Junpei started talking again.

"Minato… Please open the door."

"Uff… M'kay…" His muscles aflame, he pushed himself off the ground and staggered towards the door. He fumbled with the locks, and pulled open the door. Junpei staggered back at their leader's appearance.

There were deep, dark bags under his bloodshot eyes, and sweat kept his blue-black bangs plastered against his face. His every movement was jerky, like it hurt him to move.

Their leader was sick.

"H-hey man… C'mon, you shouldn't be moving. Let's get you back to bed."

"Mmmph… Noooo… The floor is so comfy…"

"…Uhh... right.."

Half-carrying Minato, Junpei moved him across the room to the twin bed in the corner. Groaning, Minato crawled into the bed and under the covers, mumbling something about the floor.

"G'night Junpei…"

"Err. Night."

He stared at him for a bit, until Minato's snores bagman to fill the room.

Junpei sighed. Looks like he wasn't invincible after all. And that would mean he'd have to rest.

Junpei froze, wondering how he'd break this news to Aigis.

And so, Sir Minato Arisato is down for the count.

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