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Minato allowed his eyes to slowly drift open after a night of refreshing and relaxing sleep. He shut them almost as quickly as streams of pure, bright sunlight burned his eyes in what felt like ages. Slowly and deliberately, he got up, blinking to adjust to the sudden light like he had seen it for the first time in ages, moving towards the window. Staring outside, he saw that the street outside had been turned into a field of puddles, reflecting the world around him. Still blinking at the sudden light, he stared at the middle of the window, fumbling around for the latches on the window. He eventually managed to unlock the window, and wasted no time in throwing it open.

He closed his eyes as he felt fresh air seep into his lungs. Admittedly, the whole street smelled like a swamp from all the rain, but the air was cool and refreshing, and he felt himself breathe freely again.

"Feeling better?" A voice from behind him spoke up.

Minato turned around to find Junpei standing a few feet away from him, a smile on his face, and a small electronic thermometer in his hand. Wordlessly, Minato smiled and placed the thermometer in his mouth, and stood at the window, enjoying the breeze.

"Feeling better?" he asked, the smile growing. Minato nodded in reply, not wanting to mess up the thermometer.

Junpei laughed a bit, and Minato let a wry laugh slip around the thermometer. Almost as soon as he did that, the thermometer beeped, and Minato looked down.

98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Perfectly healthy.

Minato cheered, leaping up in excitement.

"I thought Ken was the kid around here." he chuckled at their leader's overt, childish displays of enthusiasm.

"Let me have my moment of stupidity." Minato said with all the dignity he could muster hopping around the room. Junpei shook his head and began to walk out the door, wanting to get back to doing nothing as quickly as possible.

Minato smiled, and looked out the window, staring at the golden sunlight that had broken through the dark gloom of the storm clouds.

Looking out the window, he realized that he had a lot of help, staying sane until this day. His friends' aid helped him immensely, from Yukari's quest and Aigis's care, he had much to be thankful for.

"My life is awesome." He said, grinning, as he headed over to his dresser, ready to face the world again.

All thanks to them.

"Thank you, everyone."

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