"We broke up because you were in love with Tim!" Conner cried, his hands balling up into fists at his sides.

"No, Kon, we broke up because you thought I was in love with Tim," she corrected him through gritted teeth, folding her arms on her chest.

"You were," he assured her, voice dropping to a low, frightening pitch. "You might not have known it, but you were. And everyone could see it. I was just the idiot too stupid to let go."

Cassie sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose in annoyance. Honestly, he could be so stubborn sometimes. But even she had to admit, her friendship with the Boy Wonder could maybe, possibly be seen as a bit misleading. They hung out a lot and talked about everything. He'd told her about his childhood and the death of his mother on that one day of the year he was always so quiet, so depressed, and no one could figure out why. He'd opened up to her about the death of his brother, the one he'd never met, the Robin before him, and, in turn, she'd told him about Donna Troy, Wonder Woman's sister. She'd gone to him for everything, he'd been her best friend. But Conner had been her boyfriend. Her first boyfriend, her first love, her first… time. And no platonic friendship, no matter how strong, could change that.

"Even if I was, supposedly, in love with Tim… it still would have been nothing compared to what I had with you," she told him, tears prickling in the corners of her eyes. Oh, Hera, where had those come from? "You were my true love. My soul mate. Or, at least, I thought so. In my eyes, he was the best friend I could go to about anything, but you… I guess you never really knew how much I love you, huh, Conner?"

Conner took a shuddery breath. The words were threatening to spill out of his mouth like a tumbling river. Where was all this two years ago? When he'd come to her, telling her it was time to end things because of her alleged love for their teammate, why hadn't she told this to him then? He'd wanted her to be happy, he'd wanted what was best for her, he'd wanted her not to have to bear the pain of having to choose between them. He'd spent so many nights lying awake in his bed, wondering what she was doing. He'd remembered all the good times they'd had, and then the memories of that night came back.

That night, the last time he'd seen her, and he couldn't even give her a proper good-bye. Looking back on it, he hadn't really even given her the opportunity. Their friend had been on his deathbed. She'd been distracted, trying to do what she could to save his life, and he'd just come barging in, and broke up with her. It wasn't at all romantic. She deserved better. And, he'd thought, who could possibly be better than the saintly Tim Drake, adopted son of billionaire Bruce Wayne? It had seemed perfectly logical at the time, but now, as he looked into those scowling pools of crystalline blue, and those oh, so soft lips – God, how he missed their kisses – Conner Kent was at a complete loss to remember why he'd ever thought giving up someone as wonderful as Cassie Sandsmark could possibly be a good idea.

Suddenly, something nagged at his mind. It was just a small detail, probably a mistake on her part, but he'd heard the words. And that was enough.

"Love?" the young clone all but whispered the word, his azure eyes searching hers. All he'd need was just the slightest indication, a small hesitation, and he knew there would be no going back. He'd spent the last two years trying to get over Cassie, and, just like that, with just one little word, she'd crumbled his defenses. He was falling for her all over again, he could feel it. "As in… the present tense?"

There it was. That small, startled expression on her face, visible for just a fraction of a second, but he'd seen it, none the less. It was the look a tortured spy gave his captors when accidentally having given up too much information. His heart ached at the mere thought of the possibility. It jumped at the hope that somehow, she could forgive him. They could be together again. "Cassie… Do you love me?"

Cassie took in a deep breath. She hadn't meant to say it, it had just slipped out. And, as much as she might have wished otherwise, it was the truth. She did love him. She'd always loved him. When he couldn't get over Megan, she'd helped him because she saw how much he suffered. She'd cared a lot, and she still did. But now there was an added complication. A complication brought on by Conner himself which went by the name of Tim Drake. And the real problem was that, whatever there had been between them before the… accident, had blossomed into love. Real love, the kind that made you question your morals and break rules for the person that made your heart flutter at just the touch of a hand. They'd made enormous sacrifices for each other, but the result Conner had been hoping for had been acquired. She was happy. She and Tim both were.

But Conner wasn't.

And that knowledge hit her like a ton of bricks. She could see the pain, the hurt in his eyes, and wanted nothing more than to take it away. She'd always had a weak spot for that look he now wore. He'd needed someone to understand, and she had been there. They'd been each other's rocks, everything the other needed. They'd been inseparable. Who had been there for the last two years? Who had been there to fix Conner when she wasn't? Without even thinking about it, Cassie took a step forward, away from her disarmingly casual posture by the wall of the ruined school, her hand reaching out to him, to touch him.

"I never stopped."

He surged forward so fast she couldn't even keep track of him. He had her pressed against the wall again, strong, masculine arms encasing her, holding her up. Her legs wound around his waist as his mouth devoured hers, and a battle for dominance quickly ensued. He won, unsurprisingly, and she yielded, giving way to a soft moan. Her fingers dug in his hair in an effort to keep him where he was. His arms wrapped tightly around her, letting her know he wasn't going anywhere. He'd missed this too much. They both had. And now they were starved for each other.

His lips moved down to the column of her throat, biting and sucking as he went, when, suddenly, her comm. link buzzed. They both froze. Conner gave an agitated growl in the back of his throat before choosing to completely ignore the slight interruption, and continue his assault on Cassie's neck. She, however, had no choice but to answer.

"Cassie?" Nightwing's voice sounded in her ear.

"Who else?" Wonder Girl said in a far away voice. She was dimly aware of what Conner was doing, but Dick's cautious voice saying her name had been like cold water washing over her. How could she do this? Tim was back home, in Gotham city, probably worried sick about her, and here she was – cheating on him with her ex. Cassie felt limp, like a rag doll. Conner didn't seem to notice. Or else he'd assumed she was tense because of Nightwing.

"Alfred wants to know if you'll be back in time for dinner," the first Boy Wonder announced, his voice still with that cautious note to it. Dick was always careful around Cassie, not because he didn't trust her, but because he knew she didn't trust him. And, after what had happened at the invasion with Artemis, Wally, Kaldur and the others, no one from the team really did. "And so does Tim, for that matter. Cass… you're worrying us. We've had no contact with you for the past ten minutes."

"I'll be there in fifteen," she promised and managed to pry one hand loose to switch off her comm. link. This finally got Conner's attention. He lifted his burning, passion-filled eyes to look into her defeated-looking empty ones. A moment of silent communication passed between them. Whatever this was that they had started, it needed to end now, before anyone got hurt. She unwound her legs from around his waist and, reluctantly, he set her back down on the ground. They stood there like that for a moment, their breathing heavy, their clothes and hair a mess.

"I have to go," she whispered, but made no move to leave. It was then Superboy realized he still had her trapped against the wall. His hands fell down to his sides and she turned to go. He stopped her a mere four steps away.

"What'll you tell Tim?" he asked, his head hung, not looking at her, or even in her general direction.

"I'll tell him the truth," she answered, seemingly frozen in place.

"He'll forgive you." It was a statement, not a question. Cassie nodded anyway, even though she knew he wouldn't see.

"Yes, he will." She turned around abruptly, the sound startling Conner enough to look up. The sight made him give a sharp intake of breath. Tears were streaming down her flushed cheeks, her eyes red, her clothes wrinkled, hair messy. And, even so, to Conner, she was still the most beautiful thing on this planet. "For what it's worth Con, two years ago, if you'd given me the choice, it would have been you."

"And now?" He didn't know what made him ask. All he knew was that he had to know, he had to hear her say it. Otherwise, he'd tear himself apart, knowing there was still a chance for him. He knew now he'd been an idiot to ever let her go. It had been the worst mistake of his life. One that he'd paid the price for.

She didn't give him an answer, though. She merely smiled a sad smile. "Goodbye, Conner."

And somehow, as he watched her fly away, he knew this time, it really was.

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