The gang has killed Mr. Zetes and are going their separate ways. But things are changing, and they're beginning to realise that Mr Zetes was the least of their problems.

We were happy. It had taken a long time but we were finally content with what life dished out to us. Of course I missed the others, Lewis with his friendly nature and Anna's peaceful aura and Rob...

I loved Rob. I always would. He was my first love, but it's different to how I feel about Gabriel. And Rob had moved on, He was with Anna and they were happy, I was happy for them. They had gone to the fellowship, they thought they could heal and help better there and I had stayed at the institute with Gabriel.

Bri, Renny and Joyce had gone with them leaving Gabriel and me, the institute all to ourselves. It was strange. The purple house was never as quiet as it had been recently. There was always at least a little noise, arguing, laughter, anything. But with just Gabe and me it was just so... quiet. Don't get me wrong, I love it here with Gabriel, it just took me a little while to get used to it, but now...

"What are you thinking about?" He whispered it in my ear so my shoulder tingled where his warm breath met my cold skin, making me tremble. I rolled over on the bed so I was facing him and his beauty took my breath away. It always seemed to, even after a month. Pale skin contrasting with his gray, stormy eyes and black hair that flopped slightly in his left eye. I could imagine him as a black and white drawing with the odd shade of grey. He was usually so closed off; he built walls surrounding his brain, closing him off from the world and everyone in it. Everyone except me.

He lay here now, on the double bed, his legs entwined with mine, a slight smile on his lips and love swirling in his eyes. I smiled back, returning his loving look and sent him a message telepathically.

Shouldn't you be able to read me? He grinned in return and stroked a strand of hair behind my ear.

I try not to do it unless necessary,he whispered it in my mind and leant in closer. My heart sped up and I unconsciously leant forwards to meet him. When our lips met, it was like tiny explosions, his mouth explored mine and his tongue swept over my teeth.

I pulled him closer and he did the same until we were practically merged together, one person. His fingers got caught in my hair and mine got caught in his shirt. We could have kept it up all day, especially when his hand went under my top, stroking my bare skin. I could feel his love for me, it was like a wave crashing against the sand, cleansing my soul and I knew he could feel everything I was feeling.

A sting awakened me and I realised that my lip had been bitten. Who by, I had no clue, but the taste of blood flooded my mouth. Gabriel didn't pull back; he actually pulled me closer if that was possible and groaned into my open, welcoming mouth. When he did pull away, I felt a coldness grip me but it only lasted a second before his lips were kissing my neck.

I arched it back so he had more room and he positioned himself so he was on top of me. He had my hands pinned so I couldn't move, but I wasn't complaining. He looked down at me, his eyes had gone a deeper shade of gray out of hunger and I knew mine had probably turned a dark blue so it matched the ring around my iris.

It annoyed me so to have him so close but not touching me, so I smiled and leant up as far as he could let me. I followed his jaw line with my own kisses until I reached his mouth, but I couldn't quite reach. He leant down so there was no room between us and our lips met once again.

I was happy, so happy. I didn't know why I couldn't stay happy. But one second I was making out with Gabriel and the next...


The thought jolted me out of my happiness, because it wasn't Gabriel's thought that had spoken. He heard it too, his eyes widened and he sat back on the bed. It shouldn't be possible, Rob's voice was talking to me but he couldn't from where he was staying at the fellowship. This meant...

"Kaitlyn! It's me!" This time it wasn't sent through mind, I could hear it very clearly with my own ears.

"What the...?" Gabriel muttered as he leapt out of bed and stalked to the window. Pulling back the curtain, he muttered something I couldn't hear and sent a though telepathically.

Rob? What are you doing here? I squeaked and ran to look out the window with Gabe. Rob, Anna, Lewis, Bri and Renny were standing at the front door, waving at us through the window. I didn't need answers right away, so I sped down the stairs and threw open the front door. Gabriel followed me a couple of seconds later, slightly more wary than me, as I flew into Anna's open arms.

She was laughing and I could feel her joy and relief at finally meeting again.

It felt like ages, even if it was only a month. She sent it telepathically and I finally let her go to hug everyone else. Even Bri and Renny. Gabriel was happy to see them, I could feel it through the web, but he was also unsure and confused. So he just gave them all a tight smile.

"Are you not going to invite us in?" Rob asked, a smile playing on his lips. He still couldn't look me in the eye, which stung a little, but we were talking and friends. That was all I could wish for. I nodded and gestured for them to follow. Gabe and I led them to what used to be the testing room but was now our living room. Although we spent most of our time in the bedroom. We'd gotten rid of the testing equipment and added some homey furniture. It looked a little messy but I didn't mind.

The gang looked around in surprise and smiled appreciably as they took seats on the leather sofas. Gabe stood standing, close to where I sat and cut to the chase.

"What are you doing here?" Rob scowled in response and answered coldly,

"You not happy to see us, Gabe?" I could sense tension and so could everyone else. They edged away or backed off as the two angels had a staring competition. Angel of light (Rob), Gold and yellow light illuminating him versus angel of dark (Gabe), grey's and black darkness clouding him. I had gotten through to his soft side though; he'd learnt to open up around me.

"Stop it." I sent it both verbally and mentally, quite firmly, causing both males to glance at me. I smiled at Gabe and sent him a thought privately.

Come on. These are our friends, we can trust them. I promise. I know you and Rob don't get on that well, but I do know that you want to. So try. Please, for me? Gabe sighed and nodded slightly so I smiled and patted the empty space next to where I sat.

Come sit. He did so, and put a casual arm around my waist. Doing so caused a jealous glint in Rob's eye but I didn't get to comment on it before it disappeared and was replaced with his usual loving warmth.

There was an awkward silence which I knew I had to be the one to break.

"So, why are you here?"