I looked around the room at Anna, Lewis, Rob and Gabe. We were all linked, linked through a bond that went deeper than sharing each others thoughts. We were family. Family don't hide things from one another, that was why it was like a punch to the stomach as Rob began to explain how they came to be here, sitting in the institute in front of me. It hurt because they were lying.

"There was an attack on the Fellowship. They… they killed all the people of the crystal." His voice broke at the last sentence and Anna put an encouraging hand on his shoulder. I sucked in my breath, everyone I knew from the fellowship had already died during Mr Zete's reign. Everyone except…

"Tamsin?" I whisper it, trying to sound brave but I don't fool anyone. I already know the answer. Rob closed his eyes and didn't answer so Lewis took over.

"She died protecting me."

My mind goes blank. This was supposed to have stopped, all this… crazy. Mr Zete's was dead. It was over. But it wasn't was it? I was supposed to live a happy life with Gabriel, no more death or loss. Just peace. But I should have known better. And who would want to kill Tamsin? She was so kind, honest, who would want to hurt someone like her?

Gabe knew what I was thinking. Whether it was because we were mentally linked or because he just knew me I wasn't sure, but he pulled me towards him so I was curled up in his strong arms. I was safe as long as he was here. I got up the nerve to ask the next question.

"Who? Who killed her?" My voice sounded croaky even to my ears but I didn't care, I just wanted answers.

"We don't know. It happened so fast, no one we recognised," Anna started, tears already in her eyes but we could all hear what she was thinking,

Don't cry, Don't cry.

"But we think we know why," this was Rob again. "Something big was going on while we were there. The fellowship were hiding something, they had meetings, talks and…" He broke off much to Gabe's anger. He had been listening eagerly, like he was holding onto a rope and when Rob stopped, he just let go, falling into an endless pit. Stupid simile I know but that's what happens when my world begins crumbling apart. Again.

What? Meetings, talks and… What!? Gabe sends telepathically and I can feel the impatience rippling below the surface. I take hold of his hand and squeeze, giving him an encouraging smile, he sighs and kisses my forehead. I glance at Rob expectantly and catch that jealous glint before he's his normal self.

"They were taking people and… interrogating them. Violently." I frowned, violence went against everything the fellowship stood for. Lewis began nodding enthusiastically,

"It's true. Once, there was a girl, no more then 15 years old. She was screaming but they were dragging her into a room. When she came out, she was on a body stretcher and well, she wasn't screaming any more." His voice faded out during the end and he looked down at his feet. I gasped,

"dead?" They didn't reply. They didn't need to.

All of a sudden I was finding it very hard to breathe. The fellowship was the last piece of good we had left in our lives and now, what? They were killing young girls? Gabriel noticed my distress and stood dragging me with him.

"She needs rest. We can talk about this in the morning." He added when he noticed I was about to start arguing. Without another word, he began gently pulling me up the stairs. All I could see was Tamsin's face, I didn't even notice Rob mutter a snaky comment under his breathe. Neither did Gabe, or if he did then he ignored it. Just took me upstairs.

When we got into our room, he placed me on the bed and gave me a short, sweet kiss. As he was walking away, I grabbed his arm and whispered under my breath,

"Please don't leave me. Not tonight." He didn't take much convincing, just crept into bed with me. I didn't even realise I was crying until his lips kissed the wet droplets away from my cheeks. I closed my eyes just happy to be with him as I leant forwards so our lips met briefly.

I wanted more but not tonight. Tonight I wanted to grieve.

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