Hi! This is my first fanfiction in quite a while, as well as my first piece for Inuyasha. It's just a little drabble for now, but I have a couple relating drabbles that I might add at a later time, if I like them. I do not own Inuyasha.

It was common for those who saw them to think that she was his. His servant; his child; his prey. His human. How else could they justify such a delightful young girl travelling with a demon of his caliber? Surely the girl was under his thumb; at his beck and call. Surely he had her wrapped around his finger.

However, it was quite the other way around.

It was he who was waiting on her; he who spoiled her. He who stopped so she could play in the river, helped her catch a rabbit so she could pet it, let her weave flowers into his silky, silver hair (though he never let them stay there long). The great demon would never say it out loud, but he knew it to be a fact. It was the girl who had him wrapped around her little finger.

He was hers.

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