Warning: Contains violence, possible character deaths and Shōnen ai (Boy love). Not recommended for those younger than the age of fourteen.

Pairing: 遊戯 & アテム (Atem and Yugi) Blindshipping.

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He was an odd boy, the kind that you'd usually find eating lunch outside alone under a tree, or maybe he'd be studying while the jocks and bullies devised a plan to steal away his lunch money. He was sixteen and short for his age, which might have been another reason that no one ever dared to offer him a look, a smile or even a chance at friendship.

He was always alone. The girls ignored him, the boys hated him and the teachers just didn't give a shit.

However, that boy always wore a smile, stood up straight and did what he thought was right. He was the kind of person who would make the perfect friend, if only someone gave him a chance. Everyone needs a friend because no one and absolutely no one can stand being alone forever.

No matter how the world saw that little boy, no one could tell how he felt on the inside, no one but the shadows and darkness that lived there.

Yugi Muto sat on his bed staring down at his math homework that lay in front of him. His text book was opened halfway and resting on page three hundred and thirty three and three hundred and thirty four while his pencil, in dire need of sharpening, lay forgotten on the half used piece of paper.

Right now, Yugi couldn't have cared less about his stupid homework. Right now, the small boy was crying enough tears to fill a river. Delicate, twinkling orbs rolled down the young teen's cheeks and landed onto the blue bed sheets below with a soft little thud. Yugi's entire body shook and trembled as memories of school events washed over his mind.

Idiot, they called him, lonely, stupid, undersized, squat, dreadful, rotten, irritating, and worst of all, a poor excuse for a human being!

Those were just names though, Yugi could handle that, but there was something else that was really bothering him. Something that was way worse than anything he had ever gotten in his entire life.

Earlier that day, Yugi had been going through his regular school routine. After second period ended he went to his locker then went outside for lunch. He sat under his usual tree, ate an apple, a sandwich and had just started drinking his juice when Jounouchi had walked over.

'Hey, you're Yugi Muto, right?'

'MmmHmm…' Yugi mumbled to the tall blond from behind his juice box.

Jounouchi took another step forward and gave the little boy a tender smile. 'Can I sit with you,' he asked.

Yugi's heart had been overwhelmed with joy. He shuffled to the side and allowed the blond to sit next to him. 'Umm…' he said awkwardly, 'I… I'm sorry, but I don't know your name.'

'I'm Jounouchi,' he answered. 'It's nice to meet ya' Yugi. I've seen you sitting down here every day for the past few years, but you were always alone. So, I thought that you might have wanted some company.'

The conversation continued on slowly, but it gave a nice calm feeling to Yugi. He finally had someone to talk to, someone to be his friend. But then the rain came and with it also came Ushio.

'Tell me Jounouchi, what are you doing over here with this lame kid,' he asked in a gruff voice.

'He's not lame,' Jounouchi stood up, 'Yugi's not bad. The entire school lies about him!'

'What a loud of shit! That boy has never had any friends and he never will, so leave now!'

Yugi's heart sank.

He watched as Jounouchi took a step forward and landed a blow in Ushio's gut. There was a brief moment of silence before Jounouchi was hit too.

'Jounouchi,' Yugi screamed, 'Don't worry about me! You can leave me alone and let Ushio hurt me instead. I don't want you to get hurt!'

But then, instead of leaving and instead of fighting, Jounouchi had started laughing. He spun around to face Yugi with a deep and merciless smirk. Then to add to Yugi's shock, Ushio handed Jounouchi a raw egg.

'Wh- What are you doing,' Yugi questioned.

'Gosh, you're so stupid,' Ushio muttered.

'Yugi,' Jounouchi said to catch the younger's attention. 'Allow me to educate you. You're nothing but a stupid, irritating, little idiot! You're not welcome at this school and never will be!'

In a flash of white, the egg landed in Yugi's face and knocked him backwards into the tree. His nose bled, his upper lip was swollen and the back of his head gained a nasty bump.

And now, as Yugi sat on his bed, the laughter of everyone in the school remaining clear as day in his head, he couldn't help but to believe what everyone had been calling him since he was first born, a freak.

Yugi grabbed his math book and threw it to the floor with rage. His usual soft eyes filled to the brim with rough hatred. Yugi's nails dug into his bed sheets as he proceeded to scream angrily allowing his voice to fill the otherwise silent house.

"It's okay, it is okay," Yugi repeated to himself as he rocked back and forth on his bed. "Tomorrow is Friday, and then it's the weekend. After that I just need to survive three more days and I can leave that terrible school for the entire summer. It's o-"

"It's not okay."

"Huh," Yugi squawked. He jumped up from his bed and landed onto the carpet. Yugi took a few steps back, looked around the room then repeated his actions until he convinced himself that he was simply hearing things.

That night Yugi ate dinner without a word to his parents. They didn't care at all; in fact they hadn't even noticed Yugi was there until his fork met his plate with a little clank. Yugi stood up from the table, picked up his plate and placed it in the sink, finally causing his father's cruel brown eyes to narrow in on him.

"Yugi," his father yelled.

"Y- Yes," Yugi replied as he jumped so high he almost hit the roof. Amethyst eyes slowly turned with the rest of his body to meet the eyes of his angry father.

"Don't yes me you little brat," his father scolded. "I want you to answer me a simple question. If I told you this morning to take the living room rug and hang it outside to freshen it up, how come you didn't listen?"

"Because… I… umm… I forgot," Yugi lied. Never again would he bother his mother or father with his problems… not after what happened last time.

Yugi was instantly met with a fist in his shoulder. He fell backwards onto the floor and smacked his head against the kitchen drawer in the same place he had hit the tree. That wasn't the end though, his father came over and lifted Yugi by his hair, forcing his son to stand up or go bald.

"Now tell me Yugi," he father said sternly, "Are you going to listen to me the next time I tell you to do something?"

"Yes," Yugi cried. "I will! I will! I promise!"

"Good." After that Yugi was thrown into the wall leaving a mark not only on his forehead, but in the wall as well.

"Now look what you've done," his mother cried. "Yugi Muto you are a clumsy, idiotic, little ass! I just fixed that wall last week and now I have to do it again!"

Yugi's vision blurred. He could no longer tell if he was looking at the orange sweater of his mother or the auburn of a pumpkin.

His stomach was soon in pain due to the tip of his father's brown, lace up shoes kicking him there. "You should be looking your mother in the eye when she's talking to you," Yugi's father harshly informed.

Yugi's eyes rolled over to the beige blob above him. His eyes fighting to stay open.

"I want you in your bed sleeping by the time I count to fifteen," his mother ordered. "You hear me?"

Yugi nodded.


Next Yugi's ear was nearly torn off as his mother used it as a hook to throw the young boy up the stairs.

"Two, three, four!"

Yugi instantly rushed down the hallway, stumbled into his room, threw off his socks and jumped into his bed.

"Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven!"

Yugi fixed his bed sheets then climbed under them. He rested his head on his pillow, closed his eyes and did his best to calm his heartbeat. It didn't help that he could hear his mother's horrible counting and her terrifying footsteps as they climbed the stairs.

"Twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen! You had better be sleeping Yugi or I'm going to be really annoyed," she informed.

Yugi relaxed his body and did his best to ignore the sound of his door creaking open.

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