Yugi's arm was the only thing supporting his head when he woke up. Curious and weak, his eyes spun around the room only to find it completely empty.

"Where am I," Yugi asked is a wheezy voice. He was surprised to find that his voice was weaker than his eyes.

"You're somewhere safe, Yugi."

The voice wasn't in Yugi's head anymore. It was clear. It was coming from somewhere solid. It was coming from behind him.

"Hello Yugi," Atem smiled. He chuckled, "Long time no see, eh?"

"You… killed my parents. You killed Jounouchi and those other boys too!"

"There is no 'you' anymore Yugi. We killed. Those people hurt us, and so we killed," Atem interrupted.

Yugi stared off into the black. "I don't know. My heart and my head can't come to a decision. I know what you're telling me is true, but I just can't seem to believe it."

"I know that when you first hear things they can sound strange, but-"

"I don't think it sounds strange," Yugi interrupted. "I don't think it sounds bad, or horrible or even terrifying." He smiled. "I think it sounds too good to be true and I'm scared that I'm dreaming."

Atem took Yugi's chin and tilted his head so the two were looking into each other's eyes.

For a while they both just stared, looking at each other as if it were the first time.

They both looked a lot alike, but also very different. Yugi's hair was black, tipped in violet, and though it did defy gravity it always seemed to droop when it came to his blond bangs. Atem's hair was also black, but the tips had been drenched in blood. His blond bangs stood out on one side, almost distaining gravity, and ran up into his hair, three lightning bolts among the black. Yugi's features were soft, babyish, his eyes rounded and blessed with soft violet. Atem's features were sharper, if not older. His eyes were angular and seemingly always angry. Their colour was a deep, but almost icy, red. Yugi was short and slim, almost mistaken to be eleven or twelve. Atem was much taller, topping Yugi by at least a foot, and lean, his body bearing smooth, hard muscle.

Yugi lifted up a hand to gently touch Atem's face. "You really will be with me forever, won't you?"

Atem nodded and coiled his arms around Yugi. He rested his head in Yugi's hair, calmly and unnoticeably taking in the scent of the smaller. "Whenever you're sick, whenever you're tired, whenever you're hungry and whenever you're thirsty. Whenever you're lonely and whenever you're sad, I will always be with you. I won't let you die; I won't let you get hurt. Even when you're sick of me and wish that I would just leave, I will always be by your side." There was slight humour in his voice.

Yugi gave off a faint giggle which sounded more like "Hahmm" then an actual laugh. But to Atem, it was like music in his ears.

"Yugi, if I show you something, will you promise not to get scared?"

"Okay," Yugi replied. Though his heart had started beating faster, Yugi had truly not gained any more fear than he already had.

"I want you to take a look in the mirror."

It was an odd request, but Yugi listened nonetheless. He turned around to face a mirror that he hadn't noticed apon arrival. As Yugi focused more on his reflection then on the mirror itself, his eyes could only widen in surprise. The innocence in his amethyst eyes were slowly being overtaken by a darker shade of red. His eyes were still round, but they didn't have the same babyish look to them as they used to. Yugi had grown ever so slightly, just enough to notice but not enough to come close to Atem's height. Then there was his smile. Yugi's sweet little shy smile was being dominated by a blood lusted smirk.

"W- What's happening to m- me," Yugi questioned. He re-examined his hair to find that the tips were slowly being overrun by crimson, just like his eyes.

"Just a slight change, no need to worry," Atem calmed. "What you see now is pretty much all the change you'll ever see. Soon you'll gain a bit more muscle though."

"I- I know I p- promised… b- but I'm scared!" Yugi turned back around so that he could hug Atem again.

Atem could feel the fear coming off of Yugi's skin as though he were the sun giving off heat. Atem's hands instinctively moved to Yugi's back and performed a kind of massage. His fingers traced random, invisible lines up and down Yugi's back until the boy's worry had been soothed.

"Thanks," Yugi breathed. He snuggled his head onto on of Atem's arms and rested it there.

"Are you sure, Yugi, that you're ready?"

Yugi swallowed away the last of his fear, and smiled. "I'm alright."

"Good. Then I'll make a promise too. I promise to protect you...

Now and forever.

You have hope.

I will never leave you.


I'll admit... I kinda got writers block and needed to finish this one... so, even though this isn't the ending I'd like, it's the best I can do.