Neverwinter – finally! I almost might have lost all of my hopes that we ever would arrive in that town – in one piece! It has been a pretty exhausting way with a lot of fights and – who hadn't thought – new companions.

I picked up the dwarf near a small inn and found myself all of a sudden involved in a bunch of stupid brawls. He seemed pretty proud of his 'work'' and told me that he wanted to become a monk in Neverwinters monastery to improve his fighting-skills. All I did was listening and trying to focus on my ale...pretty bad shit but better th'n nothing, I thought. Maybe this could turn out useful... somehow...

During the walk I got a bit nervous. Hadn't heard anything about my mission within days. I started to wonder if this was really just a "task" among others and began to to ask myself questions like: what will happen if I couldn't make my way out of here? Will I be trapped forever within this world, making my own hero's journey, defeating dragons and marrying stupid princes? I shivered with that thoughts and tried focus on the given situation.

Near the fortress we met Neeshka – a smart, funny tiefling girl and a rogue like me, so we came along very well. Just that tree-woreshipping girl...think Elanee 's her name... She represented all that save-the-world-shit to me I hated with most people pretending being good. Besides most people she even believed in it...

We arranged ourselves and managed the rest of the way quite well. Had do deal with lizard-folk again until we could finally take a ship to Neverwinter. While on board I tried to get known to my companions, but most of the time the dwarf threw up into the sea and the damn tree-girl complained about everything. Just Neeshka kept calm and lend me an ear when it's needed.

So, this was Neverwinter. Place of all myths, legends and tales I've been told in my childhood-days. During the last decades it had been dealing with a lot of trouble, starting with the plague, which defeating finally reached its peak in the war with the neighbourhood in Luskan. Must have been a lot of fun for the horsemen, I thought, and waited, until my folks had left the ship entirely. Deaghun said I should visit my – or Emelys, still couldn't come along with that name – uncle Duncan. He's got his own little inn in the harbour district so It shouldn't be that far away.

The sunken flagon wasn't... that bad as Daeghun it described: old furniture, covered with a sticky patina consisting of dust and dirt from the last decades. A bald-headed man working behind the bar tried at least to suggestive of cleaning and in the middle of everything, wearing and old, blurry skirt, my uncle. After a view words of confusion he finally figured out who I am and we could start chatting about the shard. Turned out that he actually really got the other one examined by some "hedge mage" as he pointed out but hadn't found anything. All of a sudden the mage – Sand, another elf who obviously liked to use words which needed to be longer the necessary – showed up. The words he changed with Duncan made me feel like an observer of two different planets clash with each other and I hardly could oppress a laugh. Those guys could build up there own stand-up comedy just by standing besides each other. While they where arguing I started observing the room – and already found myself getting observed as well! Although he pretended not to care what was going next to his table – which seemed suspicious enough to me – his eyes kept on moving. He was wearing ranger's clothes, the longbow in his back stressed my assumption. Suddenly he looked up so I could catch a glimpse of his look until it began to feel uncomfortable, so I needed to avert his eyes. He's got pretty ones. Cold and evil, but clear and sharp as glass. I decided to ask uncle Duncan later about him, when he had finished his chat with the mage.

"So, guys...let's focus!", I said, emphasising my words with my sword setting loudly on the nearest table. "So, Sand...what can you tell me about the shards?"