Hey so I am currently in love with new tricks and thought I would try writting a fanfic out I'm not sure where this is going or how long it is going to be. I hope you enjoy this!

'I really thought I found something new!' she shouted as she finally let her defences fall.

'It's not what it looks like Sandra really it's not' he called after her.

'Everyone around me thought I was going crazy, they even came right out and told me so. They said you had a past, but I defended you made excuse after goddam excuse for you and this is how you repay me'

The tears were begging to make an appearance but she would not let him see, she would not give him the satisfaction.

'Please, Sandra I've been an idiot'

She scoffed she couldn't find the energy to shout and scream anymore picking up her coat and bag she went to walk out of the room but a hand caught her wrist pulling her back.

'Please don't go' he begged.

'You are lucky you can still walk' she muttered before pulling her hand away and proceeding to walk out of the house.

She wasn't really sure where she was she had been walking around London for what felt like minutes but in reality it had been hours.

The sun was beginning to come up when she finally realised she was cold but she still didn't put her coat on, the black strapless cocktail dress she was wearing offered next to no warmth but she was beginning to not notice again and her jacket lay limp in her hand.

She continued to walk the more she walked the more her brain had to work to keep up with her and right now she didn't want to think.

But she was not granted that luxury; the image of him and his bit on the side replaying itself over and over again as if someone had pressed replay, she felt sick and it wasn't the fact he had cheated on her it was the fact he had been the first one to break the barriers of a relationship with Sandra Pullman.

For almost two years she would ring him at work, she had met his family and he had even met hers, she felt dirty every time she had broken down shown him her vulnerable side he had proceeded to comfort her. Then run off to his other bit.

It was a vicious circle she had already learned that the hard way but this time her circle was cracked there was a big blue cross through that circle that made this hurt on a whole new level.

'Mornin' Gerry called as he walked into the UCOS office that morning.

'Morning' Brian and Jack both replied almost in perfect unison.

'Where's Sandra?' he asked expecting the usual rant about being late.

'No idea' replied Jack.


'I know but she's probably in a meeting with Strickland somewhere' reasoned Brian.

'Rather her than me' laughed Gerry in response.

The boys were all getting worked up now it had been almost two hours since they had gotten into the office and there was still no sign of Sandra.

'This is ridiculous what are we meant to be doing'

'Well Gerry there is this thing…' Jack began before Gerry put a hand up.

'If you say paperwork I swear I'm going to the pub'

'Sorry Gerry what was that?' A new voice asked making Gerry jump and cringe before turning to face his boss' boss.

'Ah, sir erm that? Just having a laugh with Jack here' he spluttered it wasn't that the man made him nervous, no he just couldn't stand another lecture on appropriate work place behaviour he'd had enough of them from Sandra without Strickland adding.

Ignoring the older man Strickland walked towards Sandra's office 'Where's Detective Pullman?'

'We thought she was with you sir?' replied Jack honestly making Brian look up at the scene for the first time since Gerry had threatened to leave.

'No we were meant to be having a meeting at 9 but she didn't turn up hence my appearance down here' explained the man clearly confused.

'I'll ring 'er' added Gerry sitting back down at his desk.

'She's not answering already tried that Gerry'

Now all four of them stopped what they were doing.

'Sir?! I think we have a problem' spluttered Jack.

'I agree there is something very wrong here'

'What do we do?' asked Brian clearly getting worked up.

'Gerry, come on me and you are going to her flat' Strickland finally ordered.

Gerry didn't even argue he was way too worried to complain about being stuck with his superior.

'Sir all due respect but what about us two?' asked Jack before the DAC could leave the room.

'Stay here if she turns up ring one of us' he explained pausing at the door 'There could be a reasonable explanation for all this'

'I bludy well hope so' whispered Gerry.

Thanks for reading :) I'm not to sure though when the next chapter will be as I have a lot on at 6th form but I will get it up ASAP xx