Hey guys sorry for leaving you so long with such an awful cliffhanger but here you go the answer to all your questions dun dun dunnnnn haha.


Gerry sat staring off into space her was still in Sandra's office and hadn't moved for hours he couldn't move if he stayed here he could pretend he was waiting for her to bollock him for something and right now he would give anything for that.

Strickland had told the others what was going on he had heard Jacks refusal to believe what he was being told.

Now they were all waiting it was all they could do.

Robert Strickland didn't class himself as a religious man, infact he had openly dismissed any sort of belief but right now he found himself questioning everything even his beliefs.

Stuck in his own world it took him a couple of seconds longer than it should have to realise his phone was ringing, hesitantly and with shaking hands he answered.

'Strickland?' It came out as more of a question than a statement.

'Yes sir, Okay I'll tell them. Yes thank you Sir' It was brief but there didn't seem anything else could be said.

Gerry looked up as the door to the office opened jumping out of Sandra's seat forgetting everything momentarily and believing this would be the women in question who would proceed to shout at him for being in her seat.

However he quickly remembered everything as he saw his boss' boss walk further into the room.

'I don't want to know' Brian whispered to Jack who nodded his head in agreement.

'I know but this is something we have to face' Jack replied as he watched Gerry stumble into the room.

'I've been on the phone with the commissioner he has the results of the DNA' Strickland began before Gerry cut in.

'Just tell us'

'Its not Sandra'

There was an elective sigh of relief which echoed around the room.

'That's great but leaves us with a problem' Jack admitted.

'Yeah, where the hell is she'

'Why didn't we think of this before' Brian shouted making the other three men jump.


'Where did you say the man had seen Sandra?' Brian asked.

'Willow Hill cemetery why?'

'A cemetery why would Sandra go to a cemetery?' His eyes shining with excitement.

'She's turned into an Emo?' Gerry snapped he hated when Brian made them come to their own realisation.

'Her father' Jack interrupted before Brian could snap back at Gerry.

'Exactly look at it this way the one person she looked up to, treasured, loved the most kills himself, but she learns to live with it. Her whole life this has been happening the people she loved the most have let her down, betrayed her or left. She learned to protect herself the first time, what happens though when she lets those barriers down to someone special and they go and do just what everyone else has done.'

Brian's explanation made each man wince at their naivety how could they miss this?

'How does this help us find her?' Gerry was the one to ask what the others were thinking.

'We look to where she feels safe where she doesn't have to hide herself away'

'I have an idea' Jack stated after a couple of minutes.

'After Sandra's father died Grace moved out of their family home, a couple of weeks later I came home after work one day to find Mary in the kitchen with a crying Sandra, she'd tried to run away back to her old home'

He went on to explain how Sandra felt close to her father in their old home and how she begged them not to take her back to her new house.

'Would she have gone there? After all these years I mean?' Strickland was beginning to think he didn't know Sandra Pullman at all.

'It doesn't matter how many years may pass family still remains the most important thing to a person'

The men were all shocked by tough guy Gerry's explanation but they knew this was not the time to wind him up.

'I think we need to go visit Sandra's childhood' Brian instructed getting up to grab his coat and scarf.

Leading the way as everyone else followed.