They sat in the office having just received the call Brian had been dreading for so long. That was it, Jack was dead.

Sandra sat, she was too shocked to cry, she'd never even known he was ill. Now she'd found out he'd had cancer and died. Looking around the room she noticed Gerry, he was clearly upset but he sat awkwardly not knowing what to do. She then turned to see Brian who clearly was also in a lot of distress but at the same time he looked like he was expecting it.

"Brian, you knew didn't you?" Sandra asked. He couldn't look at her as he nodded.

"Why the hell did you not tell us?! Or did you know as well Gerry?" Sandra screamed as the tears finally poured. Gerry walked over to Sandra and wrapped his arms around her she turned so now she was crying into his shoulder.

"Of course I didn't know Sandra."

Steve sat in the corner in silence as he had done since they'd received the phone call, only know did he see how much Jack meant to every single member of the team. Sandra stood still crying into Gerry's shoulder.

"Come on Sandra, I think you need to get out of here and I'm not leaving you alone like this."

Sandra walked into her office to grab her coat and stuff while Gerry walked over to Brian.

"Don't worry mate, I know why you did it, he made you promise didn't he?"

"Erm Yes." Brian replied.

"Don't worry, she's just really upset about Jack. She'll calm down, until then though can you book yourself, Esther, Sandra and me on a ferry to France that leaves tomorrow afternoon and book some rooms in a hotel." He ordered Brian before turning to Steve "Sorry but you didn't know him and it's something we need to do as just us."

"I understand." Steve replied

"And I'm on it." Brian replied having seemed to have perked up just a tiny bit.

Sandra walked back out to the office wrapped in her leather jacket and huge sunglasses to hide her red puffy eyes from anyone who didn't know what'd happened.

"Come on then guv'" Sandra didn't argue, she knew she needed company.

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