They walked out the room hand in hand and met Esther and Brian in the bar in reception in the hotel.

"So where are we going for dinner?" Sandra asked.

"Well there's a big shopping centre over the road so there'll be something in there." Brian told them all.

"Okay well let's get going." Gerry replied. They all walked out the hotel and down the road to the shopping centre.

"I am not eating frog's legs." Brian decided to tell them all.

"Why not Brian?" Sandra asked as she laughed. "You may like them!"

"Not likely. I want proper food." Brian told her sternly.

They walked around the shopping centre for a while looking for a restaurant that none of them would complain about, which was easier said than done. Another reason finding one was taking so long was because Sandra insisted on going into all the little shops that she saw.

"Sandra, as much as we all love following you around the shops can we please go eat now love?" Gerry asked her. He received a glare for this but she did take the hand he held out and leave the shop.

After a wandering around for a little while longer they finally came across a small little restaurant, it wasn't too busy and the menu looked like there'd be something on there for all of them.

"So is everyone okay with eating here?" Sandra asked as they all looked at a big version of the menu, that was just outside the door.

"Yeah. They have pie and mash so Brian will be okay." Esther answered her.

"Okay, let's go get a table." So they found a table and looked through the menu to pick what they wanted.

"Qu'est-ce que vous voulez boire?" asked the young waitress.

"English?" Sandra asked confused at what she'd just been asked, she'd never learnt French before, she'd done German at school and she could hardly speak any of that anymore.

"Erm yes, what would you like to drink?" The waitress asked slowly as she was trying to get her English right.

"One pint of bitter, a sparkling water, and two glasses of dry white wine please." Sandra asked her slowly so the girl would understand her easier.

"Sure, are you ready to order?" the girl asked sounding more confident as if she was remembering the English she learnt at school. Sandra looked around the table and they all nodded at her.

"Yes we are. Can I have the snails please?"

"Can I have the chicken pie and mash please?" Brian asked.

"Sure, would you like veg and gravy?"

"Yes please." Brian replied obviously pleased that he was getting normal food.

"Can I have the lamb please?" Esther asked.

"I'll have the coq au vin please." Gerry answered. The waitress wrote all the orders down and then walked away to get the drinks.

"How can you eat snails Sandra?!" Brian asked her

"Well you get a little cocktail stick kind of thing and pull the snail out of it and pop it in your mouth. Anyway I'm not afraid to try things and it's French so it'll annoy Gerry so it's a win win situation."

The dinner went by without anything too eventful happening, they sat and had a few drinks before returning to the hotel for an early night, considering the following day was going to be hard for them all.

"Sandra?" Gerry called after Sandra had been in the bathroom for a while.

"What?" She asked as she walked out into the main bit of the room with a make-up wipe.

"I was just wondering what was taking you so long to come to bed."

"I was getting myself sorted, taking my make-up off and jewellery off and cleaning my teeth. Happy now."

"Yes, now get over here and come to bed." He said pleadingly but his puppy dog face had no effect on her by now.

"No, I'm not finished this yet." She told him sternly, so he got up and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind which made her jump but when he began kissing her neck she couldn't help but smile and turn around and kiss him passionately. And soon enough Gerry had got exactly what he'd wanted, she was curled up into him as she fell asleep. As she was half way between sleep and being awake Gerry began to play with her hair and tucked it behind her ears before reaching down and kissing her forehead. "I love you Sandra." She beamed happily and then she did fall asleep.

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