Brax is 21 and married to Charlie, 19 who's just had their baby, a daughter called Ruby. Their life's as good as can be until Cheryl, his Mum dumps his brothers Casey and Heath on him without a word as to why she has done it or when she's gonna be back…


I'll be honest, being married at 21 and having a child wasn't how I'd planned my life to be so far but it had happened, and Charlie and I were happy, and so was our daughter Ruby. Married life was good too. My Uncle had left me some money and a house in his will so we'd moved into the house and used some of the money to get us started in life. The other money was going to be used for a business venture. I was looking to set up my own restaurant. I just needed to find the right space…

"Babe, I'm home" I shouted into the house

"Shush, Ruby's asleep" Charlie whispered, pressing a finger to my lips

"Sorry. How's your day been?" I asked, following her into the kitchen

"Good. Ruby's slept most of it. I think she's coming down with a cold. How was yours? Have you managed to find a space yet?" she questioned

"There could be something. The space above the Surf Club, what do you think?" I enquired

"Have you been to see it yet?" she asked, raising an eyebrow

"Not yet as I couldn't get in touch with the estate agent but I shall tomorrow" I replied

She smiled and nodded, moving towards me, wrapping her arms around my waist. She leant up on her tiptoes and was about to press her lips to mine when we heard a car door slam outside. We pulled away and walked to the window…

"You've gotta be joking" I sighed, opening the door just in time for Heath to come bursting in

"Alright bro, Buckton" he greeted us, flopping down on the sofa

"Hi Brax, hi Charlie" Casey greeted us also

"Leave me with all the bags why don't ya boys" my Mum Cheryl proclaimed

"Mum, what's going on?" I asked

"What does it look like? Your brothers are moving in with you" she informed me

"What?" Charlie interjected before I had the chance to say anything

"You heard. Look here's some money. I don't know when I'll be back" she replied

"Cheryl, you can't do this" Charlie sighed

"I can and I have. Behave now boys" she stated, leaving the house

I glanced at Charlie and followed my Mum out of the house and down the driveway…

"Mum, what's going on? Are you in trouble again?" I enquired, grabbing a hold of her arm

"It doesn't matter. Just look after your brothers for me, please" she sighed

I looked into her eyes. She was begging. I sighed and nodded, her smiling weakly as she walked to the car and climbed in, starting the engine and driving off…

"Has she gone?" Charlie questioned as I walked back into the house, shutting the door behind me

"There was nothing I could do" I replied "right boys, listen up"

Casey turned the TV off and he and Heath turned to face me…

"This is mine and Charlie's house so what we say goes, okay?" I asked

They nodded…

"Good. That's rule one, rule two, you keep your bedrooms tidy, rule three, you don't give any of the locals any grief and rule four, you both earn your keep, okay?" I enquired

They nodded again, both knowing better than to argue with me…