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Land Without Magic

Chapter 1: Job Offer

A young blonde of 28 years was running after a dark haired man wearing a gray coat. He was trying to open his car door but the woman took off her high heeled shoe and threw it at his head. He fell onto the ground and she helped him up and slapped some cuffs on him. Dragging him to the jail she got in a yellow bug car and drove on down to an apartment building. Putting the car in park she began to walk up the stairs. Unlocked the door and went inside kicking her heels off as she headed to the kitchen. The young woman's name was Emma Swan and today was her 28th birthday. She opened the fridge for a bottle of wine when a little 8 year old boy came up behind her holding a cupcake with a candle in it. "Happy Birthday mom!" the little boy said happily.

"Henry it is way past your bedtime what are you even doing up?" she asked trying not to sound angry.

"Sorry mom I couldn't sleep I wanted to see you blow the candles out", Henry said softly. To please her son she blew them out and cut the cupcake in half and shared it with her son. "Alright now off to bed", she said as the little boy ran off to his room. She walked glumly at the pile of bills that were on the kitchen table. One was past due and finally she saw the eviction notice. "Man how can I ever support my son now?" Emma sighed. Emma was a professional bounty hunter and she did other odd jobs but sometimes the pay sucked. They would have to move again the 12th time since Henry was born. Throwing the bills back on the table she took a swig of wine and noticed the paper. That was a want add for a sheriff in a town called Story Brooke, Maine. Maybe this was the answer to their prayers. The next day Henry and Emma packed what little possessions they had and drove on down to Story Brooke, Maine. They drove for a couple of hours in silence until finally Henry spoke.

"Mom can you promise this time we won't have to move again?" he asked softly. Emma bit her lip for she knew Henry should have a stable life but she didn't want to lie to him.

"Henry I can't promise we won't have to move again but if I get this job I will promise to try to stay here for you okay?" Emma asked as she stuck out her pinkie.

"Okay mom", Henry said with a smile as he wrapped his pinkie around hers. They saw little shops and stores as people stared at the little yellow bug driving down their streets.

"Now wait here and I will try to make this as quick as possible and then we will find a place to stay", Emma told him. She slid out of the car and walked inside the office. Inside was the mayor of Story Brooke, Regina Mills. Her hair was short and dark brown and her eyes a deep chocolate. When one first sees Regina Mills you would see an independent woman with a loving heart. But Regina was no ordinary woman for she actually came from a magical land and cast a curse on everyone trapping them here. They were all happy for the only reason why Regina did it was to find Emma, her true love. When Regina overused her powers it frightened Emma and she ran away to a land without magic. After a year or so the curse was cast and Regina spent most of her time searching for Emma. It was 8 years today since she last saw her Emma. To make matters worse today was her beloved's birthday. Her thoughts were interrupted by a soft voice.

"Hello anyone here?" a young woman asked. Regina looked up and her face went pale as her eyes turned big with surprise. Standing in the doorway was Emma, her long lost love. "I am here for the sheriff's position my name is Emma, Emma Swan", the woman asked. Regina was mentally slapping herself on the forehead. When she was using the computers to locate Emma she forgot about her calling Emma her Swan. So, naturally that would be her last name in this world.

"Hello I am Regina Mills, the mayor of this fine town please have a seat", Regina said with a grin. Trying to fight her excitement she just wanted to grab Emma by the waist and kiss her sweet lips. But she remembered that Emma would not remember her and would freak out and run away again. So, she sat there quietly as she began the interview. Once Regina heard that Emma was a bounty hunter she immediately hired the woman. "Well Ms. Swan I think you will love Story Brooke and you can start first thing tomorrow. Our old sheriff got injured and had to be replaced but he will make a fine deputy I assure you", Regina said with a smile.

"Thank you Ms. Mills you don't know how happy you made me", Emma said gratefully.

And you don't know how happy you made me my sweet Emma, Regina thought as she stared at Emma with lustful eyes. Just then a small boy about 8 years old came up to Emma.

"Henry I got the job", Emma said happily.

"Alright mom I knew you could do it", Henry said happily as he hugged his mom. Regina's heart stopped when she heard the word "mom" coming out of the young boy's mouth. Someone from this world had sex with her Emma oh they were going to pay.

"Oh Ms. Mills this is my son Henry", Emma said as Henry smiled at Regina.

"Hello Ms. Mills please to meet you", Henry said politely.

"Pleasure to meet you two young man", Regina said with a grin.

"Come on Henry let's go to the apartments and see if anything is available", Emma said leading Henry outside.

Regina just smiled to herself and when they were gone she said", I found you Emma and we will be together again". Then with a wave of her hand the door shut itself and she headed for home.

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