Chapter 7: All End's Well

Regina using her magic for the last time zapped Emma back into her office. The bewildered blonde looked at the brunette with shock. "Emma please just listen", Regina begged. Emma looked uncertain but decided for once to hear her out. Holding up a vial with a purple liquid inside Regina said", This will strip me of all my magic. I lost you once from abusing my power and I will not lose you again".

"Would you really do that for me?" Emma asked.

"Yes I just need you to forgive me and the spell will be broken everyone will remember nothing of this world like it was all a dream", Regina promised.

"Regina I don't care that you have magic I just hate it when you use it to control people", Emma said.

"I know I thought I was keeping you safe but instead I frightened you away", Regina said sadly.

"Well at least we have a son together and I do want Henry to know you and I do still love you", Emma said taking a few steps toward Regina.

"I love you too Emma", Regina said as she wrapped her arms around the blonde. Emma kissed her lips and in a flash the curse was broken. Story Brooke looked like it got sent back to the middle ages "We are home", Regina said happily.

"Yes, we are", Emma agreed. It took some time but Emma and Regina were back together and Henry got to know his other mother. Regina rarely used her magic only if it was a life or death situation. Together Emma and she ruled their kingdom firmly and fairly. Henry became a great knight and in time became a great king. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

Author's Note: Sorry it was so short I just didn't know how to end this story. Hope everyone still likes it and please review. Until next time.