"Alice? Would you stop daydreaming already?! We haven't got time to dawdle about! The Queen is coming!" The gloved hand of the White Rabbit grabs my wrist and drags me along the path. "I was listening to the flowers." I say. "They were telling me about you." He doesn't slow his pace but looks down at me. He looks human now, (except the pure whit rabbit ears) with his brilliant white hair reaching to his shoulders. He resembles the white rabbit I had chased down the hole so long ago."And what were they saying about me?" He asked dryly. "They were saying that you were always in a hurry and you never take the time to smell them." I stick my tounge out at him. "Well why would I smell them when YOU can tell me how they smell? Now hurry, the Hatter is waiting."

I try to slow him as much as possible. "Alice! The Queen is coming! Do you even understand what that means?!" I look at my feet and mumble. "Then if you WANT to get your head chopped off then by all means, stay here!" he yells. We set off again. Nearly running. The colorful trees smacking us as we go. Branches tear at my dress and cut my face. Finally we reach our destination.

The clearing where a huge table was flipped over. Broken china and broken splinters of chairs were scattered about. It surprises me how much damage the card knights had caused looking for us. The Rabbit crossed stepping on the shards of glass and splinters. He went to one side of the huge table. "Here, help me lift this." I carefully make my way to the other side of the long table. I grabbed the leg that's nearly as tall as me. "On thrice." I shoot him a confused look. "Thrice?" He ignored me. "Once. Twice. Thrice!" We lift the huge table up about two inches from the grass. "Just move it to the side." I moved with him. Before my arms gave out, I lightly set the table down. Rabbit dropped it carelessly, making it fall, creating more mess. "There." He said with A satisfied grin.

I shake my head then look around. "Where's Hatter." I ask but when he doesn't answer I turn to see him, on the ground, knocking on the grass. "what are you doing?" Again, I get no answer. Finally I get on my hands and knees to join him. We went for ten minutes, putting our ears to the grass, knocking, and then moving. We repeat the same ritual for about ten minutes until I knock in the middle of where the table used to stand. The patch of grass looks no different than any other patch but when I knocked it a hallow thump met my ear. "Aha!" The Rabbit yells out and stands up. "You've found it!" I look to him and sigh. "Found what?" He rushes over to me and kneels to the patch. He knocks a rythym onto the ground. The patch of grass started to move. I got to my feet quickly and took a step back. I noticed an entricately carved door knob on the patch that I could've sworn wasn't there when I was knocking. The patch, lifts up with clods of dirt falling and out pops the head of the Hare.

His eyes search until they fall on us. "Well you look tidy dont you?" I look down to my soiled dress with grass stains on my stockings and look to the Rabbit. His kingdom brilliant red Time Keeper's uniform had been dulled and torn. Dirt covered his bleach white trousers. "Quite." I say. The Rabbit taps his foot impatiently and asks "Well aren't you going to invite us in?" The Hare straightens up. "Right! Follow me." And then it seems as if the Hare simply disapears. I walk closer to the square hole and I see leading down into the soil were stairs. The Rabbit pushes me a little "Go on." I see that the stairs are eerily lit by blue candles. I hesitate but I trust the Rabbit and go down. The Rabbit follows and shuts the door behind him.

With the door shut the stairs become all the more frightening. The only light sorce is the blue of the candles spread out along the dirt walls, barely close enough to not make it so dark not to see. I go down, with the Rabbit right next to me. I would've grabbed him but I didn't want to look like a fool so I walked next to him in silence. Then we hear a thumping. Or rather, more of a thrumming. A continous beat. "Horses!" The Rabbit whispers sharply. "Wha-" He covered my mouth with his hand and held me so tight I could hardly breathe. My heart pounds loud and rattles against my ribcage. It beats so fast I feel it may leap out of my chest at any moment. "FIND HER!" I hear the shrilling voice of the Queen shriek. "I WANT HER HEAD! THE BLONDE LITTLE BEAST!" She's so loud it seems as if shes right here with us in the dark hall. Then, the voice of a card knight can be hear right over our head. The door! I remember the door in the grass. What if they find it? I shake with fear and the Rabbit squeezes me. He whispered so sofly in my ear I hardly heard him. "Any little noise might give us away. Be very still." It took everything I had. My muscles went rigid. My legs stiff. They felt like they would give out. Then, finally, one of the card knights spoke. "She's not here your majesty. As I've told you before, we scoured the place and couldn't find anything." Silence. "You, dare question me? YOU DARE QUESTION YOUR QUEEN?!" I heard the scrambling of the card knights. "I, no your majesty I just..." The card knight voice was pleading. Begging for the queen to understand. "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" Tears threatened to spill on to my cheeks. This woman. This evil, sick, malicious woman is after me. And people, are dying because of it. I feel a hate like no other start to build in my chest.


After what seems like centuries, the knights leave. Their horses hoof beats grow softer and then eventually fade out. The Rabbits grip slackens and I nearly fall before he straightens me. Then I burst into tears. "They're going to your house! I can't believe what I've done! Oh Rabbit I'm so sorry!" He sets me down on the stairs. "Calm down Alice. It's worth keeping you safe." I start to hyperventilate so no words can come. We sit there for nearly fifteen minutes before he can persuade me to keep going. "C'mon." he says. "The Hatter is waiting."

The Mad Hatter. When I fisrt got to this strange world, he out of all of the strange people I've met, was the most peculiar. He also is the one closest to me. Mad. That is one of many descriptions of him. Crazy, goofy, and odd also come to mind. Why is a raven like a writing desk? I'll never know.

We reach the end of the stairs and a long hallway greets us. At the very end, I see a light. We continue on in this strange tunnel. The closer we get to the glow, the better I feel. Warmer. I start to smile. I hear talking and laughter and the clinking of tea cups. The excitement overwhelmed me and I start sprinting. At last. I'm home.