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Chapter 1
Louise tossed and turned inside her bed while she was feeling the strong aroma of the coffee here mom had prepared downstairs. "LOUISE! HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO CALL YOU TO COME DOWNSTAIRS" Shrieked Louise's mother. "COMING" she responded. That was a typical teen comeback. She buttoned up her badge shirt and then put on her plaid skirt that reached half her thigh. She decided to let her long wavy pink hair flow today since she didn't want to make an effort to make it all fancy or anything of the sort. She was heading to Starbucks she had almost forgotten her name tag. Slowly she clipped it on as different thoughts went through her head. There was silence for a while until they were broken by her mom's shouts again.

She went to the bathroom and slowly applied her makeup. The smoky eye she had done made her green emerald eyes stick out. She then washed her teeth as she left them white as always. She walked down stairs and ignored her mom's breakfast, took her keys and left to her car. She adjusted the air vents and turned up the radio. She arrived soon at Starbucks. Carefully she took her bags and placed them in the employee's office. Since she didn't have breakfast she was going to order a frappe mocha that was until she saw his face. That was no other face it was HIS face. A face she had never seen in the 2 years working in Starbucks. Usually no one new came in to the store. But finally a new customer arrived. Slowly she went to the counter to take his order.

"May I take your order, sir? "She said in a shy voice. She had never felt like this before. Seeing his black wavy hair and his sky blue eyes made her get butterflies in her stomach. "Yes, I'll take a frappe mocha please." He said in a deep, sweet voice. She realized they had the same favorite drink. "Okay that'll be right up!" She couldn't stop thinking about him. Every feature was just perfect. She kind of blanked out for a second. "What are you doing lacking off? Get to work!" Beatrice said. "Could she be any meaner" Louise thought. She got the coffee ready and walked over to the counter where he was standing. She needed to think of an excuse to get his name. She wanted to know it. "Um do you want to apply for the Starbucks reward card?" Louise asked. "Good!"She replied. He didn't even get a chance to answer. "Hey don't stress it." He said with a smirk. He handed her a paper that read:"Saito, (803)-111-1111. She started blushing really hard. Behind his back she was doing her little happy dance. But that wasn't the end of her excitement.

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