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Bella sighed as she sat down her last box; she was finally here, finally at the school of her dreams ready to start off on her path to the future. She glanced over at the other side of the room and noticed her roommate had already moved in. It looked like pink had thrown up all over that side of the room. She internally groaned, oh no a girly girl. Bella herself was a diehard tomboy. A jeans and t-shirt, football watching type of girl, she glanced at her door and took note that her roommates name was Alice.

The first thing she did to make herself feel at home was to hang up her Seattle Seahawks calendar flipping it to September and staring at the amazing specimen that was Emmett Cullen Quarterback for the best football team in the NFL.

She then made her bed with her pale blue sheets and pale purple comforter over them. Then she spread her Seahawks blanket over top of that. Just as she was putting the last of her books away the door came open and a tiny pixie like girl came bursting through.

Alice froze when she saw her roommate and then saw her side of the room, she groaned internally. Oh crap a fan girl who was going to pump her for information about her brother and drool over him every chance she got. Alice hated girls like that. She took a closer look at this girl. The door said her name was Bella. She was in a bite of a shock this girl didn't look like the typical made up fake fan girl. No this girl was in a white t-shirt and a pair of faded jeans.

"I'm Alice Cullen," Alice held out her hand.

"Bella Swan," Bella took the hand and smiled at her new roommate hopefully they could get along.

"So I see you're a fan of the Seahawks." Alice motioned to the calendar and the blanket.

Bella laughed a bit, "I'd have to be." At Alice's confused look she elaborated. "I was raised by my dad after my mom left when I was two. Our TV was never on anything beside the sports channel. I was raised to love sports in general and the Seahawks in particular. If I cheered for another team I think my dad just might disown me," she chuckled lightly but she wasn't too sure how much truth might be behind that statement.

Alice let out a sigh of relief well it didn't look like the girl was a total loon just a girl that loved football. She glanced over at the calendar. "So who's your favorite player?"

" I think that Cullen is good and he plays well with Whitlock, though Newton needs to be traded pronto, he sucks."

Alice burst out laughing. A secret smile flitted across her face as a knock sounded on the door. Alice rushed to it and flung it open. " Edward Rose," she stepped aside and a couple walked into the room, Bella could tell they were a couple just by looking at them. She noticed that the guy she thought Alice had called him Edward's Eyes stopped on the calendar hanging near her bed. "Edward, Rose I'd like you to meet my roommate Bella."

"Nice to meet you," Edward nodded and Bella muttered a quick hi," Edward couldn't believe it his baby sister was stuck living with a Seahawks fan this was going to be hell. "So Bella I see you like the Seahawks ," he arched his eyebrow at her.

"Yes, like I w as telling your sister a few minutes ago I had to growing up with my dad."

Edward was in shock that wasn't the answer he was expecting from this girl, he glanced over at Rose who was glaring at him. "Don't mind my idiot boyfriend he is just nosy." Rose smiled at Bella. "I'm Rose by the way." She could tell from the moment she laid eyes on Bella Swan that she wasn't some football groupie.

Bella smiled she already liked this girl. "Hi Rose I'm Bella." She was seriously beginning to wonder why this family was so obsessed with her Seahawks calendar. They seemed nice enough but just a little crazy. She liked the girls but Edward was a bit of an Ass she thought. Edward decided to quiz her a little. He started through out questions about the game the team and stats. She was able to answer all of them. He was impressed and he actually smiled. Bella was surprised she didn't even think this guy could smile.

"Bella I'd like to reintroduce myself I'm Edward and I promise I'm not a complete Ass." Bella burst out into Laughter and the other girls followed suit.

"Well hello Edward I'm Bella," This time she actually smiled at him. Alice's phone rang and she quickly grabbed it.

"Hello, yes sure I'd love to is it Ok if we bring my new roommate with us. Great we'll see you there." She flipped the phone shut and looked at the three people in front of her. "Well that was my boyfriend and we're going to dinner with him and my older brother. Bella I'd love if you'd come with us." She had an odd gleam in her eye that Bella couldn't quite place.

"Thanks for inviting me Alice." Bella really did want to make friends with these people so she was grateful to be included in their plans. Though she did notice that they all seemed to be up to something, she grabbed her jacket and followed them out the door.

They decided to take Alice's car and they all got inside, it only took a few minutes to get to the restaurant where they were quickly led to a table where two people were already seated. They all sat down and Alice took it upon herself to handle interdiction. "Bella I'd like you to meet my Brother Emmett and my boyfriend Jasper."

Bella looked up and froze, holy shit Emmett Cullen and Jasper Whitlock were sitting at the same table as her.

"Hi," she squeaked. "I'm Bella Swan." She held out her hand.

Emmett was entranced, this girl had something about her, she wasn't wearing any makeup but she was beautiful," he felt a connection to her instantly. "Hi Bella, I'm Emmett he took her soft hand in his own and they both felt an instant jolt.

When Bella had awoken this morning she hadn't expected her day to go like this now here she sat with Emmett Cullen and his family having dinner, and is sister was her college roommate.

Emmett really hadn't expected anything when he found out Jasper told Alice she could bring her roommate but now he was grateful that he had said yes.

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