Hi! Long time no see! I'm working at a summer camp with NO internet so that's why there hasn't been any posts til now as I'm off for the day. To anyone reading my other stories, I'm sorry to say that those will be a while because I'm still having trouble finding time to write them and hoping to God that my memory stick didn't just burn out on me (I'm lucky with this). I went to London and France this past June, mostly for the Normandy ceremony (It was friekin' hot I'll tell ya!) and had fun going around London, especially seeing the little shops by Charring Cross Rd station.

So this shot is a pre-Hogwarts but post-Kelly era. I hope you won't mind it but I couldn't get this out of my head.

The first time Harry went to London by himself was when he was eleven when Hagrid dropped him off at the train station after going to Diagon Alley to pick up his wizarding things. He's been to London on a couple of occasions with Kelly and her family with the most memorable one being after Ripper deciding that he would make a good chew toy. Harry scrunched up his nose at the thought of going back to the Dursley's immediately and scoffed at the idea. Harry then felt slightly terified at what they'll do to him after he goes back to the house.

'Maybe I can threaten them with magic,' Harry thought. He fingered the black, thick wristband he wore around his one wrist as he was looking for something to eat and was trying to shake away the darker memories on why he now has to threaten the Dursleys. If Shannon was here, then she would've scolded him at the thought of threatening the Dursley's. But she's dead, a nasty voice in his head said. Harry pushed the dark part of his mind back and locked it back up, hoping that he'll get better control over it later. If they didn't leave, then there would be no threats, no dark part of his mind, no...Harry shook that thought away and focused.

After Hagrid left, Harry immediately went back into the pub and asked Tom to shrink everything, explaining that he ll be in the muggle world and didn't want to get stared at for everything he had. Tom, being the kindly old man he was, shrank all of Harry's packages and his owl's cage after Harry told her to find him later. He loved his owl. Harry was thinking of naming her Kelly, but decided against it, as it ll bring too much heartache to him if he uses that name.

He looked around Charring Cross Road and saw a sign that said 'The Princess of Wales Pub,' and a 'Herman ze German' with an orange sausage in the middle of the white sign with a black mustache, making Harry giggle slightly. He turned and could see the station that had the tower (Harry would defend himself in saying that he had no idea what the tower/obelisk thing was called), that looked kind of cool. He went inside and stood there like a fool for a minute, just smelling the drool worthy meat that filled the air and looked at their small black board that had the menu on it. Deciding on his sandwich, Harry ordered and was nearly bouncing in his seat for it and his eyes lit up when the sandwich came.

As he ate his sandwich, Harry thought about going exploring and decided to quickly eat so he could. He wanted to see the London Eye as it was now being called. It s also called the Millennium Eye, one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world and Harry was determined to go up it. He went across the footbridge that had people fast walking, walking very slowly or just tourists taking looks of pictures, Harry started to make his way across.

Going across the bridge, Harry felt it move, making him freeze in fear with the choppy Thames below, until he saw everyone else walk along it like normal. Feeling like a fool now, Harry decided to walk it off like nothing happened. He watched as a tugboat was pulled alongside the one side of the Thames and the Eye was on the other.

Harry watched as a Tube train went flying past him on the tracks above the water to the side that he just came from. Grinning as he got closer, Harry could see that there were ice cream stands, performers, people pretending to be famous people statues (the gold Elvis just had Harry puzzled), and the Eye was towering over everything. Harry was getting more and more giddy as he stood in line to get his ticket for the Eye.

"How many?" The person behind the counter asked, sounding slightly bored.


"Where are you parents?" She asked.

"Dead." Harry said flatly, not wanting to get into anything and had a couple pounds out, waiting for the ticket. The girl flushed slightly at this and quickly handed Harry the ticket. Harry just walked out, getting ready to go up the gigantic Ferris wheel. The line was a half decent length.

When Harry got close enough, he could see that you had pretty much less than 30 seconds to get on and as you get off, the pod keeps going, making you jump a bit. Harry got more excited at that, having it not completely hold your hand style, but was slightly iffy about the enclosed spacing. Another ten minutes past before Harry was able to get on the Eye. As soon as the door opened, Harry leaped in and was waiting for the other people to come on. It was a family of three, two parents and a boy who looked to be five. Harry basically ignored them as they went up, finding that he could still move around, which helped him a lot, going higher and higher.

Harry could see Buckingham Palace surrounded by trees with a small river coming off from it as well around Hyde Park. He looked over and saw Parliament, the Tower that holds Big Ben (according to his teacher last year), and a building that looks like stairs all to the left of him. When he got to the top, Harry was in awe of the sight.

"Kelly would've loved this", he whispered to himself, mindful of the other family. He could see people looking like ants on the other side of the Thames by the obelisk from Egypt (Cleopatra s eye if Harry remembers right), and looked around, wanting to stay up here forever. 'Maybe someday I can fly around London,' Harry thought in excitement, remembering those boys who were admiring the broomstick in the window. A nimbus 2000 if he remembers right. Too soon, the Eye started the decent back down, leaving Harry dejected. What was worse, is that he now has to go back to the Dursley s and prays to anyone who would listen, for someone to get him out of this hell hole. He wished that Kelly and her family never left.

So, how was that?