Roxie's Farting Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Did any of you get Pokemon Black and White 2 yet? If not, you should, it's great. And speaking of which, Roxie is a poison type gym leader... and she has Koffing... you know where I'm going with this, right? ...No? Ahh, to hell with it. Enjoy the fanfic.

Roxie was Virbank City's Grym Leader, having her own band and being a specialist in poison types. She also loved farting, having a surprisingly huge amount of flatulence in her. Mainly because she was inspired by her favorite Pokemon Koffing, who was always spewing smelly stenches out of its body. One particular day, while the other two members of Roxie's band were away in Join Avenue, Roxie was willing to spend time with her Koffing, hoping to lighten up the mood, and stink up the joint at the same time.

"Hey Koffing, I'm feeling gassy again!" Roxie exclaimed as she stretched her arms, giggling as she farted loudly, her shirt lifted. "Why don't we have a nice farting contest, just between you and me?"

Roxie's Koffing yet out a loud, deep pitched yawn as she shook her head in disagreement.

Roxie frowned as she placed her hands on her hips, insulted. "Oh come on! You're always spewing out rotten odors! How come we can't have some quality time together doing it?"

Koffing yawned again as she turned away from Roxie.

"So that's how you want to play it, huh?" Roxie muttered as she narrowed her eyes, plotting a cunning scheme as she silently cut the cheese.

"Koffing, look!" Roxie exclaimed as she popped out of nowhere, spooking her Koffing briefly while holding a gray crowbar. "I found a way to melt steel types with gas!" She placed the crowbar right in between her large butt cheeks, farting loud enough to actually melt the crowbar, much to the disbelief of the laws of physics.

Koffing apparently wasn't impressed, as she floated away towards the ceiling.

Roxie frowned as she folded her arms, shaking her head. "Man, he sure is stubborn today, isn't he?"

"Hey Koffing..." Roxie started as she leaned forward to her Koffing, "My mouth's not the only thing that can sing..."

She then grabbed a yellow tuba out of nowhere and placed it in her butt. Koffing watched as Roxie farted loudly in the tuba, causing the fart to sound exactly like a tuba, echoing throughout the entire gym. Koffing yawned again out of boredom as she flew past Roxie.

Roxie dropped her jaw in disbelief as she released another loud poot, dropping the tuba afterwards as she arms flailed to the side. "Not even my tuba toot worked?" She scratched her head as she murmured to herself. "There's gotta be a way to get to my Koffing..."

"Hey Koffing!" Roxie exclaimed as she held up some coffee, "I got your favorite drinK!"

Koffing gasped in excitement as she flew right over to Roxie, staring right at the coffee. Roxie smirked as she grabbed Koffing with her right hand.

"Now, you gotta have a farting contest with me, or you're not getting your coffee," Roxie insisted as she smirked, "And to make sure that you get the memo..."

Roxie placed the cup of coffee near her butt, passing gas on it. Koffing was in shock as she witnessed Roxie farting on its favorite drink. Koffing wouldn't have this crap, tackling Roxie to the ground full force and floating elsewhere, angrily muttering to herself. Roxie growled in annoyance, not only because her butt was wet thanks to the spilled coffee, but more so because her Koffing refused to accept her farting contest.

"I don't wanna have to do this to you..." Roxie started as she stood up, letting out a cute little poot as she placed her arms on her hips, "But I'm gonna have to go full on poison on you now, Koffing." She then headed to the bathroom to grab an extra pair of black panties.

Koffing was resting on a black steel stool, not letting out any fumes when suddenly, a female Whirlipede knocked her off the stool, causing her to crash into the back of the wall. Koffing groaned in pain as she floated back, coughing a bit as Roxie walked next to Whirlipede, chuckling.

"Let's not make this messy," Roxie admitted as she let out a wet fart, pointing at her Koffing, "We either take the easy way and have a farting contest, or I'll have Whirlipede give you the hard treatment..."

Koffing growled as her right eye twitched angrily, glancing between Whirlipede, who was ready for a battle, and Roxie, who let out another wet poot.