Koffing sighed in annoyance as she was still being pestered by Roxie, who wasn't giving up hope to engage in a farting contest as she rubbed her butt in Koffing's face, farting as much as possible as she felt her own gas passing through her black, stained panties. Koffing growled, Roxie's flatulent butt on the right side of her face.

"Can I ask you something, Roxie?" Her Koffing stated as she let out a loud sigh, "Are you really sure you want to challenge me to a gas contest?"

Roxie nodded her head as her gross poots got deeper pitched, smirking more and more. "You bet, Koffing! I doubt that you'll even have a chance to outdo me!"

"...Is that so?" Koffing replied as she chuckled, glowing brightly as she used explosion, causing the entire gym to collapse as Roxie was on her back, her legs up in the air as she let out one last high pitched squeaky toot, black anime swirls on her face in place of her eyes. Her Koffing was knocked out too, on the ground nearby Roxie, also with black anime swirls in place of her eyes on her purple face.