The Gray Adventure Part 2

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Journal Entry 1: Return to Unova

"Hilbert, wait!" calls out the stressful blond beauty Elesa as she races to an airplane. The flying tube explodes in flames before crashing; her eyes widen in shock looking upon the destroyed plane. " can't be..."

Skyla, a red haired woman with a gorgeous body, watches the events unfold in shock, but calms a bit seeing a field of electricity carrying a bunch of people safely down. She falls beside her companion, and the electromagnetic field disappears. A black dragon takes off into the skies shortly afterwards, with the red haired girl saying, "I'm so glad he's okay...How did he know there was a bomb aboard?"

"I don't know...I'm just grateful for Zekrom..." In the skies the black dragon, now revealed to be Zekrom, takes off like a jet. "Hilbet, please be careful."

From the mountains, a gray haired boy watches with a sigh. "...Gotta make this the hard way huh?"


Hi there. Welcome to the world of Pokemon! My name is Professor Juniper, but everyone calls me the Pokemon Professor, like the other professors of the many regions. This world is widely inhabited by mysterious creatures called Pocket Monsters, or Pokemon for short. Pokemon have mysterious powers, come in many shapes and live in many different places; some even come from space! We humans live happily with Pokemon! Well most of us anyway. Living and working together, we complement each other. We help each other out to accomplish difficult tasks. Having Pokemon battle one another is particularly popular, and it deepens the bonds between human and Pokemon. And that is why I research Pokemon.

But as there are people who take care of Pokemon and live peacefully with them, there are also people who will use them for selfish reasons. That's why there are trainers; besides caring for Pokemon and gaining gym badges to become well certified, it is a trainer's duty to stop evil organizations whenever they can and protect the bonds that connect humans and Pokemon together. There are plenty out there who go by the name Pokemon trainer and carry Pokedexs.

The most famous are who I call the color boys; Red is a trainer from Kanto who becomes champion of his region, dubbed the Pokemon Master, while at the same time stomping on Team Rocket. Ethan, nicknamed Gold, is a trainer who battles against an organization hidden in Johto that was planning to develop Shadow Pokemon. Brendan the Ruby is a Pokemon Coordinator who joined with his friend May to end Team Magma and Aqua from resurrecting the titans Groudon and Kyogre and ruining the world. Lucas is an Aura Guardian from Sinnoh who squashes the ambitions of Team Galactic as well as Neo Team Rocket. But the greatest crisis we've ever faced was Team Plasma, who sought to separate humans and Pokemon, their antics also summoning a deadly monster with no emotions. Thanks to the efforts of trainer Hilbert and Hilda, both of who possess the powers of Zekrom and Reshiram inside of their bodies respectively, they were able to stop their leader Ghetsis.

But, two years after that the two siblings Hilbert and Hilda have disappeared, and there are rumors of another faction of Plasma rising up. Hopefully they can be stopped, for there's this boy in Aspertia City I want to join the gang. Maybe he'll be the deciding factor that will save the twins and stop this gray monster.


In the humble home of Aspertia City, the wind howls through the buildings. The glow of twilight pierces down upon the bustling city. Outside of a home a brown haired mother picks up her Xtransceiver. "Hello? Oh, Audrea Juniper! It's been far too long! What can I do for you?

"...A Pokedex, for Nate? Why that's great! I think a journey would be a wonderful experience!" she says in response to Audrea's answer. "...Eh? She's here already? Oh for god's sake, you never change...Okay, Bianca right? Big green hat with red it."

Inside the woman's home, a teenager with wild hair can be seen playing a video game. "C'mon! C'mon! C'mon!"

"Nate, come down!" says the woman as she looks up at the stairs.

"Coming!" Nate pauses for a moment, but ends up dying. "Damn it!"

Sighing, he heads out his room and joins his mother. "What's up mom?"

"You know Professor Juniper right?"

"Yeah, she's an old friend of yours. Why?" Nate sits down in a chair.

"Well she asked for you to do a favor her, but you want a Pokemon?" Nate's eyes widen in shock.

"E-Eh?! I finally get a Pokemon partner of my own?!" He stands up from his seat with a smile.

"Do you know what a Pokedex is too?"

"Of course; it's an encyclopedia about Pokemon!"

"Perfect! Well there's a lady named Bianca with a Pokedex and Pokemon for you; just look for the big green hat." Nate rushes upstairs, leaving his mother to smile.

Nate leaps in his room and grabs a pair of shoes and a red cap. Slapping his jacket on he dashes down the steps out the door with his bag. "Remember, it's her first time here so she may be lost!"

"Thanks!" Nate heads out the door. The young boy steps out with a smile, taking in that cool autumn freeze.

"Yo, Nate!" calls out a blue haired teen not much older than him. He's accompanied by a little girl, his sister most likely. "Where ya headed now?"

"Going to get a Pokemon Hugh," he replies, shocking the two.

"Well it's about damn time!" says Hugh as he pats him on the back. "It's no fun being in a town where no one here has a Pokemon."

"When you do make sure you treat it well!" This comes from the young girl.

"I just need to find a girl named Bianca and she'll give me my Pokemon."

"Then we'll check out the highest point of Aspertia; you go home." Hugh looks down at his little sister at the end.

"Okay big brother!" She walks home.

"Think we should tell Rosa?" asks Nate while crossing his arms.

Hugh laughs and shakes his head. "Nah. That girl'll be a pain."

"Who's a pain?" A hand reaches out and pulls on Hugh's left ear; attached to it is a girl their age with wheel buns for hair. He scrambles about in pain. "Why am I the last to hear that Nate's about to finally get a Pokemon?"

"Leggo!" He manages to pull out of her grasp. "I just found out now too!"

"How come you two don't battle?"

"Because I'm better than him." Hugh scowls at Rosa, who glares right back.

"That's not fair though; your Snivy is surprisingly stronger than my Oshawott; damn type advantage..." Rosa laughs at Hugh's frustration.

"Anyway, let's go to the highest point and get a good view." Nate takes off ahead of the others. Rosa follows quickly after with Hugh not too far behind.

Eventually the three run side by side. A set of stairs can be seen just up ahead.

"We're almost there guys!" says the girl as they near the steps.

"Yosh! Once we get there you'll finally be able to receive your Pokemon!" The blue haired teen states.

The grey protagonist Nate smiles with confidence before picking up speed. "Ah!" As he runs his eyes give off a blue glow that disappears as quickly as it arrives.

The three soon reach the stairs and dash up. At the top they stop upon seeing a girl with a huge green hat on. Nate approaches and says, "Hello? Are you..."

The girl turns around, revealed to be an older Bianca. She has a pair of red glasses on though similar to Cheren's. "Ah, Nate right? It's so nice to see you!"

She approaches the boy holding a cylinder of Pokeballs. "So you're Professor Juniper's assistant?"

"Yup, and you're exactly like I expected! Anyway, I have a question." Bianca takes out a Pokedex, this one being more advanced than those of 2 years ago. "Will you help us complete the Pokedex?"

"Sure thing."

"Pokedex?" asks Rosa as she looks to Hugh.

"Good thing; your support will help Professor Juniper's research move forward." Bianca then hands him the dex before holding the cylinder before him. "Tada! As you wanted, here is the Pokemon that will be your partner!"

She presses a button on the side and smoke releases. The glass opens up, revealing three balls. "From your left to right they are the grass type Snivy, the fire type Tepig and the water type Oshawott."

"Pick Oshawott!" yells Hugh from where he hides.

"You can't go wrong with Snivy!" Rosa adds.

"I think...I'll choose this guy." Grabbing the middle ball, Nate holds up Tepig's ball. He lets the Pokemon out, and the fire pig squeals before breathing out fire. "Hey, how's it going? We're gonna be partners from now on."

Tepig tilts his head to the side. Bianca then says, "Good luck with him. I started out with Tepig too. Also, the Pokedex will scan and record any Pokemon you encounter and/or capture."

"I want one too!"

"Me too!" These are Rosa and Hugh's words as they come out of hiding.

"E-Eh?!" Bianca backs away in shock. She looks into her pack and picks up two more. "I have more, but will you be willing to help complete the Pokedex?"

"Of course!" Finding herself overwhelmed she hands them over. Rosa then says, "You can't rely on Nate to do anything either."


"Alright, let's battle!" Hugh turns to Nate with his own Pokeball. "We'll have our first battle here and now; go, Oda!"

"Let's go, Takeru!" As Hugh calls out Oshawott Nate nicknames his Tepig. He then sighs when nothing happens and says, "That's you Tepig."

Takeru finally gets it and stands before the trainer, a little confused as to what to do. "Takeru, Tackle!"

"Tail whip!" Oda jumps over the tackle and smacks with its tail. "Now, Razor Shell!"

Takeru gets hit by the attack. "Ah man...what can Tepig do..."

Nate checks his Pokedex for the moves Tepig can do, and sees a fire move. "Takeru, use Ember!"

Takeru snorts embers at Oda, who only gets slightly scorched. "Now follow up with Tackle!"

"Razor Shell!" Oda charges in and slashes at the pig, knocking him out.

"Takeru!" Nate approaches his fallen Pokemon.

"Good job," says Hugh to his partner. "With Oda by my side we'll travel Unova and find something very important."

Bianca scratches her head looking at Hugh. "Well, I don't really get it but going on a journey is good."

"I'll see you guys in Route 18." Hugh heads out towards the exit. His eyes glance back at Rosa with a smile before he takes off.

"First thing's first though; we need to heal Takeru." Rosa grabs Nate and heads for the Pokemon Center.

"Ah! Uh, thanks Bianca!" Bianca waves to them as they enter the building.

After some time Tepig is healed. Nurse Joy approaches him with the ball. "Your Pokemon has been healed to full health; please come again."

"Okay, thanks." Nate takes Takeru and walks off. He glances back at Nurse Joy, who surprisingly gives him a wink.

The teen exits the center and approaches Rosa, who has a pair of shoes and two Town Map pads. "What's that for?"

"These-" Rosa hands him the shoes. "-are running shoes from your mother. You forgot them."

"Crap." Nate picks up the shoes and begins to change. "And the maps?"

"They're for you and Hugh from his sister. Let's get going; Hugh has a head start on us." Rosa takes his hand the moment he finishes tying his shoes. He looks down at her hand and finds himself blushing a bit. He manages to suppress it before they reach the Route gateway.

They pass through to the other side, where they spot Bianca waiting for them. "About time you showed up. Before I leave I wanted to show you how to capture Pokemon."


Sinnoh Champion Lucas waves out to a crowd of people as he walks towards a limousine. He enters, where he sees his long time girlfriend Cheryl waiting for him. The green haired girl looks to the man she loves with a smile, before scooting next to him for a hug.

"How was the challenge tournament?" asks Cheryl.

"It went really well. The trainers are lacking this time though," replies the aura guardian. Cheryl leans in and gives him a kiss. This starts a make out session between them.

The limo stops suddenly, ending their session. A frustrated Cheryl glares at the driver and shouts, "WHAT THE HELL?!"

The hood of the limo tears open, and a hand made of pure ice reaches down to grab him. "Let go!"

"LUCAS!" Cheryl pulls herself up, entering the snowstorm that has begun outside of the car. The driver has frozen solid as well.

In the air levitates an unconscious Lucas, whose body freezes over. He then drops to the ground, shocking Cheryl who holds her hands to her mouth. "No, please no!"

Lucas picks himself up, bringing a sigh of relief to the girl. He glares at the woman with flashing yellow eyes; the woman then realizes the truth once she sees the gray hair. "You!"


"Purrloin has been captured!" shouts Nate as he holds up a Pokeball.

"Calm down." Rosa holds up her own Pokeball, which contains Patrat. "You're still miles away from beating me."

"I know." Nate attaches his Pokeball to his new belt. "It was nice of Bianca to teach us how to catch though."

"Hello down there!" shouts a man from above. Leaping from a ledge is the red haired Alder, who lands gracefully. "It's great to meet new trainers around."

"Hey, I know you!" Nate shouts looking upon the guy. "You're the Unova Champion Alder!"

"Correction; he's the former champion," says Rosa to correct him. "Alder lost the title losing to Team Plasma's leader N who lost to Hilbert Hakumei."

"Ah, that's a familiar name." Alder walks towards them. "It's true, but Hilbert didn't want the title of champion so he gave it up. It took a while for someone to take his place however. Nowadays I travel the world seeking people who wish to move forward to their future."

"...Okay..." Nate stares at the fiery red head.

"And who are you two?"

"I'm Nate and this is Rosa. We're childhood friends who live in Aspertia City," replies the grey male protagonist.

Alder then takes a moment to look at their Pokemon, Snivy and Takeru. "Your Pokemon are looking fine, especially Snivy. But your Tepig seems to be just starting out, and you don't look as seasoned.

"But that's okay; nobody starts out at the top, not even Hilbert." Alder then gives out a hearty laugh. "Floccesy City is up ahead."

The older man leads then to the city just east of their position. The walk lasts less than an hour, and finally they reach the spot. Stopping by the center Alder says, "Remember this; Pokemon will do whatever they can for their trainer, so make sure you treat them right so they won't feel mistaken."

"Got it." Alder continues walking ahead with Rosa and Nate following after him. He continues until reaching a play field. Rosa looks to Nate and asks, "You think Hugh could be around?"


"Who's he?" asks Alder.

"Hugh's our friend," responds Nate.

"Blue haired guy with an Oshawott?" Rosa nods in response to his words. "I saw him training at Route 20."

"Can we put off training then? I would like to give this to him." Nate heads off to the Route, without waiting for an answer.

"Kind of impatient huh?" Alder chuckles a bit.

"Yup." She sighs and shrugs. "He's always been a bit reckless, like-" Memories of her childhood flashes through her mind, causing her to pause. "...nevermind."

Alder eyes the girl curiously.

Meanwhile Nate enters Route 20, and is suddenly approached by another trainer. "Yo! How's about a battle before the day end?"

"Um, sure why not?" Nate holds out his Pokeball and throws, sending Takeru into battle.

"Patrat, go! Use Bite!" Patrat comes out of his Pokeball and bites at the pig.

"Um, dodge and use Ember!" Takeru fires at the rat, giving it a burn status. "Now follow up with Tackle!"

Takeru charges at the rat and hits it. "Patrat!"

"Give one last Ember!" Takeru shoots flames at the rat, finishing it off. "Alright, my first win!"

"No, Patrat!" The trainer lifts up his Pokemon and runs to the center.

Nate heads through the route in search of Hugh. More battles stall the beginning trainer. Nate's search for Hugh brings him north, where he spots the Floccesy Ranch. "Well, this looks as good a place as any."

"Yo!" Nate turns to the left and spots Hugh coming up to him. The blue haired trainer says, "So you decided to come and toughen up huh?"

"Well, actually I wanted to give you this." He hands him the Town Map extra the little girl left.

"Oh thanks. We've already left out for our journey and you're helping me out." Hugh receives it and pockets the device. "She didn't have to do that though..."

"Good afternoon!" A couple of older people come by after spotting them. "We heard some battling going on around here and decided to show up."

"Who are you guys?" asks Hugh.

"I'm the owner of the ranch, and this is my wife," says the man as he grins.

The wife approaches and says, "After a battle you should heal your Pokemon, right?"

"We're okay; I was just training," says Hugh as he looks around.

"By the way, have you seen a Herdier around here? Can't seem to find him," says the owner as he looks around. "It's the first time my Herdier isn't around my wife's so I'm a little worried."

"A little? You should be taking this more seriously!" Hugh shouts in shock. "Anyway, I'll help. Let's go, Nate!" He heads into the ranch to search for the Herdier.

"That sounds bad; I better go too!" Nate follows after Hugh.

The two enter the ranch, Hugh going north while Nate goes west. "Herdier, you around? Wait, what does one look like?"

While looking he stumbles upon a blue Pokemon, a Riolu. "Huh..." He takes out his Pokedex and scans. "Riolu, the Emanation Pokemon; Riolu has the ability to sense emotions through the use of manipulating the energy of life Aura. It's said to be a Pokemon well known for being beside Aura Guardians."

"Aura Guardians?" Nate looks into the back of his mind when he remembers that word. "Where have I heard that?"

Riolu blinks as he looks at him, and Nate grips his head in pain. The boy's eyes glow blue. 'What is this?!'

The pain subsides and Nate stands up okay. "I feel...weird..."

Riolu approaches Nate and holds up a flower to him. "...Thanks. Would you like to come with me?"

The little guy nods and Nate smiles, taking out a Pokeball and tapping it on his forehead. Riolu gets captured, and doesn't bother to struggle out. "Well, looks like I got Riolu."

He continues until he reaches the far end of the southern part. "Nothing...Maybe it's up there."

Nate then dashes north to where he left Hugh. He spots the trainer with Oda, who has become Dewott, while in search of the Herdier. "Hugh, you found it yet?"

"No, not yet. It might be in trouble." Hugh crosses his arms together with seriousness.

"You should be more positive." Nate heads down the road while Hugh and Oda go another route.

He then hears a Pokemon hiding behind a set of trees. Taking out his Pokedex he scans it. "It's Herdier."

"You heard it too?" Hugh asks joining up with him.

"Yeah." Nate dashes to the other side of the trees, where he spots another person beside the dog. "Hey, what are you doing?"

Hugh goes off to alert the owner. The masked person glances at Nate. "You little pest; I'm a member of a group that strikes fear into the hearts of those who stand before it; we are Team Plasma."

Nate's eyes widen in shock. "Eh? You're Team Plasma? The group that tried to release Pokemon from everyone two years ago?"

"That's right; we were just about to liberate Pokemon from foolish humans, when those two got in the way...whatever, first I get lost chasing this thing and now some nosy kid shows up. I'm out!" He throws a smoke grenade to the ground and uses it to escape.

Nate covers his nose, coughing from the smoke. His eyes look ahead and flash blue, where he spots the faint aura outline of the runaway Plasma. 'What's going on?'

"Nate!" Hugh calls out as he and the owner join up with the grey protagonist.

"Herdier, what made you come all the way back here?!" asks the older man. Nate steps aside to let Herdier join his owner. "Well, atleast you're safe."

"How can you be so calm about this? Herdier could have been gone for good!" shouts Hugh. The teenager then heads off, leaving the ranch.

"What could have happened to him? It's like he's afraid of losing Pokemon...oh well. Thanks for your help," says the owner to Nate. "You better hurry on home or to the nearest Pokemon center; it's starting to become night."

"Kay." Nate and the owner walk back to the front, the former taking off for Flossecy City.


The beautiful Rosa leans herself back as she stretches. "One down, one to go. Let's make this quick Serpentera."

"Don't think this will go over easy. As a Gym Leader I will be a wall you will have to overcome." Staring straight at Rosa and her Servine is Gym Leader of Aspertia City Cheren. Before him is Herdier. "Just as this is your first Gym challenge, this is my first Pokémon battle as a Gym Leader! Let's make this battle a memorable one and do our best!"

"As you wish! Serpentera, Leaf Tornado!" Servine swirls its tail, summoning a hail of leaves around it and releasing them upon the dog Pokemon.

"Dodge and use Bite!" Herdier runs around the leaves and leaps at Servine.

"Slam!" Servine launches at Herdier and wraps around him, before flipping the Pokemon to the ground. "Vine Whip!"

Servine releases vines upon the dog, but Herdier bites on one of them and flips the snake to the ground as payback. Rosa glares confidently. "I'm just getting warmed up!"


Riley and Cynthia are busy spending time together. Riley, while reading a newspaper, spots his wife sitting before him. "Morning."

"Morning Riley." She hands him a cup of coffee, that he made in the morning. She holds up a card.

"What's this?" he asks before sipping the coffee.

"Mother and child's health card." The Aura Guardian ends up doing a spit take.

As this goes on, the black haired Unova trainer Hilbert glances down below, looking from the highest point of Mt. Coronet to the world. "This was nice; it was so worth the wait."

His Xtransceiver goes off suddenly. "Hello?"

"HILBERT!" shouts Cheryl as she appears. "Hilbert, Lucas is gone!"

"So? Lucas always goes somewhere; we've been through this before," says Hilbert as he brushes his hat of snow from earlier.

"No, that's just it; Kyurem took him!" It's now that the black protagonist realizes the seriousness of the situation. His red eyes turn to the direction of Unova. "'s time."

"Then let's get him!" Hilbert leaps off the top of the mountain, transforming into the black dragon Zekrom. Together they fly towards Unova at high speed.

Yusei: And that ends this chapter.

Manabu: Next time Nate faces off against Cheren, and meets up with Rosa.