The Gray Adventure Part 2

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Manabu: And now, finally, we bring you the final chapter of the Gray Adventure. We promise to do better in the next story, which has already found its unique plot twists.

Final Journal Entry 14 - The Last Day of Black and White

"Lucas, you're going to be late!" shouts Cheryl down below. Upstairs in his room, Lucas begins packing his clothes and stuff together. He draws out his Pokeball belt and attaches it around his waist before throwing his bag over his back.

He slides down the stairway railings to Cheryl, who now sports an obvious diamond ring. "I'm ready."

"Took you long enough," she complains before taking his arm. "We only have a few hours to get to Johto before they beat up."

"We can fly; it's not like we're that far away; it's only going south," he replies, and then leans in to kiss her full on the lips. "We need the R&R anyway."

"Yeah." Cheryl gives a quick kiss, and they head outside. Lucas sends out Staraptor, and they fly off into the sky.

"By the way, have you seen Houou?" Hearing her name, Cheryl cringes. "Nevermind."

The large bird Zephyris continues to fly south of Sinnoh, coming before Mt. Silver with Johto. Zephyris lands, and after dismounting Lucas retrieves his Pokemon and approaches the resort. "See? We still have an hour ahead of the-"

"Hey, you made it!" The couple look to the side and see Jasmine with Nate and Rosa. The Steel Gym Leader speaks, "I was worried you wouldn't show."

"Eh? But we're ahead of you guys! We-"

"Well it's about time!" Hilbert, his wives and children come out of the Pokemon Center. "Riley, Cynthia and Yancy are inside checking us in. He got you guys too."

"What the?!" This is taking him for a loop; was he taking that long?!

"Whatever," Cheryl mutters with a shrug. As the low temperature around them becomes apparent, they go inside the building where Riley, Cynthia, and their daughter Rio awaits them.

"Welcome to the Silver Resort! Here are your access cards for the week," says the counterlady. She hands over cards to the others.

"Alright!" Lucas states as he holds up his card in the air.

"Careful not to drop it," Nate says.

"Don't say that like we're best friends," he replies to him, almost offended.

"Well I did save your life," Nate states in a smug tone, walking away before he could respond.

"Since we're here," Riley says as he heads to his room, "I'm going skiing."

"Please. Snowboarding is the way to go!" Lucas tells him before preparing to do the same thing.

Hilbert hands over Miu to Skyla. "I'm going with them. Lucas might showboat and get hurt again."

"That I can buy," Elesa says before kissing his on the lips. "Be careful out there."

"Have fun, Blacky," Skyla chirps sensually before kissing his cheek.

Hilbert leaves, with Nate following to do the same, and after preparing they go to the top of the skiing places on Mt. Silver. Meanwhile the ladies enjoy their time indoors while the Pokemon take a vacation of their own.

Outside, Hilbert in his black snow gear and board adjusts for the trip down. Riley approaches him, asking, "You good in that?"

"Positive!" he replies.

"So Black," Nate begins before walking up on his skis, "what does it feel like to have a popular supermodel and a pilot who could be the next Amelia Earhart in skills and appearance as your wives?"

"That's kind of personal," Hilbert replies with a smile. Inside, he's trying to keep a straight face. "But I guess it's the same as with Lucas."

"Me and Cheryl are only engaged. Unlike you, I can't take Jasmine as a wife at the same time as her," Lucas tells him as he comes up in his board. "I think the two of them have some weird understanding of how this should work."

"Maybe I should get drunk and do what Hilbert did so me, Rosa and Yancy can get marrie-"

"NO!" shouts the black and diamond protagonists to the gray one. "NEVER DRINK!"

"Eh?" Riley exclaims.

"You drink, you'll do allot of things you'll never want to talk about. Even if you can't remember," Lucas adds, turning to Hilbert who frowns.

Nate stares at them. "... What the hell happened that night?"

"None of your business!" Lucas kicks Nate down the snowy track.

"JACKASS!" he curses before correcting himself. Flaring his aura for energy, he manages to get it right and avoid crashing into a tree.

"Lucas!" Hilbert shouts. The diamond protagonist goes down to avoid him and electric fury. Hilbert then follows, leaving Riley to groan.

"Alright, just remember what the instructor said before!" Nate says to himself as he tries to ski properly.

"If you ever get into trouble, all you have to do is..." The image of the instructor is replaced with Rosa in her black dress.

"Thank you so much Nate! It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!" Rosa repeats saying those last three words in a mantra, showing off her curves to him.

His concentration ruined, Nate curses. "Stupid, sexy Rosa!"

After a bit of sleuthing, Lucas avoids his friendly pursuers. He then comes to a tree. "Gonna hide here for a while."

"Hello?" Lucas looks up and notices someone up in the tree. She has long, purple hair and is dressed to match. She looks like a Hex Maniac. "Can you help me?"

"Why are you up in that tree? Isn't it dangerous?" he asks. Although as he does, he feels a bit of deja vu.

"Only if you know how to get down," she begins, before frowning, "which I don't."

Lucas holds his arms out. "I'll catch you." Taking his word for it, she jumps down and smashes him into the snow with her body. "See?"

"Thank you, mister," she claims, before skiing away.

Lucas sits up in the snow. "What a pain... Although, she did that too..."

"Hey, there he is!" Lucas hears Nate, and goes on the move.

After playing in the snow, all four guys come back inside shivering from coldness.

Lucas and Hilbert lay in the hotspring. The former yawns and stretches while the latter sighs out of relief. "This feels so good. Right Lucas?"

"Better than that time we were in the same bathroom together, or that time we visited Hoenn."

"Please don't bring that up," he responds quickly. The bathdoor opens up, and in steps Red and Nate with two others.

Lucas looks back and gasps, saying, "Red?!"

"Yo." Red's quick and simple response doesn't seem to answer the impact his appearance would generate. "Nice to see you again after so long."

"I can't believe you're here!" Lucas rises up and approaches him.

"He's here to relax, not to answer your questions," Nate tells him before pushing the diamond protagonist down.

"What a poop fly," speaks one of the newcomers, the guy who has black hair; one bang of his hair hangs out forward. "Hey, I'm Ethan."

"Brendan," chirps in the other, who has slick, black hair and a scar on his head. "How do you guys know Red?"

"I helped him with...a Pokemon problem," Lucas mutters, and Red eyes him in a way to say thanks.

"Well that about narrows it down," Ethan snuffs, "since we met him through a similar problem. I found Red here on Mt. Silver, but in the deeper regions away from this resort."

"I only know him from Lucas," Hilbert says.

"Oh yeah, you're Hilbert right?" Brendan asks, turning his attention to the black protagonist. "Yeah, you're the one who defeated the Elite Four of Unova and took over as the newest champion after beating that Team Plasma. Why'd you quit?"

"Eh..." Hilbert shrugs. "I didn't feel like keeping the title of one of the strongest. I'm actually happy raising a family."

"Family guy huh?"

"No!" he quickly responds, turning Ethan away.

"That reminds me; you're married to that beautiful supermodel Elesa right?" Brendan asks, to which Hilbert nods. He then sighs. "You're lucky. She's such a beauty; she's probably make the greatest coordinator."

"Now, now," Lucas holds his hands out as they join in the hotsprings, "we didn't come here to talk about women."

"But since you brought it up," Brendan mutters, much to Hilbert and Red's annoyance, "let's go along and finish. I mean, at least two of you guys are in a relationship with two women."

"Three," Nate tells him.

"Four," Red adds, surprising the others. "I had no choice; Misty and Sabrina were very persuasive."

"How do you guys do it?" asks Ethan, curious about their apparent luck.

"Don't you have a girlfriend of your own?" asks Red in an attempt to turn around the conversation.

"Clair's too private when it comes to our relationship." Ethan sinks into the hot water. "I wanna make her more public about it..."

"Some things are better kept quiet," Lucas adds before leaning on the rocklike surface. "The reason Jasmine is dating me is only because she retired as gym leader. I'd hate for the public to ridicule her because of me."

"Hey, she wouldn't have made the choice if she didn't love you..." Hilbert replies, standing up for the diamond protagonist. "I mean, Bianca was understanding when she found out about me, Elesa and Skyla."

"Bianca..." Nate bites at his bottom lip. "Hilbert, how's Bianca lately?"

"Huh?" He turns to his cousin. "Oh, she's cool. She was upset a while ago when we last met up, but she turned out for the better in doing her duties as Juniper's assistant."

"Does she mention me?"

"Only once." Nate sinks into the water, upset. "Oh, come on now."

"What's with him?" Lucas asks.

"None of your business!" he snaps back.

"What's not my business?" asks another person. Red frowns when he recognizes that tone. "Yo, Red!"

"Green..." Red mutters upon seeing the brown haired trainer. He steps into the hotsprings. "What brings you here?"

"I came to see my rival, what else? Plus I'm on break at the gym," says Green as he sighs in relief; the hotwater gives a relieving touch. "I figured you had to get away from the girls sooner or later."

As he laughs as Red, Ethan turns to the ceiling above, which is electronically programmed to view the skies like those police windows. "That reminds me... How did you guys meet your girlfriends?"

The others turn to Ethan in response to his question. "What?"

"It's kind of personal," Red says before turning away.

"Red met Misty in gym battles," Green begins, causing Red to go tomato, "and Sabrina when she was in Team Rocket."

"Wait, what?" Lucas exclaims.

"Things were different back then," Red explains as he looks away. "She's not with them anymore, especially after Lucas shut the rest of them down."

"Oh yeah, they did come back for a while," Green mutters in remembrance to the news reports he discovered.

Ethan cups his chin. "I met Clair the same way; she was a bit of a...what's this word?"

"A bitch?" Lucas answers, causing the gold protagonist to glare angrily at him.

"That's it, but please never say that!"

"What about you?" Lucas asks of Brendan, who was still near underwater.

"May and I were childhood friends before we tied the knot," he answers, smiling a bit at his first memory of her.

"Sweet," Ethan says before turning to Green. "What about you?"

Green pauses for a moment, before going pale.

Green approaches a kid with Rattata on the ground. "Hey youngster, you okay?"

"I have a name, ya know," he responds offended. "Have you seen a lady riding around on my bike? She's not back yet."

"What does she look like?" Before Green could get an answer, he looks up upon hearing screaming. That's when he sees a girl with brown hair and blue clothes going over a ramp into the air.

"LOOK OUT!" she screams, but he's too distracted to respond. By that, it means he's too distracted by the white panties she's wearing under her red skirt; so much so is he not all there that he can't even dodge her front wheel. It bloodily impacts his face.

"Blue and I met through Red," Green lies before gesturing to his buddy. Of course, Red knows it is, but he's keeping quiet for later ammo.

"I met Elesa when me and Lucas escorted her to Nimbasa, and Skyla when I was in the hospital," Hilbert says, adding in his own experience. He's also glad that's all he has to throw in, hoping to stay away from the idea of giving away the night that never happened.

Nate raises his hand to give his experience. "I've known Rosa since we were kids, but then we moved away. Yancy? I found her old Xtransceiver."

"Allot of phone sex there?" Hilbert jokes, forcing Nate to pull him by the ear. "Ow, okay! No sex jokes!"

"Hey Lucas, you've been quiet a bit," Red says to the diamond protagonist.

Lucas remains deep in thought, smiling at his memory. "I met Jasmine at Sunyshore City's beach. She wanted to challenge me in Johto, and I borrowed her HM06 Waterfall. I owe her for getting to the Elite Four. As for Cheryl, I saved her from falling out of a tree."

"A tree?"

"Long story." Lucas's short answer is the end of that conversation.

"Oh, come on! Tell us more!" Nate begs as he pulls onto Lucas' arms.

"No!" Lucas pushes him aside. "Get off!"

On the other side of the springs' wall Rosa, Cheryl, Elesa and Skyla. Miu and Tatsuo are in the watchful care of Yancy and Jasmine, because babies aren't allowed. Cheryl lets her hair fall down unbraided, for once, and it reaches her hips easily. "It's so nice to let loose once in a while."

"Neh, Cheryl, how does it feel to be engaged?" asks Rosa.

"It's such a nice thing." Cheryl looks down at the diamond ring on her finger.

"I never had a chance to be engaged," says Elesa as she strokes her black hair, blond roots showing up. "But, I'm not complaining with my life now."

"It'd be nice to have a bachelorette party, but I'm over it. He's surprisingly good in the sack," Skyla chirps with a blush redder than her hair.

Elesa pinches her in the back of her neck as Cheryl turns red. "Skyla, don't say that! Our time with him is personal, and besides we'd be tainting them with what we have."

"N-Not really!" Rosa states. "Nate's probably better in bed than Hilbert."

"Like hell!" Skyla argues back, starting a heated discussion between her and Rosa.

Elesa and Cheryl sigh and ignore it all. The green haired woman turns to the side where the wall is, hearing the men's voices. She smiles, hearing Lucas among them. "Only a few months away..."

Elesa turns to the still arguing Skyla and Rosa, and asks the latter, "Do you ever plan on facing her again?"

"Her?" Rosa asks, looking back at Elesa. "Oh, you mean her! Iris was strong. I don't think I'd ever go back until I raise a Dragon type capable of standing up to hers."

'Maybe she could use that new type discovered overseas. What was it called...' As Elesa thinks, she doesn't notice Hilbert and Lucas rising up out of the water.

"Alright, I win!" Lucas states turning to his emerging friend. He then looks to the wall, noticing he went under it. "...Not again."

"What?" Hilbert looks forward, and turns a furious red when he sees the girls in their naked forms.

They each cover themselves up. "LUCAS?! HILBERT!?"

"Wait, it's not what it looks like!" Hilbert shouts out of reason.

"If I can't see you I'm not in trouble!" Lucas claims before diving under water, without turning around to look. Unfortunately Hilbert's left at the 'mercy' of Cheryl and Rosa.

Lucas emerges on the male side, where the boys stare at him out of disappointment. Red even shakes his head. "What?" he asks.

Meanwhile, Riley and Cynthia remain in their shared room. Sprawled naked under light sheets, Cynthia watches a movie featuring actress Diantha. "Diantha... She's really come up as a trainer in the past years."

Back at the springs, the girls continue to get on Hilbert and Lucas for their stunt. Nate leaves early, going to his own room to achieve sleep. Along the way he spots a newspaper left on the ground and picks it up. Reading it he finds it intriguing. "Huh. We get Unova news over here too." On the paper he reads how 'Master Criminal Ghetsis has been imprisoned into a mental hospital after a breakdown.' "I'm surprised he survived."

"Nate..." speaks Rosa from behind him. "You heading back?"

"Uh huh." Rosa walks into his arms, and places a kiss on his lips. "What's that for?"

"For not joining them idiots," she replies, and together they return to their rooms.

Lucas and Cheryl leave next, holding hands and sticking close together. On their way to their room, Cheryl asks, "Lucas, why did it take so long for you to propose?"

"Because of Kyurem and-"

"No, I mean between that and the trial you went through. Were you unsure?" she asks him.

"Actually, I was afraid... Sure, with all we've been through you would probably say yes, but I was afraid you'd get caught up in more stuff. Allot of things keep happening around me," he replies.

"Lucas..." She kisses him on the lips. "You silly idiot. I can never fear being with you."

"Oh you," he replies, and together they walk to their rooms.

Back in the hot springs, everyone save Hilbert, Elesa and Skyla have left. Hilbert remains on the male side. "Are you girls still angry?"

"Nope, but you still need to make it up to us," Elesa answers before leaning on the wall.

"Are you two the only ones there?" he asks.

"Yeah, why?" Skyla responds. Hilbert dives underwater and comes up beside them. "You're trying to do that?"

"You don't want me to?"

"Hilbert..." Elesa rises out of the water and goes to the door. She then locks it tight and returns to her husband, planting kisses on his face. "You're lucky today's safe."

"Hey, don't hog him!" Skyla goes to her husband and rubs him down under. They stay there for as long as needed.

With their vacation the Pokemon trainers relieve the stress built up from their many adventures. For it will also be the last time we'll see them. Lucas would have his wedding with Cheryl and continue being the Diamond King, Hilbert would focus on being a family man, raising his children endowed with Zekrom's powers, and Nate would travel the world filling up his Pokedex for the professor and Bianca while containing Kyurem's desires.

Unfortunately, something more dangerous, even more serious than the threat of Plasma, will appear within another region. What will make this matter worse is the fact that this certain threat will have come about because of mistakes by people our former protagonists know.


"WAUGH!" he screams, throwing his shades to the ground. "Even the power you've worked hard to control... What exactly are you fighting for, Calem?!"

The X protagonist stares up at him, still silent. "You're fighting to protect the tomorrow you and your loved ones care about, but what will that tomorrow lead to? A today even worse than yesterday's?"

"Look, Lysandre," Shauna begins, "you say you can't do things with the help of others, but isn't that a lie? In order for Mega Shinka to be used it requires the trust of the trainer and the Pokemon. Gyarados trusts you right?"

"Lysandre," Serena begins, turning her eyes to the tall man, "you're right; people are selfish and will do things to hurt other people and Pokemon, but there are also people who will stand by and stop those people. If you take away the freedom of others just because you think it's for the best, you're no better than them. You have to have faith in others."

"If that were possible, all wars would have ended long ago!" he gripes out of frustration. His eyes glaze over in a haze before he begins to laugh. "I can only see one future! One where selfish, foolish humans think about nothing other than themselves and steal more and more from one another... It's a tragic future!"

Calem holds a hand back to Shauna and Serena. "The original purpose of this device was to bring a Pokemon back to life. But the ancient king transformed it into this ultimate weapon... Hmm. When the two Legendary Pokemon awakened through your efforts, they took back much of their energy-their power-that had been sent to the ultimate weapon. There's not much power left... But there IS enough to use it once... A wave of destruction that will kill us all, or a burst of life that will let us live eternally; I can choose to kill us all here and now, or grant you immortality and let you wait for a beautiful world that will never come!"

Serena narrows her eyes to the crazed Lysandre, a dark glare forming in them. The machine fires a ray of red light in the skies, and she grabs both Shauna and Calem. "Let's go!"

"No," Calem says, breaking out of her grasp.

"But Calem, it's coming down!" Shauna tells him.

The X protagonist ignores her to stare at Lysandre. "So, you've decided to live eternally, or do you wish to end it all?"

"If I could rush to my death I'd do it, is what I normally thought. But now, I'm glad that I'm the way I am. Regardless of what happens I'll see you to your end." The older man's eyes widen in shock as Calem takes a seat.

"But Calem-"

"Go!" he shouts, staring into Serena's eyes in hopes to convince her.

She gulps, and rushes out with Shauna; the girl struggles in an attempt to break free and save their friend. Once they're out of the hideout, the beam begins its descent. Calem then stands, saying, "Thanks. I've just wanted to know why."

"I understand you a little more, Calem," Lysandre speaks before chuckling. "I knew there was something special about you and your connection to Xerneas! You're just like that girl out there, aren't you?"

"Goodbye, Lysandre." Calem runs to the stairs, feeling the base beginning to crumble around him. Along the way, his exit becomes blocked. "Crap."

He looks around for an alternate exit, about to give up. But before he can sigh in defeat, he senses something. Looking back into the darkening halls, he spots a little girl in green. Her eyes give a strange shine. "Wait, I know you!"

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on a sec! Now, you're probably wondering what's going on right? Well, sorry to break it to you but you guys were brought in a little late in this story to know what's going on. I had better work this out; my name is Calem Xavier, and the girls who left are my neighbors Serena Yvonne and Shauna Kingsleigh. Serena and I've known eachother since we were kids until...actually, I can tell you later. My story's just beginning...

The End.

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