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/Yugi speaking to Yami/ //Yami to Yugi// "talking" 'thinking' ~*~Dream sequence~*~


"And that's the last of your life points." Yami said smiling as the opponent went off sulking. "Wow Yami that was awesome!" Anzu yelled as Yami got off the lift. Yami just smiled and turned back into Yugi. They continued to walk. "Maybe now we'll find someone for Jou to duel." Honda said. Yugi sighed. Walking behind the others, Yugi listened to their conversation. "Wasn't Yami the best?" Jou asked. "Yeah I bet nobody can beat him!" Honda said. "He's so brave and strong and smart!" Anzu said. "He's so cool!" they said at the same time laughing. 'That's right,' Yugi thought 'I'm a nobody. I can't do anything right. I'm weak.' "Hey why don't we make camp here?" Jou asked. "Yeah okay." Honda said. Jou leaned against and tree and closed his eyes. Honda pulled out his sleeping bag and lied on the ground. Anzu put her bag on the ground and used it as a pillow. Yugi sighed again. Taking his backpack and propping it up against a tree, he leaned back. 'I'm worthless. Can't even play a game of Duel Monsters. I bet they like Yami more than me.' Yugi thought before quickly falling asleep.

~*~Dream sequence~*~

Yugi woke up with a start. Opening his eyes he looked around. Jou, Anzu and Honda were sitting in a circle talking quietly to each other. Yugi listened hard. He gasped. They were talking about him! "Who needs him when we've got Yami?" Anzu asked. "Yeah! I say we kill him then take Yami!" Honda said. "There's a waterfall nearby. We could throw him off that." Jou said. Yugi felt his puzzle glow and out popped his Yami holding a gun. "Or we could just shoot him." He said. "I know we can do both! We'll shoot him then throw him over the waterfall!" Honda said looking at the others. "Great idea!" they said at the same time. Yugi was shaking in fear and sadness. They did hate him. They did like Yami better. 'Maybe I should just let them kill me.' Yugi thought. Yugi looked up to see his Yami towering over him. "Why good morning Yugi. Why don't you come over and talk with us?" He said with an evil smirk. Yami bent down andgrabbed Yugi's arm. Hard. Yugi yelped out in pain. "Let's kill him now." Jou said. "I can't wait much longer" Yugi's eyes widened. 'Do I wanna die? No! I don't wanna die! Please no!' Yugi thought wildly. Yugi gasped as Yami pointed the gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

~*~End of dream sequence~*~

Yugi sat up strait, drenched in cold sweat. 'It was just a dream' he thought reassuring himself. 'But why did it seem so real? No! It was just a dream. But why does my arm still hurt?' //Yugi? Is something wrong aibou? You seem scared.// /No Yami nothings wrong/ //Are you sure?// /Yes! Just go away!/

Yami was startled. 'Something is wrong. Yugi never snap's at people!' Yugi stood up. 'I just need a walk. Yeah that's it. A walk.' Yugi thought, getting up and walking into the forest. He walked to a stream and took off his shoes and socks. Dipping his feet into the water he sighed. 'I should just drown myself.' //Yugi? Why did you walk away?// /I just wanted to take a walk./ //You might get hurt.// /Oh so you think I can't take care of myself huh?/ //No Yugi! I know you can-// /Just go away Yami! I know you all want me gone!/ //What!? I-// Yami started but was cut off as Yugi threw his shoes on a stumbled back to the camp. Writing a note Yugi nailed it to the tree he was sleeping at and started to take off the puzzle. //Yugi what are you doing?// Yami asked starting to get scared. /../ No response from Yugi. Yugi pulled off the puzzle and left it on the nail. Grabbing his bag Yugi walked back to the stream. Yami popped out and looked at the note. "Yugi." Yami said sadly.

"Ugh! Stupid sun! G'morning everybody." Jou said. Looking around Jou noticed Yami with his head between his knees, shaking. "Hey Yami what's the matter?" Jou asked concerned for his friend. Yami just pointed to the note Yugi left. Jou got up and walked over to the tree. He gasped. "Yug! What! Yami he left you here?! He thinks we like you more than him! But you're both our friends!" Jou yelled. Jou's yelling woke Anzu and Honda. "Why are you yelling Jou?" Anzu asked. "Look!" Jou said pointing to the note. With similar reactions from Anzu and Honda everyone started to panic. "I'm going to look for him! Something is definitely wrong!" Yami said running into the forest. "Yami!" Anzu yelled but got held back by Jou and Honda who shook their heads. "Yugi. Yami." Anzu whispered.

Now what about Yugi? What happened to him? Well okay I'll tell you! Yugi walked back to the stream. Taking off his shoes and socks again, he dipped his feet into the water. The water streamed through his toes and he liked it. Slowly he started to calm down. Suddenly, a shadow loomed over him. He looked up. 'Oh great someone else to make my day worse' He thought. And he was right. Right behind him stood Bakura. Not the nice gentle Bakura he knew, but the evil one. "Well, well, well what have we got here?" Yami Bakura said. "A light with no dark. You don't have your puzzle. I came here to steal it and you don't have it! How very rude. I think you should learn a lesson don't you?" He said smiling an evil smile. Yugi backed up. Yami Bakura laughed at Yugi's terror filled eyes. "Don't be scared. I'll make it hurt as much as possible!" He said laughing like a mad man and grabbing Yugi's arm. Yugi had never felt so much pain. Yami Bakura used him like a punching bag. Yugi wanted it to be over, to black out, to die. All of a sudden Bakura stopped. "I've gotten bored. I think I'll just get rid of you now." Laughing again Bakura pulled Yugi up to the stream. Yugi coughed up some blood before Bakura stuffed his face under the water....

Yami ran. Something bad was happening and he knew it. He wasn't sure what but he knew Yugi was in trouble. 'Hold on Yugi. I'm coming!' Yami thought. Yami guessed Yugi would go back to the stream. Yami finally made it to the stream and gasped. There was Yami Bakura holding a beat and torn Yugi under the water. Yugi was thrashing like crazy. Yami Bakura laughed as Yugi stopped moving. Yami charged at Yami Bakura and kicked him in the back. He went flying into the water. "Grrrr. Yami, I'll be back. But it looks like you're too late to save your light!" Bakura said laughing wildly before running away. "Yugi!" Yami gasped running up to his aibou. 'Yugi please be alright.' He thought.

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