New York City


Jake Muller didn't know it but Sherry thought he was breathtaking. Everything about him, his personality, voice, his attitude, even the way he looked at things, she found it all fascinating. Jake Muller also didn't know that Sherry Birkin couldn't stop thinking about him.

What Sherry Birkin didn't know was that Jake struggled to stop thinking about her. He always tried to keep his eyes off of her – as if he might become too focused on her appearance. Instead he looked around her, eyeing the men that walked past her and glancing with appreciative eyes at her body.

"Sherry, in here," he told her with his usual demure tone, it sounded almost sour. Anyone else would've thought that he was in a bad mood but Sherry knew that that was just his voice. She followed him into the dim lit café and shivered as the cold rolled off of her shoulders, everything was warm and smelled like coffee and nuts. Jake noticed how her eyes scanned, he had done it too, it was a paranoia thing.

They found a seat and ordered two coffees. While they waited for them to arrive they made small talk. It had been at least two weeks since they last saw each other, they went to see a movie and catch up. Sherry had been on a lot of missions and Jake had moved with his mother to New York. "Do you like it here?" She asked in her feminine voice, slipping her gloves off of her dainty fingers. It was amazing to him that this angelic girl could be so deadly with a handgun, that those hands could do so much damage on their own.

"Yeah, its cool enough I guess, my mom's lovin' it," he said and watched her as she took her jacket off.

Sherry was a dainty, petite female. Skinny, curvy, and small. He liked the sweetness of her personality, that was his favorite quality about her. She looked like a mouse but fought like a lion. Her eyes were hypnotizing to him, he tried to not look at them often because he often became transfixed by the blue iris' and the wide eyed stare she had. Her mouth captivated him just as much but instead of making him feel transfixed it made him want to rip her clothes off. She was hiding quite a little body beneath her clothing, he had seen it once and forced himself to look away. He still couldn't help but steal a glance at the perfect skin of her back. "This place is gorgous isn't it? People are always awake, food all over the place. It's girl heaven, just stay home and eat all types of food all day." She laughed, she noticed a corner of his mouth rise slightly.

"What about you?" he asked quietly and noticed how she folded her hands, "How's your life goin?"

"It's going," she laughed, she looked at his face, "and what about you? Are you seeing anyone yet?"

The question was simple enough but it still set Jake on edge. He didn't like the idea of being close to people, his life revolved around death and he didn't want to cause anyone any unnecessary heartbreak when he was found assassinated in a ditch somewhere. "Not seein' anyone, Cherie." she smiled at the french nickname which he said with an accented tone. Jake Muller, clever as always. "What about you? You seein' that Chris Redfield guy?" The man responsible for the death of his father.

"There's one guy at the base that wants to take me out. I accepted," her smile was small and Jake tensed but showed no visible difference.

"And Chris?" he asked.

She scoffed, "Chris is a nice guy, and his sister is like my sister. And he's too old for me. Anyways… he's more like a friend. And besides, he's dating a BSAA agent, Sheva Alomar. According to Claire they understand each other completely."

"Well isn't that nice," Jake said sarcastically and rolled his eyes. He knew Sheva Alomar had participated in his father's assassination, and while he did not like or admire his father – he still wasn't sitting alright with Chris Redfield.

"Don't be rude, Chris is a great guy. He's a fantastic soldier and he did what he felt was necessary-

"Are you trying to convince me that I should admire Chris for killing my father and more?" Jake said in a tone that was deadly quiet. She stared at him, a bit shocked. "Sherry, I know you're not that stupid."

Her face fell a little bit now. He seemed to be angry at her but she couldn't tell why. "Have I said something to upset you?"

In typical Jake Muller fashion he rolled his eyes at her, and started spitting words, "You are always doing something and you're too oblivious to realize it." He didn't even know why he was talking to her like that and this realization hit him far too late.

Sherry's face fell a bit more and just then their coffee's came. She accepted it gratefully, saying Thank you, and Jake said nothing. He grabbed the mug and drank it black and steaming. It didn't hurt him at all, Sherry on the other hand added sugar and watched the steam rise. Her eyes were focused on something, a bit far away.

"I think I should go," she said softly as she put more sugar in it and sipped it. "I didn't come here to argue with you. I just think that you shouldn't talk that way about Chris, he's like a brother-

"I thought he was like a friend." Jake retorted. That was it for her.

Sherry put the cup down before it touched her lips and turned to her jacket pocket. She pulled out some money and he was confused before he realized what she was doing. His stomach twisted. He didn't want her to leave; she just got here a few hours ago. He wouldn't see her for another two weeks!

"Sherry, don't go. I'm just bein' an asshole ." He said quietly, not apologizing but hoping that his self loathing would make her stay. Sherry looked at him with her soft big eyes, noticing how he always averted her gaze and took her money back, putting it in her pocket and watching him.

"So how's work?" She changed the subject with a smile. He was grateful for that.

"Works good, I mean all I have to do is move shit, that's not too hard. Not used to it that's for sure but it beats shooting heads off of the dead."

"Anything beats that," she murmured and sipped her coffee. "Leon invited me to a small get together he's having. Everyone's going to be there, I think you should come."

"Everyone? Who's everyone?" Jake was very apprehensive.

"Me, Claire, Leon, Chris, Jill… hopefully you."

He shook his head, "I'm not going to that. Hanging out with a bunch of people who don't know me and probably hate me."

"Well, yeah, I can see how that might be a little bit awkward." Her voice became sad and she looked disappointed. He couldn't go there, he had found out about his father and the first thing he did when he came into contact with a computer was research him. He found endless paragraphs dedicated to detailing the horrors his father inflicted, and he knew that Chris was related to Claire. He knew Jill and Chris worked with his father at one point so they all had a hate for him, Albert Wesker, the man who abandoned his own son.

"Hey, do you want to sleep over my house whenever you have off?" He asked her. "Watch movies and all that shit."

"Yeah, that could be fun! We could so do that and go partying or something, I haven't been out dancing in the longest time."

He nodded. He hated dance clubs, too many people. But with Sherry it might not be so bad.

"So then you have off soon?" He asked her.

"Yeah, I mean – I have off next week entirely."

"What are you going to be doing for work?" He sipped his burning coffee.

"I'm investigating pretty basic stuff, doing some top secret killer manhunt types of deals."

Jake looked at her in the face, she tried to not catch her breath. He was so fascinating to look at. His face was long, angular, and his share was cropped short like always. He had the strangest blue eyes, they seemed to penetrate through you and he had the most gorgeous mouth she had ever laid eyes on. Even the scar on his face was fascinating, she always wanted to run her fingers down it, but touching him was a out of the question, he seemed to not like it very much. He was like a rebel without a cause, anything that was asked of him to do would only be done if he felt it was asked nicely. He wouldn't obey anyone, even with simple things, like telling him to pick something up.

"You know I worry about ya' when you're out doin' those missions right?" He said quietly, almost angrily.

"I know, you're my best friend Jake, and I appreciate it. But I need you to trust me."

"That doesn't change the fact that it's nerve wracking to think that maybe you won't be comin' back."

She grinned at him, "I always come back, don't I?"

"Yes." And he was so thankful for that, he just didn't know that yet, but he would.

"You gotta' be careful on those missions they're always sending you on."

"I can handle myself," she smiled kindly at him and then watched him roll his eyes, she resisted the urge to laugh. Jake was always so skeptical of everything she said.

When it was time for her to leave Sherry felt a little overwhelmed with sadness. The way her friend walked her to her car was in a very solemn way, as if he couldn't believe that she was actually going to go on yet another mission. He looked focused on something as he kept his eyes trained straight ahead of him.

"Jake, are you okay?" She asked softly, noticing that he seemed to be frowning.

"No, I'm not okay," his accent was coming out. She knew instantly that he was angry. "They're always sending you on these stupid missions and putting you in danger. Don't you ever think that maybe its time to get a normal job, not something so dangerous?" They had reached her car now and she stood there staring up at him with mild confusion. He was so hot- and cold, where was this coming from? They had been find just a few minutes ago and now he was back to acting like if she had pissed him off my calling him names or something.

The lights behind Jake Muller's head flashed and for a moment he was all she could see as if he were taller then the buildings themselves and noisier then the streets, more alluring then all the smells of food that lingered in the air. "Jake, this is my job. It's how I found you. Please don't make this harder than it has to be."

"Make what harder than it has to be?" He challenged, his height made her feel smaller so she tilted her chin up defiantly.

"This. You always criticize my job, my lifestyle choices. You're not my father! He's dead!"

He glared at her. "I know I'm not your father."

"So stop trying to tell me what to do as if you have some authority over me."

"I'm just trying to help you Sherry! This field is not for you."

She raised a brow, "For me?"

"For someone like you." She smirked at this and folded her arms, watching him intently. He looked uncomfortable as she spoke.

"You hardly know me Jake, you couldn't even tell me what my favorite color is – so don't pretend that you know my character. You don't get to tell me what to do, just like I don't tell you what to do. Not only that but I saved your ass a bunch of times so don't tell me I'm not well equipped for this job. I' am as good as any and you know it. Lastly, you're my friend Jake, not my boyfriend; do not try to control me."

He felt a flare at his chest and it wasn't of hurt. Instead it was anger. He wanted to believe that it was because she was being so stubborn, and that she was constantly challenging his thoughts. He wanted to believe that it was because she and he could never get along, but those were not the reasons, and he would come to know this much later after she was gone. In his rage he simply glared at her and hissed, "Fuck you."

Sherry stood there, slightly shocked, but slightly disappointed too. She knew he had a bad temper; she read it in his file and had been with him long enough to know that it didn't take much to push Jake Muller's buttons. But she never expected he would say it to her. And it hurt. She stared at him for a few seconds and watched as he uncomfortably shifted in her gaze.

Jake tore his eyes away from her as she looked down and stared at the keys in her hand. She moved them around quietly, trying to keep the tears from brimming in her eyes. Sherry had never responded well to harsh tones and this wasn't an exception. His once soothing eyes now made her feel hurt and she couldn't even look at him.

She wanted to say 'good-bye' to him but felt he didn't deserve even that.


Without a backwards glance she climbed into her car and started the engine. She didn't acknowledge him as she backed up a little and then drove into the traffic of New York. She could hardly keep a whimper out of her throat as she drove away from her best friend with tears blurring the colorful lights in her vision. How could he say something like that to me?

Jake on the other hand stood there, reeling and cursing at himself. She didn't deserve that you motherfucker, he told himself.

In typical Muller fashion he tried to lie to himself, he told himself that she was going to call him, and that when she did he would apologize, that part wasn't a lie. He hated himself so much.

She didn't deserve that.

Inside, Jake new it would be a long time before he heard from his best friend.

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