Final Chapter


10 Months Later - Siberia

The whiskey burned as it slid down her throat. God, it tasted horrible. But at the same time she just couldn't find it in her to put it down. Something about the buzz it was giving her made her feel so fantastically tingly all over and so much more aware of her body. She put the cup down and smiled at the bartender who was watching her with a wary gaze.

"You're lookin' real cute," someone rasped into the right side of her ear in a Russian accent. She turned her head and saw a man there with black hair and deep brown eyes, he was cockily smirking, the thing was it didn't suit his face at all. She looked at him up and down for a minute, "you like what you see, sweetheart?" He grinned.

She smirked and took another sip of her whiskey, shrugging, "I'm just checking you out."

"Why?" The guy laughed.

"Because I'm going to kick the shit out of you if you don't step away from her right now." Jake growled behind the man. Sherry smirked as the man stumbled backwards and away from Sherry who looked to Jake.

"You didn't have to threaten him like that," she told him, chuckling as the man blushed furiously, embarrassed.

"Well, he shouldn't have been ogling." Jake's eyes narrowed at the man, "go away!"

The man jogged as far from Sherry and Jake as he could. Sherry rolled her eyes with a laugh and slapped Jake on the arm gently, "you're so mean. You really shouldn't do that, you're going to find someone to kick your ass one day and then your girlfriend is going to have to save you, how embarrassing would that be?"

Jake smirked, "baby, the only person who could possibly kick my ass is me, and I don't plan on fighting myself anytime soon."

She laughed at this.

The past ten months had been great. They weren't perfect but they were great nonetheless. It had been hard for Jake to have limited physical interaction with her, no sex, period. He was handling it like a man, getting grumpy at night when all he wanted to do was take her. She felt bad but knew that it was vital to taking it 'slow' as she had told him. He got over it by the morning.

When Jakes mother passed eight months ago he had not been as devastated as she imagined he would be. He explained to her that he had been preparing himself mentally for it for a long time, and when she died he told Sherry that his mother had wished for him to shed no tears. And so he didn't.

He wasn't very happy for about a month after that but the therapy helped him a lot. He didn't lash out like he usually would, but when he did get angry he simply gave Sherry a warning, explaining that he needed a breath of fresh air. Sherry nodded and let him leave, he'd return with a clear head and a calmer voice.

"I'm so proud of you," Sherry murmured, he looked to her with a confused gaze, "Jake you realize how far along you've come right? You are completely the same but completely different. You're not so…. Angry anymore. And when you do get angry you handle it so well."

"Thanks," he muttered shyly and looked to his beer, "to tell you the truth though, that therapist is staring to get on my nerves."


"She's asking me about things that don't matter…"

"Like what?" Sherry asked, folding her hands on the top of the bar and glancing at her watch. Not yet, but very soon.

"She was askin' me about Albert Wesker," he voice lowered, "she doesn't know his name of course but she was askin' about how I felt about my distant relationship with my father. What's the relevance of that when I didn't even know him?"

Sherry thought for a moment, "well it might help her understand why you are the way you hare, maybe if your father was in your life you would look at certain things different. So she wants to know because she's trying to get a bigger picture."

"But that's just it Sherry," he stressed, "there is no picture. That man was not a part of my life period, what in the world would he have to do with my personality."

"It's not so much about that Jake, it may be that his absence affected you. And it did. It's not a question of 'maybe it did'. Since your dad wasn't there it put a lot of stress on you and your mother. I imagine that this stress caused you to hate your dad more than anything else. So, she wants to know about that type of stuff."

Jake stared at Sherry for a moment in thought. He did hate Albert Wesker, and knowing that the man left his mother did not hurt, it only enraged him. Sherry had put it in terms that were so plain and simple, and true, that he resisted the urge to kiss her for knowing him so well. It was one of those euphoric feelings you get when you get something you always wanted. She gets me…

"I'll see what I can tell her. She better not expect a sob story."

"Just tell her the truth, that's all she cares about," Sherry smiled softly. "So how else is the therapist?"

"She was asking me about you and I," he noticed how Sherry's eyebrows rose; "she wanted to know if you and I were in this for the long haul."

"Well how are we supposed to know that?" Sherry asked.

"I guess what she meant was how serious are we. Like if this goes on for a long time would we move in together, would we try to get married, that sort of stuff.." he mumbled.

Sherry's eyes widened. She didn't know how to respond to that. On one hand she didn't want to offend him and pretend that the thought never crossed her mind, but on the other hand she didn't really want to have this time of discussion. She didn't want to send any mixed signals, "well I'd be lying if thoughts like that never crossed my mind, you know?" He stared at her wide eyed, "oh come on Jake don't look at me like that. I'm not saying I'm ready to go to Las Vegas and get married. I'm just saying that it has crossed my mind as it would any other person."

"Yeah," he murmured softly and twisted the beer, "I don't know.. I just never thought about things like that. I always thought that if I were in a relationship for more than five years it would just as serious as any marriage would be… without the legal work behind it, you know?"

"Don't worry Jake, I'm not really into the whole idea of marriage either." She tried to reassure him, "And if I do change my mind I promise I won't be buying any white dresses anytime soon."

Jake stayed quiet after that for a while, and then voiced his thoughts, "I'm nervous."

"About what we're doing tonight?"

"Yeah, what if I don't find what I'm looking for."

Sherry thought about that for a moment and patted his hand, "Jake, if you don't find what you're looking for then we will keep looking, okay?"

"Okay." Jake answered, nodding and finishing his beer. She looked down at her watch again, it was time "Time to go?"

"Yeah," she nodded and slammed some cash down on the table paying for both their drinks. He towed her by the hand out the door of the bar and then they stepped out into the blistering cold night. Sherry shivered beside him and followed him into the blizzard that swirled wildly around them.

"You know – if my dad had raised me, and your father had been alive, you and I would have kind of grown up together?" He told her, looking all around them with paranoid eyes. He could hardly see through all the snow, "I think I wouldn't have liked you"

"Why do you say that?" Sherry asked, squinting through the show. The bar cabin behind them was now impossible to see.

"You're too much of a goody two shoes," he laughed.

"Hey! No I'm not!" She protested indignantly, stopping in the snow and glaring at him. He raised a brow and stopped, staring at her too now. "Take it back.."

"Why would I take it back?" He licked his drying lips quickly and smirked, "you are a good girl. Look at you."

"Take it back Jake! I'm not!"

"You are," he countered easily, "I can't even say the word tits-" she blushed, "without you blushing, look at you!"

"Would a good girl do this?" She raised her hands to her chest and squeezed before lowering her hands to her hips. Then, to her shock he burst into laughter, falling to his knees in the snow and clutching his stomach as he bellowed with humor, "stop laughing at me!" She stomped indignantly as he howled laughter into the night sky.

"Sherry t-t-that was pathetic," he laughed, imagining her squeezing her breasts again, "do you really think that takes away your good-girl status?"


He wiped at a tear and tried to compose himself but failed. Sherry angrily marched to him and shoved him into the snow. He laughed up at her as she glared at him with her hands on her hips again. Her little nose was scrunched up with annoyance, "that the best you've got?"

She reached down and gathered a clump of snow.

"Sherry don't-

"Ha!" She laughed as she slammed it into his face. He stiffened as the cold sizzled at his skin. His eyes widened up at her as she laughed, "good girls don't do that!"

He let out a deep growl from the back of his throat and seized her leg. She gave a yelp as he rolled her onto her back and pressed her into the snow, straddling her victoriously as she streaked to get away from the snow but to no avail.

"Jake stop its cold!" She squealed and struggled under his weight as he sat on her hips, careful to not crush her unnecessarily.


She went still, "no. You take it back first."

"Fine." He pressed her shoulders deeper into the snow. Sherry squealed and he laughed as she started apologizing.

"Okay! Okay! I'm sorry, please Jake it's cold!" She pleaded. Her big blue eyes filled with snow and she blinked them away.

Quickly he let her up. Her body was always so easy to maneuver, even now as her limbs locked from the cold; he easily pulled her into his arms as she shivered wildly against him. He chuckled darkly as she clutched him tightly to her smaller frame, "sorry Cherie, but you were askin' for it."

"You a-a-a-ass" she chattered out, burying her face into his warm neck. "It's so cold…"

"You want me to warm you up?"

Sherry nodded, rather innocently as he turned her face up. She could hardly feel the leather gloves on his hands against the skin of her freezing cheeks. Jake's eyes smoldered down at her. She knew it was coming; they were always perfectly in sync.

Sherry let her eyes close as Jake's mouth came down on her own. At first it was a gentle kiss, nothing more then a touching of their lips, tasting each other subtly. But as the familiar heat started rising up her neck she felt him growing more fervent in turn.

The snow started to melt in his hair as his temperature sharply shot up, Sherry pressed herself closer in turn until his hands were on her hips, pressing her to his stirring groin. His tongue darted out and tasted her lips. He smirked at her as a small breath left her body. He grinded his hips against hers gently, groaning at the contact.

"Jake.. no we can't."

"Are you warm yet?" He asked softly, kissing her forehead and then her temples, trailing down until he found her earlobe where he nibbled gently. "Answer me Sherry."

"Y-yes." She stuttered.

"You're lying," he snarled gently and thrust against her again, she groaned out and her cheek flared up with blood, "you're chattering baby."

"I-I.. I'm okay." She whispered out, wishing he wouldn't stop the movement of his hip against her. She whimpered.

Suddenly above the sound of the howling snow they picked up what sounded like a hiss. They both stiffened against each other and listened intently. They picked up the sound of growling now; Sherry sighed and looked up at Jake who was grinning at her.

Jake's walkie started crackling, he grabbed it with annoyance, "yeah?" he spoke into it rather unprofessionally.

"We have signs of them coming your way." Chris's voice sounded serious and hushed, completely different from Jake's. Sherry smirked.

"Yeah, we here 'em," Jake answered.

"Be careful with them, remember what happened last month when you decided to start fooling around, you almost got yourself -

"I'll be fine, Redfield." Jake laughed, "it was just a scratch, nothing happened."

"You should still be careful," Sherry huffed, remembering how worried she had been, although she knew his body wouldn't react to the creature that had scratched him.

"Remember, after you take them out move north until you reach the next cabin. I'll be here waiting for you with Leon, after that we'll make our way into Tricell's lab and take these fuckers down once and for all."

"My father's files will be in there right?" Jake asked with a hard look, Sherry looked around them uncomfortably.

"They'll be there, maybe we'll find out why it was that he left in the first place." Chris answered. Sherry could make out Leon's voice in the background telling Chris to urge them to hurry up.

"Time to go." Sherry stated, pulling out her handgun and taking the safety off.

"We'll finish what we started later?" Jake placed a chaste kiss on her lips and reaching for his gun.

"No sex!" She reminded him, he pouted slightly as the growls grew louder. She could hear the footsteps in the snow; she could hear their breathing already picking up as she raised her handgun to where she could distinctly make out an irregular formed head and a open snarling mouth.

She popped off the first round at the mutated Javo coming towards them.

What if we don't find anything? - Jake though warily.

All he wanted was happiness, and answers to why his father deserted his mother, he wanted to know who his father was, he wanted to know if his father ever knew he existed.

Jake looked towards Sherry who was popping round with a squinted eye.

He grinned at her when she looked to him, making sure he was okay.

If they didn't find answers he didn't think he'd mind as much as he might have a few months ago. Sherry's presence ultimately gave him peace, and she herself was an answer to whatever question he held. She satisfied every need. He wouldn't need anyone else as long as he lived as long as he had her, and even if she were ever to leave his side, no one would ever, ever compare fill even half the hole in him like she did.

"I love you Cherie!" he playfully tossed at her and kicked a Javo in the head. Sherry turned around angrily.

"Jake focus!"

"I can't with you here," he fooled around, holding his hands out in an innocent, blameless gesture, ignoring the Javo growling at him.


"Say you love me!" He tossed in her direction, grinning at her growing annoyance.

"Come on be careful stop fooling around!" She popped off another round, this time at the Javo near him. He smirked as she started coming nearer to him, trying to protect him from the Javo that she was taking out so easily. "Jake you are so annoying!"

"Come on," he grinned.

"I love you! Happy now?!" She tried to look angry but failed miserably.

Happy would never cover how he felt when she said that. Never.




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And now, a TINY preview:

"Jake ignored him; Billy spoke up, "what do you think about that Sherry girl? She's nice. I think she was into me."

Jake rolled his eyes, "that girl reminds me of a fucking mouse."

"Yeah, she does. But that's nice, a girl who doesn't talk so much." Billy clutched his head, the room was spinning.

"Don't fuck with Sherry, she's Shev's friend. And Shev is going to kill me if the two of you start playing your sick little games with that girl." Chris glared at Billy who opened his eyes and stared at Chris with irritation.

"I'm just saying that she's cute, I think she likes me."

"You're out of your fucking mind," Chris muttered and stood from the couch as Jake sniggered madly.

"How much do you wanna' bet I can get that girl to kiss me in less than two weeks?" Jake threw out in his haze.

"Twenty bucks, and I'll give you thirty if you can get her to give you tongue!" Billy giggled.

"You two are disgusting." Chris hissed"


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