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"What wrong" I ask

"the Black dragons"he says

"ok be there in a sec" I say

I hang up the phone and walk back over to Maya

"Can the Movie wait for a bit my Sensi just called he needs me at the Dojo" I say

"Sure" she says

"you're coming with me" I say

"no im not" she says

"yea" I say

"make me" she says crossing her arms

"fine" I say

I walk over to her and pick her up

"PUT ME DOWN" she says

"No" I say

I grab my skateboard and open the door.


"Okay be back in time for dinner" my mom says

"ok" I say

I walk outside and put my skateboard down. I set Maya down and hop on.

"Come on" I say

"is it safe" she asks

"yea my friends and I do it all the time" I say

"Um okay" she says

He hops on my board with me.

"hold on" I say

She wraps her arms around me and me take off. I speed up when we go down a hill.

"Slow down" she says laughing

"that's no fun" I say

"yea and neither is getting killed" she says

"we wont" I say

"how do you know" she asks

"I just do" I say

We go through traffic and Maya holds on tight. We finally pull up to the mall and we hop off.

"was that so bad" I ask picking up my board

"yes" she says

"Come on you get to meet the gang" I say

"cool" She says

"wait" I say grabbing her hand

"yea" She says

I push up the sleeve of her jacket and see a gold charm bracelet.

"you still have this"I ask

"yea"She says

"I gave this to you years ago" I say

"I know and it's still my favorite bracelet"She says

I smile and let go of her hand. We walk into the mall and go to the Dojo. When we get there we see the outside I'd say wreak.

"Frank" I mutter to myself

"Who's Frank"Maya asks

"Some dude who wants to die"I say

Then Milton Eddie and Rudy come out.

"Jack you're here" Rudy says

"yea what happened" I ask

"the black dragons came" Milton says

"They told us to back out of the tournament next week" Eddie says

"Do they want to Die" I ask

"Jack who's this" Rudy asks looking at Maya who's texting

"oh Guys this is my old friend Maya, Maya this is my Sensi Rudy and my friends Milton and Eddie" I say

"Hi" Maya says

"hey" Milton and Eddie say

"Nice to Meet you Maya" Rudy says

"would you like to come inside" I ask

"Sure" she says

When we walk in i show Maya all the trophies.

"Wow you guys are good" Maya says

"Well we have Jack and he and Kim won most of those" Milton says

"Who's Kim" Maya asks

"the only girl that goes here" Eddie says

"yea you and her would get along great" i say

"Well i would love to meet her" Maya says with her beautiful smile

wait did i just say that, well its true she can light of a room with her personality. What am i saying, Do i like her?

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