Chapter 11

Kwai Chang Cain walked around Lake Tahoe, slowly. It truly was beautiful.

"What is it that you are pondering, Grasshopper?"

Cain heard the words of Master Po from the bench behind him, but he did not yet have the words to respond. He continued to watch the small bugs land on the surface of the water, sending ever growing rings to the rim of the pond.

"The water acts as a mirror, Master. But the smallest creature can disturb the reflection."

The Master smiled. "What happens when the small creature lands on the water?"

"It makes rings. The rings grow and hit the edge of the pond."

Master Po nodded. "When a man takes a wife, they may find harmony in their life with each other. But when a child is born to the family, all that was known before becomes upset. Do you think the family finds this as cause for grief?"

"No, Master."

"So it is. We may have the perception of perfection, but sometimes the seemingly insignificant action of one..small...creature...can disrupt that illusion and allow us to see the world with more clarity."

Cain glided his hand on the surface of the water, stood, and resumed his journey.