So I'm kind of new to this and still trying to figure things out, but I'm here with my first one shot called Midnight Picnic! I do accept constructive criticism but that doesn't mean really madam comments. I've been a silent reader for about 3 months and I've finally made my own account. So, I hope you like this little one one shot! Please please review! Also I created a twitter so go follow me dreamstar779!

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Zander's POV

"See I told you we would have fun!" I said while laying on the ground turning to my left to see Stevie looking up at the night sky before meeting my eyes.

"We'll I'll admit Robbins, I did have fun, but who knew you could be romantic?" Stevie said facing me and giving me her famous smirk.

I returned a smile saying " Well baby, I thought you figured that out on our first date!"

" Our first date? Z, our first date was to In-n-Out and you tried to kiss me at my door step, but my brothers opened the door before you even got the chance! Romantic? No. Funny? Yes."

" Steve's, c'mon that was not funny they chased me all the way out to my truck! Plus I don't see any of your brothers around now so..." I said pulling her by her waist closer to my chest before I slammed my lips to her's, not giving her a chance to respond. As we pull away, I feel her head lay on my chest.

"Thanks for everything tonight Z! This is really beautiful!" She said

"Anything for my lady! Nothing is as beautiful as you Steve's!"

I could feel her smile while she said "Thanks Z!"

We laid there in silence looking up at the stars before I broke the silence saying " Stevie?"


"You know I love you right?"

" I know. I love you too" she said while turning to look up at me. I reached down and kissed her on her forehead.

*Time skip*

We packed up the truck and started our journey back to her house. The whole way back we sang at the top of out lungs and danced like there was no tomorrow. As I pulled up to her house, I saw that a couple of lights were on. She turned to me saying "You don't have to walk me to the door since my brothers are up waiting for me ready to kill you probably."

Getting out of the truck I said "No, it's fine. I want to spend every moment I can with my gorgeous girlfriend!" She smiled and looked down. I grabbed her hand and intertwined our fingers as we reached the porch.

"Goodnight beautiful" I said before giving her a kiss on her forehead. "Goodnight" she said while smiling. She opened the door and let herself in as I turned around to walk back to my truck I couldn't help but think that I'm the luckiest guy in the world!