Title: Demon and the Beast

Summary: The Titans return from Tokyo. Aside from Robin and Starfire being an official couple, everything is back to normal (as normal as a superhero life gets)…right? Not quite.

Disclaimer: Teen Titans is the creation of other brilliant minds, I don't own it. Nuff said.

Author's Notes: 1) Read and enjoy, and please review! Reviews that say you like it are nice, but reviews that say why you like it are better.

2.) I like to include a big thank you to Raven'sWinterRaine, who was my Beta for this story.

3.) Timeline wise this was written as Trouble in Tokyo followed Things Change.

POTENTIAL SPOILER: For the record, I don't hate Terra. I actually take some pity on her for what she went through. The way I use her in the story is mainly because I think it serves as an interesting twist in the plotline. Similarly I changed a few things from the canon facts to suit the story (like the background of Beast Boy's parents' death and his resulting journey after that). I only ask you give it a chance to see how it works in the story.

Chapter 1: Evolution

It was late morning at the Titan Tower. Behind the couch were mountains of empty pizza boxes. In front of the couch were two pizzas, one meat supreme and one five cheese blend. On the couch, Cyborg and Beast Boy were engaged in a competition.

"Oh-yeah, come on baby!" Cyborg shouted at his video game fighter on the big screen.

"No…no…no…arrrrrrrgh!" responded Beast Boy as he attempted to get his fighter away from the screen's edge. It was futile.

"BOO-YAH! Chalk up another one to the video game masta!"

"You've been playing all week since we got back from Tokyo. It's been my week for dishes, so I haven't had the time. I'm a bit rusty."

"Well then, maybe we should go another round. Get you back up to speed."

"Rematch? It is so…" Beast Boy was cut off by the communication alert flashing on the screen. Cyborg quickly hit the answer button and Bumblebee appeared on screen.

"Sorry to hit you guys up so soon after getting back from Tokyo, but there's been a massive jailbreak."

Cyborg got right up off the couch. "Where?"

"Easy Sparky, we don't know where any of them are right now. I'm just sending out an information update. The jailbreak was from the Brotherhood of Evil's last known base."

Beast Boy quipped, "Someone unfroze all of them?"

"Actually, the Brain, Monsignor Mallah, General Immortus, and Madam Rouge are still there, frozen stiff. Everyone else is gone."

Cyborg raised his eyebrow. "Wait a second, didn't Tramm and me install Warnings and non-deadly booby traps to keep people out of there. Plus security sensors, video surveillance, and a few still cameras in case someone got through all that and went into the freezer room?"

"Yes, you did. But, the intruder got through it all without tripping one trap or sensor. All the video surveillance was destroyed."

Beast Boy asked, "And the still cameras?"

"All broken, except the one hidden inside the chiller. The picture is too fuzzy from the ice bending the light rays. Whoever this character is, he or she has a lot of skill. If Young Flash hadn't been taking a 'stroll' through the base, we might have never found out."

Cyborg uttered, "Light Adjustment Program."

Beast Boy and Bumblebee stared at Cyborg.

"I've been experimenting with light bending for the windshield of the T-Car to cut down or redirect glare while chasing down a villain. I've been using a program to digitally simulate reflection angles and the resulting images. The same principles could apply here. We digitally bend the light in reverse to recreate the image. It won't be a pretty picture, but it might be enough to identify this creep." Cyborg walked over to the communication screen opened the drawer with the keyboard. "I'm sending you the program now. It might take a bit of time to filter out the glare, but you should be able to get a clear picture by the end of tomorrow."

"Thanks, I get back to you as soon as I have information." Bumblebee reached for off button but stopped. "Are you two the only ones in the Tower?"

"No. Robin and Starfire are enjoying some quality time in town, but Raven is meditating in her room," Beast Boy replied as he grabbed another slice of cheese pizza. He paused as he was about to take a bite. "That's odd; she should have been here by now after hearing the communication alarm."

Cyborg's whole body silently expressed a terrified HIGHEEEEEE behind Beast Boy. Quickly regaining his composure, he stuttered, "I answered pretty quickly, so maybe she didn't hear it. She can get pretty focused when she's meditating."

"I don't know," Beast Boy said rubbing his chin. "I'll head over to her room and see if she's okay. At worst, she'll just get irritated at me again." The green hero turned and started to walk toward the living room's exit.

Cyborg looked like he was having a mental breakdown, dancing in one place, and mumbling to himself. "Think…think…think." He leaped over the couch and caught Beast Boy by the shoulder. "I've got a better idea. Everyone's been in such a good mood since we got back, we shouldn't cause any unnecessary…irritation. Instead, you head over to the garage. We'll take the T-Car out to the Jump City Dirt Track and I'll let you race her for a few hours."

"All Sweet, you mean it?!"

Cyborg felt like choking on his tongue. "Yeah"

Beast Boy vroomed right by his best friend. Cyborg let out a relieved sigh.

"Um, Sparky, what was that all about?"

Cyborg turned to face the screen. "If my heart makes it through what he's about to do to my car, you owe me big time for making Beast Boy think about Raven."

Bumblebee raised her left eyebrow.

Taking a deep breath and exhaling, Cyborg explained. "This is going to sound strange, but… Raven pulled me aside this morning right after Robin and Starfire left. She said she needed someone to keep Beast Boy distracted so he wouldn't notice that she had left the tower to take care of something."

"Of something?"

"She said she would tell me after Robin and Starfire got back today. I have a hunch and if I'm right, I really don't want to be the one who ruins it and gets her mad."

"What's your hunch?"

"Well tomorrow is-"

"Hey Cyborg! Which Garage Stall was the T-Car in again?"

"It's the one closest to the Tower entrance." Turning back to the screen, Cyborg said nervously. "Sorry Bumblebee, gotta run bye." Cyborg disconnected the communication and dashed for the garage.

Robin pulled his motorcycle into the Tower's garage and unclipped his helmet. Starfire uncurled her arms from around Robin's waist.

"So that is what they call joy riding?" asked Starfire.

Robin hopped off the bike. "It sure is. It's nice riding around town not chasing after some crazed villain or henchman."

"It was nice."

Robin grabbed Starfire's hand as the couple began to walk through the garage stalls. They reached the stall closest to the entrance. "Looks like Cyborg took the T-Car for a spin too," observed Robin. If Beast Boy went with him, things will be pretty mellow here until they get back.

The pair stepped into the lounge area and heard rummaging sounds coming from the pantry. Starfire's hands went straight to her mouth. "Oh, no, Silkie must have gotten loose again." She quickly went around the counter only to find…Raven halfway inside a bottom cupboard, going through the pots and pans. "Have you lost something, friend?"

After backing out of the cupboard, Raven turned to face the red haired beauty. "Have you seen the cake pan?"

Robin by this point had stepped around the counter and stood behind his hovering girlfriend. "Why are you looking for a cake pan?"

"To bake a cake," replied Raven in her usual monotone voice.

Robin's face looked as if his mind had just exploded. Starfire however, cheerfully joined in on the search. As she checked the top cupboards, Starfire asked, "This pan we are searching for, it is the device Cyborg or Robin have used to create the numerous pieces of sweet bread for the various celebration of birth?"

"Uh, yeah, that's the one."

As the girls searched and conversed, Robin meandered over to the bags on the kitchen counter. Peeking inside one, he saw a wax orange cat. He smirked as he started to see Raven's plan.

Cyborg wheeled out from underneath the T-Car inside Jump City Track's Garage. "There, the T-Car is now officially reassembled." Then turning toward Beast Boy, he shouted, "AND IT"S GOING TO STAY THAT WAY THIS TIME!"

"Okay Dude, I only totaled it ten times today. Besides I'm all raced out."

One big drop of sweat could be seen on Cyborg's face. Yeah, ten times in FIVE HOURS!

Beast Boy's stomach grumbled extremely loudly. "So as you drive us home, how's about stopping somewhere so we can get a bite to eat?"

"BB, the amount of food you've already eaten today is about how much I go through in a week. How are you still hungry? Actually, forget just being hungry. Your stomach is growling like you haven't eaten a thing all day. What's up?"

The green hero could only shrug.

"Just get in the car. I've got an idea as to where we can get you some food."

"Thanks Cy!"

As the duo reached the docks district of Jump City, Cyborg pulled in front of a new restaurant. Beast Boy got out of the car and read the title. "Food Kingdoms, hmmm, interesting title, but it's not open."

"Grand Opening is tonight. They started building while we were going around the world fighting the Brotherhood of Evil. The opening night campaign started while we were in Tokyo." Cyborg looked at the clock on his arm. "Should open in about fifteen minutes actually."

From behind them, someone shouted, "Hey, Shiny Head, is that you?"

Cyborg gritted his teeth as he thought, yup right on time. Figured he show up here. If I play my cards right… Cyborg turned around. "Hey Brad Fillerstein, I figured you'd be here."

Beast Boy looked at the young man Cyborg had addressed. He had lush blond hair, eyes as blue as the sky, and from his clothes one could tell he come from a very wealthy background. He was a shade taller than Cyborg and about as muscular built.

Brad condescendingly replied, "Of course, I may have been the second best athlete in our school after you before your…well you know, but I was always the best food eating champion. Even now I still beat you in that easily Shiny Head. But I have heard that you've been making quite the name for yourself as part of that superhero team."

Beast Boy started to speak. "Where do you get off calling my frie…" He was silenced by Cyborg's hand over his mouth.

"Allow me to introduce one of my compatriots. This is Beast Boy. Beast Boy, this guy is an old high school rival of mine, Brad Fillerstein." Cyborg took his hand off his friend's mouth.

"Nice to meet you," the green hero uttered as he stuck out his hand.

Shaking it, Brad replied, "The pleasure is all yours. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a challenge to issue."

"The usual one, Brad?" Cyborg asked.

"Yes, anytime a new restaurant or diner opens in this city, I take on any challenger in a food eating contest. The loser pays the bill for both parties."

"Both sides don't have to eat the same thing, and even if one side gives up or loses, the winner still eats until satisfied. Everything included on the bill."

"You remember well Shiny Head. I believed you've paid three of my bills this year so far. Care to try again? I always enjoy a free meal."

"I was wondering if you would try taking on my friend here."

Beast Boy interrupted, "But Cyborg, I've never beaten you in our food eating contests. How am I supposed to win against someone you can beat? I don't have the money to…"

"I accept," spoke the arrogant jock. "Now, pardon me. I need to go speak with the cook to inform them of who the challenger is." The blond strolled right on by.

Beast Boy then addressed his friend. "Cy, did you get your wires crossed or something?"

Cyborg handed in the sample menu in the newspaper ad that morning. "Come on BB, here, just look at the food selection."

American Country, Italian Cuisine, Seafood Kingdom, "VEGETARIANS PARADISE! Okay, Cyborg, I'll give it a shot."

"That's my man."

As the clocks in Titan Tower chimed eight times, Raven was partially reclined on the couch reading a book. Starfire and Robin were playing a card game at the dining table. It was Robin's turn. "So do you have any Quee-" He was interrupted by a faint scream. Dropping his cards on the table, he rushed to the window and opened it. Pulling a pair of binoculars out of his utility belt, he scoured the cove. He spotted the T-Car cruising back towards the island from the docks.

Cyborg and Beast Boy entered the lounge area. Robin quickly asked, "Did you two hear any screams?"

"An acquaintance of mine screamed a few minutes ago when he got the check after losing an eating contest."

"So, no one's in danger," added Beast Boy as he made his way over to the fridge. When he opened it, Cyborg blurted out.

"Dude, you're still HUNGRY! You consumed that restaurant's entire stock of food tonight."

"No I didn't. They still had plenty of meat in stock when I left. Besides, I don't feel like I'm starving anymore. I'm only getting a before bedtime snack. So…I'll start with this, and this, and oh a little bit of that, this looks great, plus some of this…" Within a minute, Beast Boy had a stack of food two feet high. He closed the refrigerator door with his foot. Seeing the cards on the table, he said, "I'll just snack on this in my room tonight. Have a goodnight everybody."

Robin tried to get his green friend's attention. "Beast Boy, I thought we agreed no more food…" The door to the lounge shut.

Cyborg put a hand on Robin's shoulder. "Don't worry. There won't be a crumb left. He might even turn into a mouse and search for any crumbs leftover from before the 'no snacking in the bed areas' agreement."

"So Cyborg, you want to give us an update as to what's going on with Beast Boy then?"

"Sure thing Robin, but first…" Cyborg turned to face Raven. "Spill. What plans did you make for BB's surprise Birthday Party tomorrow?"

Starfire cut-in, "Is that what all the decorations and cake supplies were for earlier this afternoon?"

Raven nodded, "Yup."

Robin chimed in. "Well it's been just over two years since he hacked into the system to find out Raven's birthday, then the rest of our birthdays."

Starfire replied, "Yes, but Beast Boy was always to the person to plan these festive celebrations regarding our days of birth."

Cyborg spoke up. "Uh, Star, BB can't plan his own surprise birthday party. He planned all of ours, but we never did one for him last year because we were separated. Going around the world fighting the Brotherhood of Evil didn't exactly give us a chance to throw a good party."

Robin added, "Even so, Beast Boy took the initiative to plan all of our birthday parties again this year."

Cyborg turned away from Robin to face Raven. "Now, whatever you have planned, it had better be worth me letting him wreck the T Car 10 times today and exhausting my weekly pizza budget in three hours."

Raven pulled a piece of paper from the book she had been reading and handed it to Cyborg. Processing what he read and saw on the paper, Cyborg grinned ear to ear. "Okay, it was worth it. I just hope we make enough cake. He's eaten more food today than I usually eat in a week."

It was mid-morning the next day when Beast Boy yawned and stretched out on his bed. Cheerfully, he attempted to quickly sit up, but whacked his head on the ceiling and rolled out of the bed instead.

"Ow," he mumbled to himself as he rubbed his head. He looked up at the bed. Nothing looks off; maybe I got up so quickly that I jumped a little off the bed. A pleasant aroma started to fill the air. *sniff, sniff* "Hmm, something smells like Tofu Eggs and Bacon." Beast Boy got to his feet and headed out of his room towards the dining area.

The doors to the tower's main room opened for Beast Boy to reveal Cyborg cooking. The green hero's best friend didn't even face him to greet him.

"Mornin' BB,"

"Cy, are you actually cooking Tofu Eggs and Bacon?"

"I'm cooking it, but I ain't eating it. Figured a hot breakfast would make for a good apology."

"Apology for what?" asked Beast Boy as he starting walking forward. When he reached the first step, he heard a twang of the trip wire he just stepped on.

Cyborg now looked over the back of his shoulder with a mischievous grin. "Your birthday prank."

Panels opened up in the floor around Beast Boy. In seconds he was standing in the middle of a contraption that held multiple cans of whipped cream. The birthday boy was now covered head to toe in whipped cream.

"Booyah, Operation: Birthday Prank is a success."

Beast Boy licked the topping off his face. "Good one Cy, but that better be some great tofu eggs and bacon.

From behind Beast Boy, Starfire and Robin appeared and shouted, "Surprise!" as a birthday banner unrolled and hung from the ceiling.

Startled, Beast Boy did a slight hop. Being covered in whipped cream, he lost traction and fell on his butt.

"Maybe you should try cleaning up first," Raven commented dryly.

Beast Boy changed into a dog and shook off all the whipped cream, splattering all his friends in the process.

As the topping dripped off Robin's face, he said, "We probably asked for that."

Beast Boy changed back into his normal form. "I'd say so, but how about that Tofu…why is everyone staring at me like I have two heads?"

Robin spoke first, "Have you looked in a mirror today?"

"No, why? Come on guys, what's going on? Wait, this is just another prank isn't it? I see. You're trying to mess with my head now." Beast Boy poked his head with his pointer finger for emphasis.

Raven walked over and tapped Beast Boy on the shoulder. He turned to face her and tilted his head to look slightly down. Raven asked, "Get it now?"

"Umm…no, I don't."

Raven sighed. "Your uniform isn't covering all of you arms, legs, and torso anymore."

"Oh, so you guys shrunk my clothes as a prank."

Raven shook her head. "Think, my head only reaches up to your neck. You're looking down at me."

Cyborg cut in. "BB, I think you had the fastest of all growth spurts last night. Guess that's where all that food went to."

Beast Boy looked over himself for the first time that day. "Whoa, I gained a few inches last night huh. I guess that's why I hit my head on the ceiling this morning." Raven started to open her mouth to use more of her dry wit, but Beast Boy cut her off as he spoke to the whole group. "Guess, I'll get a bigger outfit later but first…" He rushed over to the dining area. "…it's time for some fresh tofu and eggs. I'm starving." In seconds, Beast Boy had finished the meal Cyborg had prepared and was at the fridge looking for more food.

Raven muttered to the rest of the Titans. "I don't think he's done growing if he's eating like that."

Cyborg whispered to Robin, "Hey man, exactly how much do we have left on this month's food budget?"

"Living expense wise, we usually wind up way under budget. So we should be okay with the amount saved over these past few years." Beast Boy closed the fridge with a stack of food five feet high in his arms. Robin gulped. "I hope."

Raven spoke up. "Maybe we should eat some ourselves, while we still have some food to eat."

Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg looked at each other, nodded in agreement, and proceeded over to the dining area.

When the team had almost finished breakfast the communication alert went off. The Titans quickly went over to the main screen. Bumblebee once again appeared.

"Hey everyone. Speedy just finished working on that photo I told you about yesterday."

"What photo?" Robin queried.

"You didn't tell them?" Bumblebee asked Cyborg, slightly peeved.

"A lot of stuff's gone down since then." Cyborg turned to Robin. "In short, someone unfroze every villain, except the leaders of the Brotherhood of Evil yesterday. They've been working on figuring out who did it while we wait for them to resurface."

Robin looked up at Bumblebee. "Okay, so we know who did it now."

The leader of Titans East nodded. "You're not going to like it." She brought the picture up on screen.

Robin clenched his fists. "Slade! What's he up to now?"

"I wish I could tell, but I don't know either. You should probably expect an increase in activity though in the next few weeks." The trouble alarm sounded.

"Or starting now," replied Robin. "Titans, let's move."

"This is like computer chip heaven," said a giddy Gizmo as he rummaged through a drawer of experimental microchips. "Yes, these should work perfectly."

"Planning on making an electronic jail cell for a new home," spoke Robin from the doorway behind the midget villain.

Gizmo squinted as he turned to face his adversaries. "None of your business." He activated his wings and began his escape attempt by flying towards the ceiling. Starfire cut off his path.

"You -" The wall behind Starfire busted open. As the dust settled, Cinderblock appeared. Gizmo took the opportunity to fly through the opening.

"So long, suckers."

"He's getting away," yelled Cyborg.

"Not if I can help it," said Beast Boy right before he changed into a hawk to chase after Gizmo. Before he could exit in pursuit, he was swatted down by Cinderblock and crashed into the ground. "Ugh, not one of my better efforts," the green hero uttered as he rubbed his head.

"Let's just take care of this one first," ordered Robin.

"Hey Robin!" called Cyborg as he cocked his Sonic Canon.

Robin nodded and pulled out an explosion disk. The duo rushed towards their foe and attempted the Sonic Boom attack. It was a direct hit, but Cinderblock charged out at them from the smoke, completely unfazed by the attack. He let out a roar as he swung his arms at the duo. Cyborg and Robin dived towards opposites sides. As Cinderblock turned to his left to attack Robin, he was met with a bombardment of energy blasts from Starfire and wall debris being flung by Raven.

The stone enemy appeared to have been forced to a knee by the bombardment, but soon rose after it had stopped. As soon as Cinderblock rose to his feet, he was rammed from behind by a Rhino Beast Boy. The shape shifter quickly changed into an ankylosaurus and swung his clubbed tail, knocking the enemy to the ground. Beast Boy changed back to his usual form, and went down to one knee. He was breathing heavily, sweating profusely, and clearly exhausted.

Robin shouted, "Beast Boy, are you okay?"

"Just a little tired for some reason."

Suddenly, Cinderblock got to his feet and backhanded Beast Boy, who went flying into the closest wall. His body whiplashed upon impact and he fell unconscious to the ground. Cinderblock marched towards his fallen foe. Right before he stomped on him, Raven come through the floor, encompassed her friend in her cloak, and phased through the wall behind them. As soon as Cinderblock's foot hit the ground, Cyborg delivered a power punch to his cheek, followed by an immediate uppercut to the chin. From there he proceeded to pummel Cinderblock with an array of jabs and punches.

Cinderblock started to back up from the force of the attack. As Cyborg continued his offensive, Robin shouted, "Cyborg, Sonic Boom Redux!"

"Read you loud and clear." Cyborg jumped up, brought his hands together and swung down, connecting at the top of the tall villain's head. As Cyborg landed, he took a huge windup and delivered an uppercut, sending Cinderblock into the air. He quickly followed that with a hyper-jump to get in the air above his opponent. As soon as he left the ground, Robin threw a handful of explosive mines onto the ground. When Cinderblock began to fall back down, Cyborg activated his Sonic Canon and blasted the villain from above. The blast not only hit his foe, but it set off the mines below. The impact from the explosions above and below knocked Cinderblock unconscious as the villain fell to the ground.

Cyborg landed soon after that. "Finally, this blockhead is always a pain."

Robin walked on up, "Especially since he's always just the muscle. He won't know anything of the plan that incorporates those chips."

Starfire chimed in, "We should go and check on our friend."

Robin and Cyborg nodded in agreement. After putting Cinderblock in some restraints for the authorities, they went through the hole he had made in the wall. Looking to around, they saw Raven kneeling beside and healing Beast Boy to their right. As they approached, Robin asked, "How is he?"

"He's pretty bruised, but nothing broken."

Beast Boy groaned a bit as he regained consciousness. Raven stopped her healing as he sat up. "So, did we get him?"

Cyborg answered, "We got Cinderblock. Gizmo got away for now."

Robin then suggested, "Beast Boy, why don't you, Raven, and Cyborg head back to the tower. Starfire and I can wait here until the police arrive to take Cinderblock away."

"You sure?"

"Yes. Beside we have to finish your birthday party sometime."

Cyborg then teased, "I think we'll skip the birthday punches though."

Beast Boy stood up. "I appreciate that." He started walking to the T-Car.

Starfire asked her friends, "Will he be alright?"

Cyborg shouted at Beast Boy, "BB, how old are you today anyways?"

Beast Boy turned back towards his friends. Rubbed his chin for a moment and smiled like he was about to tell a joke. "That depends; do you want it in human years? Dog years? Number of lifetimes for a fly? ..." He droned on as he walked, changing into each animal as he mentioned it.

Raven stood up and dryly answered Starfire, "I think he'll be just fine."

Beast Boy sarcastically commented, "Very funny guys." He stared at his birthday cake. Delicious looking, but instead for one candle for each year, his friends had used one candle on top the cake. The wax candle depicted a well-known comic strip orange cat. The orange cat was none other than Garfield.

Cyborg replied, "We had planned on having vegetarian lasagna tonight too, but you've already eaten all the ingredients today."

Beast Boy sheepishly shrugged his shoulders and grinned.

"Just blow out the candle already," commented Raven.

Immediately after the birthday boy blew out the candle, Cyborg took to cutting the cake and dishing out pieces. Beast Boy continued his tremendous consumption rate of the past couple days.

After finishing her piece of cake, Starfire asked, "Beast Boy, are you going through something similar to my Chrysalis experience?"

Beast Boy swallowed the enormous amount of food in his mouth. "I don't know. There isn't any precedent I can look at to get an idea of what is going on." A hint of concern could be heard in Beast Boy's voice at the end of his answer. Hopefully it's not going to lead to problems with that thing inside me. I don't have any issues with it now, but if something is becoming unstable…

"Maybe tomorrow we could run some tests and get an idea of what's going on inside you. Worse that could happen is we know nothing more than we do now," suggested Robin.

Beast Boy stared at his open hand for a moment then closed it. "Yeah, looking into it is probably a good idea."

The atmosphere had changed from a celebratory mood to an awkward one. Beast Boy quickly finished the remainder of his food and took his dishes over to the sink. He yawned and stretched. "I think I'm going to turn it in early tonight. Goodnight everybody."

The other Titans responded with their various evening farewells.

As Beast Boy rested in bed, his mind contemplated what was happening to him. I didn't want the others to worry, but I know something inside me is changing. I don't know how I know or even what is changing, but something is going on. I feel it. I just hope I'm still me at the end of it.

The next morning, Beast Boy carefully slid out of his bed so he wouldn't hit his head. He promptly got dressed into an outfit that was modified to fit his new length. Looking in mirror for a moment, he checked to see if there were any noticeable differences from the previous day. It doesn't look like anything has changed. He walked down to the main room. He went to the cupboard to get some cereal. I don't feel as hungry today as I've been lately. Still more than usual, but I don't feel like I'm starving. Hopefully that's a good sign. As he was in the middle of eating his third bowl, Cyborg and Robin came into the room. Cyborg spoke first.

"How are you feeling today BB?"

After drinking some soy milk, he replied, "Okay, I guess."

"You ready to get started?" asked Robin.

"Just let me finish this bowl." A few minutes later, he got up from the table.

"Well, let's get this started." Beast Boy followed his two friends into the health bay.

Cyborg gave the initial instructions. "Just lay down on the bed and I'll do a preliminary scan. We'll compare it to previous scans we have on file. That should be a good start to see if anything's changed."

Beast Boy nodded and rested on the bed. The few minutes that passed by as

Cyborg processed the scans on the computer felt like an eternity to Beast Boy.

"Okay, I think I found something."

Beast Boy got up off the bed and walked over to the computer. Cyborg pulled up three different images on the screen.

"The image on the left is what your cells usually looked like. The image in the center shows what they did look like while you were infected with that chemical that messed with your and Adonis's DNA that one time. Notice how the inside is the exact same, but there was an additional layer created because of the chemical."

Beast Boy's concern was evident. "So my cells are turning back into that?"

"No. I just wanted to show you the difference between the temporary change then and change that is currently happening." Cyborg pointed to the third screen. "Notice, there's no additional layer to your cells like in the second picture. But, the structure seems to be changing from the first picture. The data shows two trends. The first is somehow your body is actually creating new chromosome pairs and cells. Instead of replicating what is already there, new pairs are being added. The second is your cells are actually shrinking."

Beast Boy face clearly expressed his confusion. "So all this means?"

"Well…you cells are becoming denser and have more genetic material inside them. Plus your body made room for new cells. I'm not sure what they do."

The shape shifter looked at his hands. So is all this for better or worse?

Robin tried to simplify it. "Beast Boy, I think you might be evolving."

"You guys think we can keep this evolution thing between us for now? At least until we know more about what's going on."

Cyborg and Robin looked at each other, then at Beast Boy. "Uh, sure."

Robin added, "If that's what you really want. I don't think you evolving is going to matter all that much to the girls."

"Yeah, but what am I evolving into?"

Cyborg attempted to ease his friend's mind. "Whatever you evolve into, you'll still be BB."

I hope so Cy. I really hope so.