Chapter 9: The Demon and the Beast

The sun had been up for a couple of hours when Starfire walked into the Titans Tower common room with Silkie in her arms. Robin was over at the main computer, checking for any criminal activity in the city. Cyborg was over at the breakfast nook, wolfing down some bacon and eggs while he conversed with Bumblebee.

"Thanks for agreeing to stay here for a few days," said Cyborg in between food inhales. "Are you sure things won't get too crazy without you at Titans East for a few days?"

"Relax Sparky, Aqualad will keep things running smoothly. Plus, those three kids and the colossal living teddy bear that they were so happy to see will make up for any lack of firepower my absence would have made. Whose idea was it for me to stick around anyways? I don't mind helping out, but I don't see why you need me here."

"Having you stay here for a few days was my idea. As for the reason why…"

Bumblebee gave Cyborg a playful scowl for him to continue as he started to trail off.

"…You're the excuse as to why Raven won't need to come with us if an alarm goes off."

Bumblebee's face developed a sly, amused smile as she replied, "So she's there when Beast Boy wakes up during his recovery."

"You got it. When we got back from the battle with Aku a couple days ago, a lot of Honorary Titans were still in our medical bay and the overflow area we had converted BB's room into. I was a little surprised when Raven suggested we set-up an extra bed in her room for him to rest in, but I didn't see any point in questioning it. I did come up with the excuse that we should avoid unnecessary complications by attempting to move him when space in the medical bay opened up."

"So Sparky is trying to fan some loving sparks and play cupid," teased Bumblebee.

"You don't need any type of cutting edge computer dating service when you got Cy on your side!"

It was a little past supper when Beast Boy's eyes gently opened. As he attempted to stretch as he awoke from his recovery slumber, the green hero felt something resting on his stomach. Glancing in that direction he noticed Raven slumped over in a chair, resting her sleeping head in her arms on his stomach. The top half of his red and white suit was hanging on the back of the chair.

Either I'm dreaming, or I'm back in Titans Tower. If I'm back in the Tower that must mean we won.

Taking in more of his surroundings, Garfield was surprised to see that he was in Raven's room. Or maybe I really am dreaming. Beast Boy reached out and gently stroked Raven's hair. "I don't think I'm dreaming. All of this feels way too real. Plus, if I was dreaming I would probably be having those nightmares," he said to himself.

Upon mentioning his nightmares to himself, Beast Boy started to feel a little uneasy about being so close to Raven. I should probably think of a way to get out of here before those urges start arising. Maybe I could…

He trailed off as his looked over at Raven's bookshelf. On the top shelf, he saw the origami turtle he had made her right before he left to try and get control of his new werebeast form. Beast Boy was stunned at seeing the bound manuscript next to paper art. That's my old journal! But when did she…how did she…

The sound of yawning coupled with the lifting of the weight from his abdomen brought Beast Boy's attention back to Raven. A tiny smile graced the Azarathian's face when she realized Beast Boy had woken.

"How are you feeling?" she asked.

Wow, I never realized how much I missed hearing her voice thought Beast Boy before he promptly realized he needed to answer her question. "Like a comedian at an open mike night."

Raven rolled her eyes in mild annoyance. After a moment of awkward silence, she notice Beast Boy kept glancing over at her bookshelf. Following his gaze, she saw it focused on the journal he had written years ago. She answered Beast Boy's unasked question.

"We found that in possession of the scientist who gave those werebeast transformation injections to Adonis and Mammoth."

"And you read it, thinking it might be evidence to what that scientist was doing?"

"No, the scientist, Dr. Anima, mentioned that he was trying to duplicate the transformation powers you developed. It was illegible from getting wet, so I cast a spell so Cyborg and I could find out what was in it. We thought we might find something to help you since you had just left to get control of your new werebeast form."

"I still don't have enough control."

"You seemed to have a great amount of it when you were fighting Aku. What is it about your transformation that worries you so much? What do you feel is still beyond your control? Who are you afraid of hurting?" asked Raven. The sincerity of her worry for Beast Boy was absolutely clear in her voice tone.

Beast Boy gazed intently at his hands as he tried to think how he should describe the nightmares and instincts he was so worried about. His was drawn out of his contemplation by Raven's hands gently wrapping around his own. He had never heard Raven use such a tender emotional tone when she spoke her next words. "Garfield, please tell me."

He told her everything. He describe in precise detail his nightmares that always ended with him biting her after either pinning her down or wrapping his arms around her so she couldn't escape. The urges he felt to do so when he started to be in her vicinity for a while. He explained the primal feeling to annihilate the Adonis and Mammoth werebeasts that threatened her. Above all else, Beast Boy conveyed how the thought of him biting and harming Raven terrified him.

"I don't think your instincts are telling you to harm me. Anything you've ever done in your werebeast form, whether the original one or your evolved one, which involved me, always seems to be about protecting me from something. Could there be another reason why you're having urges to act on your dreams and bite the area where my neck meets my shoulder?" the sorceress questioned.

"Maybe, but I can't think of any reason an animalistic instinct to bite would involve the intention of inflicting harm," he answered.

Raven's quick mind recalled the conversation she had with Namash about the bite mark near his shoulder. "A few days before Aku killed Namash, the monk was telling me about his wife after I asked him about a bite mark in the same area where you've been getting the urge to bite me. He told me how the bite mark was his wife's way of marking him as her mate." Raven's face was progressively getting redder as a blush deepened in her cheeks. With her cheeks a rosy red, she leaned into the crook of Beast Boy's neck and softly whispered, "Do you want to claim me as your mate?"

The green hero initially tried to dodge her question. "I'm not a demon. I can change my DNA so I transform into others animals. I don't know of any animals that claim mates by-"

Raven cut him off. "But you're not limited to just animals on Earth. You changed into that watchdog type creature on Tamaran. It's not impossible that some animals on some planet claim mates that way." After pausing for a moment, Rachel Roth firmly, but gently, whispered her question again. "Do you want to claim me as your mate?"

Again Beast Boy tried to avoid a direct answer. "I wouldn't want to force something like that against your-"

Raven, with her head still in the crook of Beast Boy's neck, closed her eyes to help her maintain her emotional composure. "If I wanted to be your mate, would you want to claim me as yours?"

The sorceress felt Beast Boy's pulse quicken through her cheek that was pressed against his neck. After about a minute, his pulse returned to normal. She then felt his arms encircle and pull her into an embrace. Garfield replied, "I do…I mean I would...I mean…what if you're wrong? What if-"

Beast Boy stopped speaking as Raven used her powers to take over her hooded cloak and lay it on top of Beast Boy's top uniform half that was on the chair she had been sitting on. Since she was using her powers, she didn't have to break Garfield's embrace, but did lean her head a little off his shoulder for the brief moment it took to remove the cloak. At her normal voice volume, but in a much gentler tone than her usual analytical, distant, and matter-of-fact style, she said, "Go ahead and bite me. I trust you."

Raven felt fur start to grow on Beast Boy's muscular chest. She was surprised to feel the claw points of his hands retract as the firmness of Garfield's hold tightened. It wasn't painful, but did seem to brace her for the impending bite. Beast Boy firmly, but tenderly sunk his teeth into Raven's left shoulder. She let out a slight gasp.

Beast Boy still held enough of his human consciousness to be shocked when Raven followed her gasp with a soft moan of bliss. Instead of losing control of her powers and accidently causing destruction from the sudden outburst of uncontrolled emotion, Raven began changing into her pure demon form. Mere moments after Beast Boy had bitten Raven, her eye's pupils and irises' shifted from a circular to diamond shape. Her teeth changed to her carnivorous, demonic form. Raven's eyes glowed blue right before she sunk her teeth into Beast Boy's left shoulder.

When he felt Raven bite him in the same fashion, Beast Boy felt a strange sensation throughout his entire body. He couldn't explain it, but it was if he could sense her emotions. Like he knew that from here on out, despite whatever façade she might put up, he would always know what she was feeling. Instinctively, he knew that she could now sense his feelings in the same manner.

They drew away from each other simultaneously. Their shoulder wounds were both fairly superficial, but would still leave a noticeable scar. Beast Boy had a big, dopey smile appear on his face as he saw a faint grin grace Raven's lips. He now noticed for the first time that Raven had transformed into her full demonic form. With his blanket white eyes, he took it all in. The pristine white clothing, the diamond eyes, her now barely shoulder length hair, and even her carnivorous teeth all had a captivating appeal to the morphing hero. He subconsciously stroked her hair ever slow slightly.

"Raven, why don't we-" started to speak as he was transforming back from his evolved werebeast form.

"My name is Rachel," Raven interrupted as she returned to her human form.

Beast Boy shot a questioning look at Raven.

"Garfield, my birth name is Rachel."

Beast Boy eyes glistened in understanding.

"Rachel, you want to get some breakfast for dinner?

"Breakfast sounds…nice."

Beast Boy was eating his second plate of tofu eggs while Raven sipped on some herbal tea. On the table was a note left by the other Titans.

Beast Boy and Raven,

Robin, Starfire, Bumblebee, and I are heading out to the movies to the see The Beauty and the Beast. Starfire saw an ad for Disney Movies on TV, so Robin thought we could take her to see one of the classics. We should be back around eleven or so tonight, if we don't meet up sooner to kick bad guy butt.

See you then,


"So what do you want to do now?" asked Garfield.

Raven looked across the table at Beast Boy. "Let's go outside and stargaze."

The new couple rested in each other's arms as they looked up at the crystal clear sky from the roof of Titans Tower. Raven had her usual calm demeanor as she appreciated the beauty of the night sky. Beast Boy had his usual laid back, relaxed persona. The two were quite comfortable on the blanket they laid on. Between the two though, they sensed the immeasurable flow of happiness and content they felt the other experiencing through the bond they now shared.

Garfield and Rachel never ever heard or noticed the return of the other Titans. The duo would fall asleep and spend the night sleeping on the ground blanket. Their caring, sometimes paradoxical relationship would only grow deeper in love with characteristics to it as unique as mating bonds of animals and demons. It would be the unique loving relationship of Raven and Beast Boy, of Garfield Logan and Rachel Roth, of the Demon and the Beast.