Time Swap

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A/N: So this is kind of something new I'm doing, a bit sci-fi kind of, not quite. Timey Winey stuff, haha. This idea was inspired by a misinterpreted youtube video, sure enough. We're starting off in 2009, but the rest is taking place in 2012, as well as 1999. There's a little change I have to do for Charlie's birth, you'll understand that she is adopted.

Chapter 1 (Prologue)

May 23, 2009

Something was terribly wrong, the doctors advised Amy against having children at her age, but she never listened much. She was a nurse, she knew the ramifications, and the pregnancy had seemed to be going without a hitch, but as the woman lay on the operating table, she felt a depressing sinking sensation within her belly. Being forty years of age and having a baby could lead to many medical problems for the child, but she'd been taking excellent care of her child, had she not?

When she looked up at the nurse and Dr. Singh, the expressions on their faces were that of something she'd seen all too many times. Her baby was going to be a stillbirth! Tears started to well up in her eyes as she tilted her head back on the pillow and let out a loud scream. Her heart was splitting from her chest, and her body trembling. How could this happen? Not to her, it couldn't happen to her. She prayed she was wrong, she prayed the nurse and doctor were just exhausted and depressed about having to be there. No, it would be unprofessional for them to do that. As much as she wanted to say it was wrong, her gut instinct was preparing her for the agony soon to come.

In the neighboring room, a young fourteen year old girl lay on a delivery table, listening to the sounds of the mother crying out in the room over. She let her eyes drift to the baby in her arms. The girl's blue, watery eyes were covered by her blonde bangs. She had short, stringy blonde hair that brushed against her bare shoulders. Standing beside her was her best friend, a tall fourteen year old with black dreads and chocolate eyes that matched her milk chocolate skin. The girl smiled at her and put a hand to her arm. "It'll be okay, Angelica…"

"I'm scared. How do I know what'll happen to her?" This baby in her arms, she knew she couldn't take care of. Her father was hardly home to help take care of a baby, and the boy that was the father of this child, was just a douche that wouldn't take responsibility. She'd been planning to give the baby up for adoption since her mother passed away. Her mom had been a CEO of a major corporation for many years, and just a few months ago, was murdered by her former assistant whom she fired a year ago. "I can't raise her, but I can't bear the thought of just…giving her away. She needs to go to a loving family."

It wasn't helping that her head was already pounding, the wailing mother in the room over was making the headache worse. She snuggled the infant close and exhaled calmly. The doctor that delivered her child was talking with a social worker at the moment, they were discussing what would happen with the child. "Susie, I can't…I know I can't raise her, but…" She had to be the tough one here, she had to be the strong one. Susie brushed some of her blonde bangs from her hair.

"I know you're upset, It's a difficult choice." She wouldn't have had to make this decision if it hadn't been for that man she was dating. He'd pressured her so much into having sex, because 'everyone else' was doing it. She was just thirteen at the time! She knew better! Her entire family was upset with her after it happened, but the all eventually came to accept it. "Better than the alternative?" Alternative? No, that was never even considered, and she wouldn't be able to do such a thing.

She peered down at the child and felt her heartbeat racing, struggling to escape her chest. Her dad was never going to be able to help her, he was so wrapped up in his work, and she was so focused in school, that she just couldn't do the job. She wanted so desperately to be able to be the mother. With a heavy sigh, she traced a delicate finger along the child's forehead. "I wish I could…I wish I could take care of her…" A loud wail broke from the other room, startling her. She turned her head over her shoulder and frowned. "What's going on over there? I mean I know it's some woman going through labor, but…" Her chest tightened as she listened to the wailing sob, something terrible was going on. She wanted to know what it was, and if there was anything she could do.

"That's my cousin's friend's mother…You know Ivy?" She didn't know Ivy that well, as she never actually met the girl. Susie always talked about her though, and very highly as well. Ivy was the daughter of Mary Lou, who was the sister to Susie's mother. "Her best friend Teddy's mom went into labor, I got that text a while ago…" Angelica hummed and looked down to her baby. The minute she found out she was pregnant, the boy that did it broke up with her and left, enraging everyone in her family.

"Dad's at work, Tommy's elsewhere…thanks for being here, Susie."

"Any time." Angelica started thinking of the Duncan family, she'd heard many things about them through Susie, who was always relaying whatever Ivy told her. It seemed they were a very good family, and they took care of each other. A mother, father, and loving siblings were exactly what she wanted for her daughter. She trusted Susie enough that if her friend trusted Ivy's word, then the Duncan family were trustworthy. "What are you thinking about?"

"I don't know, I'm just wondering…Any word on how Mrs. Duncan's doing?" Susie didn't seem very sure, so she pulled out her phone and started texting her cousin. After a couple minutes, Susie's face twisted in sorrow and horror. Angelica raised an eyebrow and leaned forward, greatly concerned. "What is it? What's going on?" The woman next door had not stopped her wailing.

"Ivy texted me back, she said…Amy's baby was…stillborn." Her eyes widened and her heart screeched to a halt. Her eyes started to glaze over as the doctor and social worker entered the room. She slowly turned her eyes to them, then looked down to her tiny infant.

It was hard to part with the baby, and she knew the time had come that she would. Her body was burning with the pain of her emotions beating down on her. She wasn't ready, but maybe if the baby went to that family, everything would be all right. The child would be taken care of, she knew this from the stories told. "Charlotte…after my mother. That's my only request." That way, a little part of her would be given with the child. Susie raised her eyebrows as Angelica cuddled her baby one final time. "Just a little more time…"

Amy wept as Dr. Singh took the child from her. Bob was kneeling beside her, and her kids were all standing about the room with forlorn expressions. Even Ivy couldn't bring up the mood. Amy felt her husband enclose his hands around hers, then he bowed his head onto her hands. She broke into a single sob and shook her head, unable to believe what happened. "I lost the baby, Bob…how could I lose the baby?"

"I'm sorry Amy." He was struggling to find something to say. Even the kids were upset. They were all prepared for the new arrival, and even had a room all set up for the baby. Where do they go from here? "I love you, honey. We'll get through this, you're strong." She wanted to rise above this, somehow find a silver lining above it all. She started to wipe her eyes, shivering beneath the hospital sheets. This was the first time a hospital room really seemed as cold as people said it was.

"I'm old, aren't I…I failed…I failed!"

Bob started to say something, but stopped when the door opened and startled everyone. "Amy," Dr. Singh said with a calm voice. He was holding onto a tiny, sleeping infant. To his right was his nurse, and to his left was a stern looking woman in a blue suit and long brown hair up in a bun. Amy sobbed at the sight of the baby. "This baby…is yours…"

"What?" She froze and raised an eyebrow as the rest of the family turned their skeptical gazes onto the doctor. He walked over to her and slowly lowered the baby to her chest. She tentatively cradled the young girl and looked down with a sad smile. "I don't understand."

"A young mother, fourteen years old, gave birth today as well. She was planning to put her child up for adoption, and was unsure if she could trust just anyone…so she heard about your family, learned you were good people, and heard of your loss."

The woman lifted a hand, twirling a pen between her fingers. "The mother has requested her name not be known at this time, but she has requested a name. Charlotte, she says her mother's name was Charlotte." Amy gasped softly and snuggled the baby close. The baby opened her eyes and looked up. Amy was in awe of the adorable young child. She was amazed that there was someone out there, a total stranger, who trusted her family to take her child in. "I'll just need you to fill out some paperwork, and you can take her home with you."

With an uncertain heart, and a nervous gaze, she looked to her family and then Bob for answers. "S-Should we adopt the little one? I…" Bob put his arm around her shoulders and looked down at the baby with a gentle smile. There was no way they would forget the child that they lost, but at the very least, they would have a child to love and raise.

"I think we should bring Charlotte into our family. Yes." The kids came over and Teddy lifted the baby up in her arms, cradling her gently. Amy swept a tear from her own face and exhaled carefully. This was a big moment for her, and if they ever met the young girl that gave them her daughter, she wanted to thank her. She'd do everything in her power to raise this baby right.

So this is the prologue. Let me explain that while it's set to be in Charlotte's perspective, for a while we also have Angelica's perspective because when the time swap happens, it's Gabe, Tommy and Angelica trying to figure a way back. Whenever they switch back, that's when Charlie's perspective takes full control of the story. It's going to be good, so I hope you'll enjoy it. I'll upload the next chapter with this one.