Time Swap

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Chapter 19 (A Child's Impact)

Finally, he found her. So he thought. Spencer tapped his thumb on the steering wheel, gazing out at the sunset skies before him as he sped down the freeway. He wasn't going where in particular, he only wanted to drive, leaving himself to his thoughts. The radio was blasting out a jazz tune that he was humming along to. Jazz was often what relaxed him, and he needed a lot of relaxation these days.

There were so many things he wanted to say, but held back on his thoughts. He had been well aware that he was a father, and well aware that Angelica had given up her baby, though he never knew why as she never talked to him. So it came to him a shock when he started to put two and two together, and was certain that Charlie was that child. He might not have been much of a man, but he wanted what all fathers wanted, to see his child. The most he ever got was that he had a daughter, and he had spent years looking for her, though no one was interested in helping him.

The song he'd sang at that battle of the bands a few years ago, Teddy misinterpreted. He sang it for his daughter, and every time a father-daughter song came on the radio, he would cry. In his moments of weakness, he knew he didn't deserve to see her. He was a womanizer, a liar, a cheat, and an overall terrible role model. His father was right to say he was giving the family a bad name, his father was right to say he was an irresponsible prick, albeit not in those exact words. It was enough to drive him insane.

He had a cousin on his phone, which was seated neatly in the cup holder. It was on speaker, as Spencer didn't want to be holding the phone and driving. His cousin was currently talking to his girlfriend, who he'd recently began dating. Zander was always good to talk to, even though sometimes it seemed like the guy just really didn't want to hear it. Sometimes he was able to keep him calm, and sometimes Spencer let him talk about the things going on in his life. Such as this clichéd group of girls at his school, all of whom, besides the two leaders of the group, seemed extremely creepy.

"Hey Spencer, I'm back. Sorry about that…anyway, what's going on?"

"Not much other than what I told you already." He reached down and flipped off the music. His jaw tightened and his eyes zeroed in on the car in front of him, several feet ahead. "I'm just driving. Thinking." He lifted his hand up and scratched his head. His stomach was in knots, which was unsurprising. When Teddy broke up with him, he should have reacted, but how could he? When he saw Charlie-or Angelica's past self-however possible that was, at his home, he was scared for her. "Two things. One, my life's bitten me in the ass and Teddy's broken up with me, and I found out where my kid's at. Just…not Angelica."

He had no desire to hook up with Angelica, especially not since it seemed like Harold was her boyfriend now. He did not want to mess with the guy, not after what he'd done to her. "Oh so she ditched you?" He could practically feel Zander's icy smirk through the phone. Spencer rolled his eyes and shifted his gaze out the side window. "You found out where your kid's at? What are you going to do, man?"

"I don't know…" There was no way in hell Angelica, or Teddy, would let him near Charlie. "Teddy's family is the family that adopted her." He moved his gaze back to the road and frowned upon an oncoming exit. He slowly turned his tires to the right and moved down the ramp. "Dad's pissed because I kept the fact from him all this time…but you know he would have gone ape-shit back then. I mean come on, thirteen years old and getting a girl pregnant? It's not exactly something anyone should be proud of."

"No, it isn't. You're the one that ran when it happened, though. So I can't say I'm surprised that you never knew where your kid was. Although...the fact that your current, or well, now ex-girlfriend's family is the one that adopted her…how did you find out? Obviously you were oblivious."

"I was, until the girl pointed it out herself." As he drove past a park, his eyes landed onto that of a female jogger. She had her hair up in a ponytail, was listening to an ipod, wore really short jogging pants, and had a short purple tank top. He frowned and instantly looked away, finding himself surprisingly uninterested and bored at the sight. He chuckled vainly and closed his eyes. "You're going to be in shock, Zander…I just saw a jogger and thought nothing of her." Zander gasped and Spencer arched an eyebrow high into the air. "Well…"

"That's the first time, usually if you're driving…" His cousin began laughing. Spencer lifted his eyes skyward and exhaled sharply. Every time he saw a jogger, he'd start going on and on about how 'sexy' the woman was, or how he should stop and talk to her, and Zander would make some snippy remark about him getting slapped by the woman. "Anything that would make you not comment on her?"


"Scale of one to ten, how hot is she?" Spencer pulled his lips back and continued to gaze ahead. He couldn't help but let his mind travel to his time at the ice cream shop. Watching his child enjoying an ice cream cone, it made him smile, gave him a heightened sense of joy and happiness. He wanted more, he wanted to be with his daughter. "Spencer?"

"I don't know, I don't really care…"

"Damn. Let's see…god, at the risk of making myself sound like a demented sicko…cup size?"

"Didn't look." He rolled his eyes and checked the rearview mirror just to see if the jogger was gone. She was rounding the corner. "I think she was about my age, but I don't know. Can we talk about something else?"

"Hold on! I…I have got to document this!"

"Great…" He muttered and rolled his eyes at his cousin. "Am I really that annoying?"

"Yes." He muttered to himself and narrowed his eyes. His hands tensed on the steering wheel and his body started to ache. He wasn't sure why he was the way he was, but now that he was beginning to see it, he was starting to realize just how pathetic he was. "I mean come on…The first time you had sex, which was you-know-who, you freaking boasted about it to the first person you could get a hold of-me! I didn't want to hear about you having sex!" It didn't help that since he had sex at such an early age, it seemed so natural for him. "Then you start dating several girls, making out with various ones, having sex, and-"

"I get it, Zander. Thank you. I'm a womanizer, I know…" He swept away the anxious sweat on his forehead and came to a stop at a red light. Spencer brought his head down on the steering wheel and glanced at the car next to him. There was a woman wearing only her bra, and she seemed in her early twenties, late teens. His stomach twisted as if someone had just gutted him with a knife.

"Look, I'm sorry. All I'm saying is…I know just about everything about your 'love life', you brag about it nonstop…I'm just surprised you never tried to have sex with Skyler or Teddy when you dated them." He groaned and slowly beat his head on the top of the wheel. "Spence? You never had sex with them, right? I god forbid that's the one thing you never told me, but-"

"Never, Zander, thank you. Neither of them were the type to have sex…so can we please not talk about this anymore?" He snapped at his cousin and pressed hard on the gas as the light turned green. "There's a very disturbing sight in the car that was just next to me. College student probably, wearing only a bra…why the hell would someone drive around like that? I mean what kind of message is it sending our kids out there? Think about it! I wouldn't let my kid go out driving like that. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if she dressed her kid up like that. She looked like a slut…"

Zander remained silent for several minutes, creating a very awkward tension that Spencer could only describe as maddening. Why be quiet? Why not continue the conversation? "I do agree, that is disturbing…but do, tell me more. Know something that always irritates me, Cuz? The girls that wear shorts so short that you can't even tell if they are wearing anything."

"The other day, I saw this mom and daughter at the mall, right?" Spencer turned the corner, grinding his teeth out of irritation at the memory coming to his head. "Well not only did the mother have a very disgusting outfit, her daughter was wearing some of those shorts, yet she had a long shirt that completely covered the shorts! I almost went up to the mother and asked 'excuse me, but where the fuck are your kid's pants?' Would that have been wrong?"

"I would have done it. You'd freak if you saw Charlie wearing clothes like that, would you?" Spencer's eyes widened and a shudder shot down his spine. There was no way in hell he'd want his daughter wearing something like that, but the Duncan family and Angelica didn't seem at all like they were the type to dress her up in that way. "So what are you going to do? If you want time with your kid, you should talk to the family. Man up, don't be afraid of them. Sure Teddy may want to tear your throat out-"

"Angelica's family's there too."

Zander cleared his throat and coughed. "Sure they may want to tear out your throat as well, but don't be afraid of them! Go and talk to them, don't prolong it. If you've found out she's your daughter, why wait? The worst they can do is say no…I think a father deserves to see his kid, but only if he's not crazy or someone who gets into trouble a lot."

"Again, do I need to remind you that up until now I've pretty much played every woman I came in contact with?"

"So they'll need to see if you've really changed and so forth. Show them." Zander had valid points, it was surprising how smart he was. There wasn't anything holding him back except for fear itself, but he could face them. However, the problem was, they didn't know he was even Charlie's father.

"They don't know I'm the dad…"

"Okay that could be a problem. Have they even talked to Angelica?"

"I have no idea…" He may not know, but he was about to find out. He took a left turn and found himself driving along the family's home street. He smiled as he thought of Charlie. However, when he saw Jonathan's car sitting at the curb, everything crashed to a halt. His heart began pounding as he parked behind the car and stared over at the house.

He didn't know much about Jonathan, besides what was told, and that Jonathan had killed Angelica's mother. He slowly stepped out of the car and looked to the garage, the family car was gone, so what was Jonathan doing here? Taking his phone, he told Zander he'd call him later, then hung up the phone. "Should I call the police?"

As he made his way to the front door, he couldn't help but to notice the fence was ajar. He looked over to the home of the Dooley's down the street, Chief Doug was mowing the front lawn. Spencer pondered if he would actually need to grab him, but perhaps it was just paranoia. Truthfully, that was all it felt like to him.

He heard the closing of a car door and glanced back to see Jonathan's car driving off. He frowned and lifted his eyebrows, shrugging the sight off and knocking on the door. He was certain someone had to be home, if not, he'd call up Teddy. Though, the family never left the fence open when they left.

What are your thoughts on Spencer's slow change? Trust me though, Spencer will not be pairing up with anyone here, I can't see either Angelica or Teddy getting back with him at this point of time. Though, he could start a bid to at least be able to see his birth daughter, perhaps. Also what are your thoughts at the end of this chapter? Suspicious, perhaps?